What Happens if You Scan Link’s Awakening Amiibo in Breath of the Wild?

What Happens if You Scan Link’s Awakening Amiibo in Breath of the Wild?

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What’s going on people over 13 years old
unverified Austin John plays here and today we’re gonna be finding out what
happens if you scan the brand new links awakening amiibo and Legend of Zelda
breath of the wild now stuff from my favorite part of an amiibo video I know
they talked about it in like the e3 s and stuff but he is a lot more hi-gloss
than I expected you see that shine like you could see the studio lights shining
on his entire body that’s pretty neat so if you didn’t know the main primary
focus of the Link’s Awakening amiibos you come over here talk to Dante go-to
amiibo receive special chamber and you could scan him into the game and we get
the plus shadow link effect cast a terrifying shadow over your dungeon and
right here we have shadow link and we could just drop that on any room that we
would like let’s go adventuring real quick as soon as we spawn in we’re in
this room over here oh hi that was very quick
oh and he’s not affected by that uh the whirly boy over there Wow
he does a hefty oh my god he does a lot of damage close that like three hearts wow this guy’s actually like more
difficult than anything else I’ve experienced in the game there we go oh
my god how many rupees is that oh it’s only 75 well that’s not great
I used the accessories that are reviewing my videos that’s all fine and
dandy and that’s what that amiibo is designed for but let’s go ahead and boot
up earth of the wild it’s been so long since I played this okay so let’s go
ahead and pull up the amiibo function great and let’s scan in link and we get
fish and a treasure chest oh it’s so great not having to be at the bottom of
the chest to open it and we get a royal Halbert now if we look at the data table
here of every zelda related amiibo supported by the game you can clearly
see that there is no Halbert there’s no halberd in any of these there’s wolf
link there’s arrows their specific swords shields weapons parts as far as a
table for fish and a halbert’s there is nothing that means that this little boy
right here since he’s not programmed into the game it just shows up as
generic and me bow and you just get generic loot which i think is a missed
opportunity because Legend of Zelda brought the wild got an update for VR a
couple months ago so they totally had the code for this amiibo and they could
put it into the into the Lieut tables and I think that would be
pretty neat oh this sword is actually a little sharp like the the point of it
yeah you could definitely scrap someone with that well there we go guys
hope you’re enjoying your brand-new Link’s Awakening under switch light at
area 51 I’m wrapping up this video do me a favor hit the like button subscribe to
the channel if you’re new until next time Austin John out

100 thoughts on “What Happens if You Scan Link’s Awakening Amiibo in Breath of the Wild?”

  1. You’re not guaranteed the specific weapons from the different Link Amiibos, so this doesn’t prove LA only provides “generic weapons”

  2. FYI Young Link smash amiibo does the same thing… which is a shame as you would think it would register as the Majora's mask link amiibo but the opportunity was missed…

    If you want the exclusive outfits…just get the action replay device and save money lol

  3. It'd be cool if they put a shadow link in BotW too, or maybe a costume that let's you look like shadow Link.

  4. A lot of back logs and no money for new games (Borderlands 3 ?, later PokemonSword ?), so just got this Amiibo coz it is so shiny and so cute !! 2nd favourite Link behind Wind Walker for me.

  5. I used all the amiibos to get the rare items in botw but most of the time you have to grind on an amiibo to get the rare chest, I’m wondering if you just need to grind this amiibo and eventually you’ll get something rare

  6. I'm sorta glad they didn't add it. Namely as I don't want to see a lot of the crazy glitches that he been found lately getting patched out.

  7. I loved the way you ripped open the amiibo, I think they are supposed to be opened myself and put on a shelf, not left in the box! Lol

  8. I mean I just saw it scanned once,
    Did you scan it 20 more times off video?
    Just curious because sometimes I have to scan it a few times to get something worth while

  9. You have to scan the amiibo more than once to see all that it gets how amatuer coming from a channel that made videos on the outfits for botw back in the day

  10. As I've noted when the preview was released, this Link gives me Earthbound vibes. In Amiibo form, makes me think of Ness and Lucas. This game has some serious charm. I just don't like the out of focus blur in the game, let alone spoilers of locations I haven't reached yet.

  11. Sorry if someone already pointed it out, but you only scanned in once. All the Link Amiibos give you a chest and some items ( I think WW Link gives you fish ).

    The chart you showed has the RARE drops on them. Most of time you get a random weapon based on how far you've progressed in the game (The Halbert being the "best" spear).

    If you keep scanning in daily you'll eventually get a rare drop, which will tell us which Amiibo it's programmed like.

    I think I read somewhere it's programmed like CLASSIC 8 BIt Link Amiibo ( gives Tunic of the Hero )

  12. Who wants a shadow link that fights you and takes all your health away?
    It's supposed to give you items that help you in your quest

  13. I don't think this is "generic loot", because you get an uncommon weapon with it, something I believe generic amiibo don't give you, although it is the same thing you get when scanning the Smash Bros. Young Link amiibo…
    So I'm pretty sure this instead is the "generic Link amiibo" loot. Basically despite of every Link amiibo released at the time of BotW (or shortly thereafter) having a specific functionality, they also programmed in a secondary reward for "any Link amiibo", a reward that wouldn't be given until a new non-compatible Link amiibo would be released, something they'd know would happen eventually.

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