What if Ganondorf had a Change of Heart in Breath of the Wild 2? (Zelda)

What if Ganondorf had a Change of Heart in Breath of the Wild 2? (Zelda)

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Breath of the Wild is probably one of the
strangest Zelda titles there is. I mean, Majora’s Mask has its own slew of
oddities, but due to Breath of the Wild seemingly being a hodgepodge of all the previous timelines,
it really does stick out from the rest. By now most of you have probably watched the
announcement trailer for Breath of the Wild’s sequel that was shown at E3. Beyond that, I’m sure you’ve already tuned
in to watch some theories on YouTube covering all aspects of the lore, from talented creators
such as Zeltik, NintendoBlackCrisis, and many more. From what we’ve been given, there isn’t
a whole lot more that can be expounded upon plot-wise. But, the thing is, I’ve always felt weird
about Ganondorf as a character as the series continued on. So for this video, I want you to suspend disbelief
about whether you agree or disagree with the following concept. We’re diving into what if land, but what
if Ganondorf had a change of heart in Breath of the Wild? So hear me out. Ever since the ending of Wind Waker, I’ve
always felt weird about Ganondorf. Obviously the entire state of the game is
a direct result of Ganondorf’s corrupt actions, but that final scene has stuck with me forever. Honestly, years ago I thought about making
a video about it but I ended up never doing so – but with Breath of the Wild 2 on the
horizon, the thought resurfaced. So let’s rewind a bit. When we first encounter Ganondorf for our
final fight, he stops to tell us the following. Quote: “My country lay within a vast desert. When the sun rose into the sky, a burning
wind punished my lands, searing the world. And when the moon climbed into the dark of
night, a frigid gale pierced our homes. No matter when it came, the wind carried the
same thing… Death. But the winds that blew across the green fields
of Hyrule brought something other than suffering and ruin. I coveted that wind, I suppose.” End quote. When I first went through this fight as a
child, I honestly didn’t think much about Ganondorf’s actions or words. My thoughts about him were overruled as soon
as he started swinging his swords at me. But his actions tell so much about his character
and his state of mind. Although he thrashes Link initially, he tells
him that he will not kill him – almost as a way to make him not worry. But even with this in mind, I feel like Ganondorf
has already accepted his role in all of this. Not so much as the absolute villain, but more
so his role as the one who will lose. That’s why his dialogue seems so contrasting
at the start when he talks about his country. He’s reflecting on how everything is pretty
much repeating itself. I feel this is also why he doesn’t even
respond or move at all when the King touches the triforce first. He could have acted, but he just stands there
with his hand outstretched as the King talks. It’s almost like he’s thinking, “Why
bother? I know how this will turn out.” So he erupts into a state of laughter, and
then our fight begins. But even though Ganondorf boasts about how
they won’t have a future as he draws his swords – which implies he’s going to kill
them… He holds back. When he has the perfect opportunity to cut
Zelda down in the fight, he chooses not to. Instead of killing her, he takes the time
to put away his sword mid combat to smack her aside. But why? Why hold back in this fight when you’ve
condemned those around you already? If he’s looking to break the bonds that
bind them all together, surely killing one of the pillars would have some sort of effect? But no… He takes a sword to the head and smirks… Remarking about how the wind is blowing, which
draws parallel to his remark about the deadly winds of his country, but also the prosperity
of the winds of Hyrule. And with his final breath, history repeats
itself as the reincarnated Hero of Time thwarts Ganondorf’s goal. But why is that important? It’s important because in this moment, Ganondorf
feels like he can’t escape his fate and that his destiny will simply be history repeating
itself. Understanding that changes the final fight
in that game so much, as during all of this time, while Ganondorf was still working towards
his goal, it’s almost as if he was becoming more understanding. To take a moment and reflect before fighting
Link. To be more than just a never-ending curse
spawned from the hatred of Demise. Could Ganondorf want to escape his destiny? I mean, if you think about it, he was technically
born as a normal individual. But he was marked to carry the weight of Demise’s
