What do dentists think of Smile Direct Club?

What do dentists think of Smile Direct Club?

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Hey guys it’s Kaitlyn here the Frugal
Millennial so a lot of you guys who have been following me have been following my
Smile Direct Club journey and I just came back from the dentist and I wanted
to let you know what my dentist had to say about Smile Direct Club so to give you a little bit of
background information I first heard about Smile Direct Club in the spring of
this year they were advertising everywhere I think I am their target
demographic and their advertising happened to work on me
so back in April I sent in my first set of molds to them and they rejected my
molds and then I had to purchase a second set of molds and did them and
sent them back and they rejected those molds too so I wasn’t off to a great
start with Smile Direct Club but they sent me a third set of molds this time
for free and they finally accepted those molds I don’t know if they were able to
combine all three of the molds or I finally just figured out how to do it
right but eventually they accepted my molds and then back in September around
Labor Day weekend I started my first set of aligners so at this point I’ve been
doing Smile Direct Club form about three months and I’m starting to see really great
results if you are following my journey be sure to stay tuned for my three month
update where I’ll describe a little bit more how my experience has been over the
last three months but this video is about going to the dentist and telling
you what my dentist said about Smile Direct Club I went to the dentist
earlier today for the first time since I have gotten Smile Direct Club and I
actually went to a new dentist so I was doubly nervous to see what they had to
say about Smile Direct Club but it was actually a really positive experience so
first of all they the dentist hadn’t actually heard of Smile Direct Club but
the hygienist had and they were asking me all about my experience and were
amazed at the cost savings that Smile Direct Club has compared to Invisalign
and their thoughts were you know if it actually works and you can follow the
plan and you take great care of your teeth why not do it if you can save that
of dollars so they were huge huge fans of Smile Direct Club in terms of my
dentist he didn’t really care he doesn’t do Invisalign it’s not as if
me going through Smile Direct Club was taking any business from him so he
didn’t really care which was good because I’ve read a lot of reviews on
people getting heckled by their dentists for using Smile Direct Club and I think
it’s because they’re nervous that they’re taking away some of their
business but my dentist didn’t really care and the hygienists were more than
amazed at the results that I’m getting and the amount of money I’m able to save
okay now one thing I will say and this might be getting a little bit personal
in terms of my oral health um so I was talking with the dental
hygienist a lot about what she was doing while she was poking around and cleaning
my mouth and one of the things that she was doing was really you know when they
go in and they like scrape your teeth especially in between your teeth and
they just like they go at it and they scrape away all the plaque so apparently
that prevents periodontal disease which I learned and my teeth were pretty good
she said very healthy there was one a couple spots actually where there was
some buildup of plaque and she was like going along in there and I thought she was
about to break my tooth with how hard she was like scraping at it but she
didn’t I didn’t lose any teeth in that appointment um and she had just said
that you know it was likely because those teeth were probably overlapping
and now because your teeth are becoming straighter they’re starting to open up
and now for the first time in your life we can actually go in and get at that
plaque so moral of the story always go to your dentist during your regular
six-month checkup especially when you’re doing Smile Direct Club because your
teeth are shifting and they’re moving there are likely new opportunities for
your dentist to properly clean your straighten teeth so that’s my advice is
definitely make sure your one brushing and flossing after every time you
consume something which is super annoying and I am spending so much money
on toothpaste and floss it’s definitely worth it because I was
told that I had the healthiest mouth that they had seen all week which was a
nice surprise and secondly always go to the dentist for your annual or six-month
checkups because especially when you’re straightening your teeth there are new
areas of plaque buildup then they can now probably get out and reach so that’s
my moral of the story but in terms of dentists liking or not liking Smile
Direct Club my dentist didn’t really care and the hygienists were more than
for it so you know it’s only all the more reason to go a Smile Direct Club to
save thousands and thousands of dollars so like I said I am Frugal Millennial I’m
trying to save you guys as much money as possible so if you’re even thinking
about doing Smile Direct Club clink-clink click the link below so you
can get half off your molds doing your molds are really the first step in
starting your Smile Direct Club journey so don’t forget godI I can’t say that don’t
forget to click the link below if you are even remotely interested in looking
into Smile Direct Club and give this video a thumbs up if you are going to
try out Smile Direct Club or you’re thinking about trying Smile Direct Club
and don’t forget to comment below let me know if you have any questions on my
experience of Smile Direct Club and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for
all of my furball tips and to stay on top of my Smile Direct Club journey

18 thoughts on “What do dentists think of Smile Direct Club?”

  1. 3:30 Before even talking about what the dental hygenist conversation. So took so much time to get to the one thing said by the hygienist since a precious crowded area is able to clean an area that wasn't previously accessible. WRONG TITLE!

  2. Dental student here. I can admit that smile direct club can work for some people, but it can cause problems for others. Its not for everyone, even simple cases can go wrong. When you see a dentist or orthodontist, they're responsible for seeing the case all the way through. They can anticipate problem areas, before they get to be a major concern. You're paying for their knowledge, expertise, and advice and not just plastic to put in your mouth.

  3. You've done very well and probably prevented future extractions that would have been the final stop of the overlapping teeth. Due to the fact that they usually are very difficult to keep clean and can show tooth decay very early in life creating. All kinds discomfort. As well as. esthetic issues…………

  4. I just join direct smiles I have a seven month plan. My question is are they painful to wear and how many hours a day are you suppose to wear them

  5. Straightening the teeth without fixing the bite, gonna really regret it later. The reason a lot of dentists. "Heckle" about smile direct is because you can mess your mouth up VERY bad with it

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