eternal hatred. Mind you, this only becomes apparent in this
branch of the timeline since Ganondorf has met defeat already, and also had the opportunity
to carry out his first plan. Being sealed within the evil realm obviously
gave him a lot of time to think and to reflect. Which brings us back to Breath of the Wild
2. Now seeing the source of where all this chaos
is stemming from, we have what one can assume to be Ganondorf perpetually frozen in anguish. His body is merely a portal for hatred to
flow from. But we don’t know if Ganondorf has been
down here for 10,000 years or only a hundred. Given that the great calamity ended in failure
a hundred years ago, it points to the former: Ganondorf has been locked in this tormented
state for ten thousand years. Now during this time, Ganondorf could have
been flowing with anger endlessly… Or, he could have been thinking. And this is why I wanted you to suspend disbelief
at the beginning of the video. What I’m about to say probably won’t be
true, but if it were, I think it’d be a really amazing turn of events for the series. What if Ganondorf as a vessel had a turn of
heart, yet he’s still bound to the corruption forever placed on him by Demise? The seal finally shatters, and Ganondorf’s
full power flees from his body and takes to the world, leaving a mummified being behind,
but without the full corruption of Demise. One of the things I think a lot of us are
looking forward to in Breath of the Wild 2 is the possibility of being able to control
more characters. Given the love of the Breath of the Wild modding
community, it’s obvious a lot of players would love to give Zelda a spin in an open
world game. But what if she wasn’t the only one? What if Ganondorf, whether in mummy mode or
in some reformed state, somehow had to partner up with Link and Zelda? On a side note, it’s not like the triforce
of power is evil. It’s always just inherently been adorned
on someone that was. And we don’t know if this Ganondorf actually
has it. But imagine a game where you had the ability
to align all the aspects of the triforce together? Maybe not in a wish-granting way, but with
the ability to control the three repeating characters who we’ve known to have held
it at some point. That’d certainly shake up the world of Zelda
quite a bit. Each character could draw from their inherent
abilities. The one thing we don’t know 100% for sure
is which Ganondorf we are dealing with though. Given the state of technology and how the
world has acknowledged that the calamity is a repeating evil, this definitely takes place
far in the future. It’s assumed that Ganondorf taking a sword
through the head in Wind Waker killed him, but then again, it’s possible it was once
again only some sort of seal. But if this Ganondorf had a moment of reflecting,
who’s to say others couldn’t? After Ganondorf perishes in Twilight Princess,
which is in a separate timeline, he is reincarnated in Four Swords Adventures. Quote: “Once every 100 years, a special
child is born unto my people. That child is destined to be the mighty guardian
of the Gerudo and the desert. But this child, its heart grew twisted with
every passing year. The child became a man who hungered for power
at any price.” End quote. This Ganondorf wasn’t always corrupt, but
they became more so as time went on. They were also human, but then became the
beast we fight at the end of the game. If the Ganondorf we encounter in Breath of
the Wild 2 is either of these two Ganondorfs, or really any Ganondorf who’s master plan
came to fruition, was thwarted, resulting in them being sealed, and then given the opportunity
to try again – it’s possible they could be in the same mindset as Wind Waker’s Ganondorf… Especially if that process is over ten thousand
years long. Having Ganondorf break away from his chains
of fate and actually betray our expectations would be a really neat twist on things. In the Mario franchise, we’ve had Bowser
in similar roles before, so why not Ganondorf? I will say this is probably highly unlikely,
and at best we’ll hopefully finally be able to play as Zelda… But part of me wishes this second installment
brings about a trio, and not just a duo. Whether a mummified warrior or a restored
king, I’d love to see a twist like this. But now that I’ve shared all that, what
are your thoughts and predictions for Ganondorf’s role? Have your own personal theories or hopes for
the new game? Let me know in the comments below. And with that… Thanks for tuning in for this doriyah historia! Perhaps one of these Zelda videos will tickle
your fancy. Anyways, thanks for watching guys and gals
– and until my next video, cheers!

100 thoughts on “What if Ganondorf had a Change of Heart in Breath of the Wild 2? (Zelda)”

  1. It would be awesome if we got to be, not just Link, but also Zelda and Ganondorf. Honestly, I've always wanted to be Zelda as Shiek in a Metal Gear Solid style manner and get info on this greater threat's henchmen.

  2. This is basically what I thought as well! My theory is that Ganondorf was never evil to begin with, but cursed by Demise to be his vessel. And with him being imprisoned in that kind of hell was like a way to extract the malice of Demise out of him in order to fully purify Ganondorf to be a true chosen one of the Triforce of Power and use it to finally get back at Demise for all the times he had to endure that evil inside him all these years through each of his incarnations.

  3. Zelda timeline: has destroyed hyrule killed attempted to kill link and members of the royal family

    Ganon in botw 2: Hey bud let's play a game of catch

  4. I'm going to share a fun, not too serious, theory I based solely off of this game alone, and not looking at any of the past games for timeline issues;

    The tapestry behind Impa portrays a hero with supposedly red hair and a glowing green hand fighting a beast, most likely a form of Calamity, with the master sword. Link in his current state wields the master sword with limited power, and the theory going around is that having this "green energy" in your hand is what makes the master sword truly powerful. We see that energy enter Link's hand in the trailer for the first time, and we can also see that the source of it is coming out of Ganondorf's, or mystery man's chest through a "seal". But what if the "seal" placed on his chest is siphoning that "green energy" instead of sealing anything? We see him nearly mummified and in pure agony, almost as if his life force is being drained out of him as his malice floods the room, the slow heart beat COULD symbolize this person is near death. What if whoever is imprisoned under the castle, Ganondorf or not, is the "Ancient Hero" the prophecy speaks of, and the one who summoned the original Calamity is still in a hidden chamber in the castle? It could be that Ganondorf, or another protagonist is draining this power from the Ancient Hero who stopped him in the past, and some of that power latched onto Link before the hero succumbed completely to malice, or death. The malice would be explained by the betrayal of the kingdom he once tried to save, and the growing strength would be a result of the time he's endured in the prison he's been trapped in.

    Now, to be counter argumentative just for the sake of doing so, the only way this would work is if somebody within the castle had the power to pull strings and manipulate without being found out. There's a lot of issues with it, but it's fun to think about.

  5. If Ganondorf is still who he was at the begining of his life as a gerudo, seeing the new bond that the gerudo have now with the rest of hyrule will sure make him have a change of heart

  6. i want a game where power wisdom and courage have to team up to fight a much worse threat perhaps the return of demise
    so we can see a new side to Gannon perhaps a friendlier side

  7. what if all the malice that has spilled out of Ganon reforms into demise himself? leaving our Ganondorf as just a Gerudo man who wants to protect his desert tribe.. that way we still have the villain with burning malice that we’ve come to know as Ganon but we still get a reformed Ganondorf. that would also free the Gerudo tribe of the curse that their only man becoming the Prince of Darkness.

  8. I'm genuinely just hoping that this trailer is showing us the resurrection of the true king of evil. The game over music in the background is too perfectly Poetic for it not to be. I would be sorely disappointed if it turned out to be anything other than that. At least for this game. Maybe in another game he can have a change of heart.

  9. I think it'd be cool, but I doubt with all that malice and that "fuck off" death stare, he's just gonna get up after that, and just be like "heywhoawait. Hold on you guys, time out."

    I'd expect Ganondorf to be just so PISSED at his "preservation", he instantly lashes out. Especially if the FIRST THINGS HE SAW were Link and Zelda. I can only imagine either malice covering him like some sort of suit or giant ass mech, or he attempts at attacking even through his mummification but can't really do much. I doubt he'd be as nimble as DLC "DeadmonkBUTJKNOTREALLY."

  10. I can only dream that the greater threat are the aliens from the cancelled modern version of botw and in one of the pictures you can see Ganon teaming up with link

  11. i had a idea like this too, like a ganondorf who starts as a loyal general to the kingdom and like a mentor to link and a uncle figure to zelda you know.

  12. You comments on Ganon in WW reminds me a lot to how I reacted to Barbosa and his apple in the first Pirates if the Carribbian (in fact it was something that struck me so much I had to write fanfiction about it…and then PotC2 just fucked all the tender meloncoly).

    I think it's something you only truly SEE and UNDERSTAND as you get older, to see the shades of grey on a character.

    WW's Yanon is older, beaten down, tired. He's no longer the Demon King…but nor did s he the you Gerudo King, freshly empowered.

    He's done this so Goddesses damned much, and unlike TP's Ganon, this one has TWICE had Hyrule in his hand. Once for seven years as it's ruler (which…how did he manage the Gerudo effectively but screw up Hyruke THAT badly?!) and once on the doorstep of rule and lost it twice. Now, it's just a song and dance he no longer wants to play.

    We have no idea how many reincarnations are between TP and BotW, at LEAST one (the first Devine Beasts usage), and we have NO idea he was far he got in that attempt, but judging from BotW2's trailer, I'm going to say it wasn't enough for him to give up as Zelda claims (not to mention he doesn't get a choice, no matter what, if Ganondorf dies, he's reincarnated, that is Denise's curse… which makes me wonder if that's WHY he's kept between life and death. Yes, his spirit and Malice can be bitches…but it's better than him at full reincarnated power…).

    Wouldn't mind teaming up with it even playing as Ganondorf in a game if Nintendo wanted to smoke all the crack and do something interesting, so long as the story made it worth it. I want a story where he doesn't turn into a hero, where they break Denise's cycle…where Ganondorf finally and TRULY does.

  13. Unfortunately, they will probably go the expected route of:
    "I've been sealed away for all these years… and it's all your faults!"
    Though I could see him recognizing his misdeeds and wrongdoings, I don't believe this would occur until after he is defeated. Then we get some line from him about how he was just used and discarded by the world to spread evil, making us sympathize with him even though he is now defeated and about to die.

  14. He can and will have a change of heart! If the character designers give him a better hairline.

    I'd want to destroy everything too if I had that hairline.

  15. Honestly. The lore part is great and all. But I just want to see Ganon rehydrated.

    Even if the hand ends up being his spirit, fighting back the corruption, instead of the Zonai, I would be happy.

    Give me sassy sidekick Ganon fighting to reclaim his body and stop Calamity, please.

  16. If we got a good ganondorf to play for a large portion of the game, and at the end calamity takes over him again and we have to fight him would be cool

  17. I want to see a story where they break the cycle. Where the reincarnation of link and Zelda end, and ganon can finally rest. Wind waker ganon was by far the best in the series, and I want to see that kind of character come back.

  18. (Yes. I know what you said, but…)
    Demise's curse prevents this from happening.

    “Those like you… Those who share the blood of the goddess and the spirit of the hero… They are eternally bound to this curse. An incarnation of my hatred shall ever follow your kind, dooming them to wander a blood-soaked sea of darkness for all time!”

    So ganondorf actually will be forced to be evil, until he knows he'll lose.

  19. What could happen is when the seal is broken demise’s curse may become able to act as itself as malice but after a beginning boss fight you breaks the curse on Ganon/ make it so he is no longer possessed as the malice reminiscent eyes would suggest

  20. This video reminds me of a theory about the "Old Man" in BotW before that game came out. Some people thought that somehow all the power, along with Demise's curse, somehow split from the man Ganondorf and became Calamity Ganon. Leaving Ganondorf as just a man that was no longer influenced by things bigger than himself and perhaps even regretful about all the evil he had caused, and that was why he was helping Link at the start of the game. Even at the time I did not think it was true but I did think the idea was cool.

    I think you do have some interesting ideas. Some of the channels mentioned near the start of the video have theorized that Ganondorf is being kept in some sort of suspended animation, much like the monks in each shrine, for some unknown purpose. If true and it's some sort of time suspension or time slow just because he's been down there for 10,000 years doesn't mean that much time has passed from Ganondorf's perspective. Still I like the idea of a Ganondorf that has had a long time to think about their actions, and I hope Nintendo does not go with "They've been in isolation for so long they're now completely mad and incoherent!!1!", that'd be terrible in my opinion.

  21. Yeah, I've had similar thoughts for years about switching things up like that. But I don't really see it happening with Zelda. Would be fun though to have Dorf be playable and function as a wizard.

  22. I want a connection to the other timelines like this Ganondorf saying “In my time of resting I have seen the outcomes of other timelines and now I’m a changed man.”

  23. I remember back during the 2nd trailer for Breath of the Wild, I shivered in excited from the lack of Ganondorf in promotional material. Sure he's never been at the front of any box until Twilight Princess HD, but I pondered if there existed something beyond Calamity Ganon and if before Link's 100 year slumber he was acquainted with, maybe even friends with, the great Ganondorf.

  24. I would love this. I've never personally played wind waker but I've watched a play through and this ganondorf is the best. I've been starting to find him so fascinating because of this game and theories on YouTube. I want a character arc for him. There is no way that someone could keep this malice and rage going forever. There has to be more to him than anger. I mean zelda and link got character development for the first time, so why cant ganondorf?

  25. I think asking for Ganondorf is getting greedy. Let's just get a playable female before we get our playable villain LOL

  26. People really take his little sob story at the end of the Wind Waker and run with it. Keep in mind, our own analyses of ourselves are often ego trips and not the true psychology behind our motivations, unless we're seriously honest with ourselves. But for the sake of argument, let's say Ganondorf knew that was it – he wanted a fertile, prosperous land to call home for him and his people. It's still nothing more than a tragic starting point. It certainly wasn't a good enough cause to sustain any kind of humanity during his original campaign. It was merely the spark that fueled a dark desire. By the time he's forging fake alliances with Hyrule, he's already a power-mad sorcerer. Forget by the time you encounter him in Wind Waker. He still has a mind, but it's beyond redemption well before he seemingly loses his mind as the floods pour in. To me, his breakdown atop his own tower is probably breakdown #24 or 30 or who knows in his lifetime, and I'm even ignoring the underlying influence of Demise's curse that flows through his soul. Just as a man who commands such mystical and political power, who realizes he has the ability to deceive and steal the artifacts necessary to access Hyrule's literal holy grail, he's got no sense of logic or compassion that can lead to redemption of any kind. By Wind Waker, he's already transformed into a literal demon beast with the Triforce of Power. He has control, and he's an excellent villain with some backstory and depth, but he's not changing his tune.

  27. I think it's a good idea that a repentant Ganondorf should team up with Link & Zelda in future games, that way we will get to see how the Triforce SHOULD REALLY be used. In other LOZ games, Link fought enemies other than Ganon, remember Bellum from Phantom Hourglass & Vaati from The Minish Cap just to name a few? Well, if I had an idea, it would involve the 3 triforce bearers all battling the evil entity that once posessed Ganondorf, the idea being that they successfully separated the evil from it's vessel at some point in time & joined together to permanently end the Ganondorf/Ganon cycle.

  28. I think that ganondorf developed in 3 levels first in ocrina of time at the end of this he (in the child and adult) lost. The second is level of enger and revenge that was the flood(it wasnt directly his falt in adult time line) and twilight princess in child time line. In the adult time line we saw the third level chanhe of heart. It my be if this ganondorf is the one from twilight princess he probably had change of heart 10000 years ago mybe was part of the zonai.

  29. On the one hand, I'm a bit sick of moral ambiguity stories, as we've had a fuckton of them lately.

    On the other hand, this would be a-goddamned- MAZING, in my book.

  30. We all know he didnt but we all wished he did.

    Not for plot sake. In fact I love him as a villain but wouldnt it be super amazing plot wise? I love character studies but if ganon becomes good the series will kind of have no point.

  31. *has a change of heart in breath of the wild 2
    Not "had" because that implies he already doesn't in BOTW2 but the game's not even out yet so we don't know if he does or doesn't (even tho its probably safe to say he's evil as always)

  32. I noticed that the Very first explanation of calamity ganon in the beginning didn't make it to this video.
    That it was Ganondorf who wanted to put an end to the chain of evil and it was his choice to stop the resurection and Ganon finally gave up on reincarnation
    of a new evil.
    Now we see him bound beneath the castle.

  33. What if there was a Ganon, Link and Zelda team up, sort of like the Castlevania netflix show, Zelda being a mage (wisdom) would actually make a lot of sense. Three people that would never work well together teaming up!

  34. Great…more Zelda speculation. How about you actually wait for the game to release instead of just spouting your head cannon? This fandom, uuggg. -_-

  35. I’ve seen fan made comics of Ganon accepting his fate and allowing himself to be sealed away. It would be very intriguing to see a different Ganon.

  36. You know, there is an archetype in Fire Emblem where an enemy unit will be seen as charming and possibly a force for good, but because he sides with the views of the enemy they are fated to die (eg: Camus, Selena(FE8), etc.)
    If this archetype was similarly applied to Ganondorf, it will be really cool. He probably won't be playable but his charm would make him interesting enough for people to wish they were playable. That's probably the best way to introduce a spin into the Zelda timeline.

  37. probably not gonna actively team up with link and zelda but I have a feeling he's gonna have a change of heart at one point and nobly sacrifice himself to stop the calamity by the end

  38. imaging the start of BOTW2 is like, Link and Zelda finds Ganondorf but want to end/brake the circle so Link and Zelda tries to heal Ganondorf then the second part of the game they have heal Ganondorf, they form a trio to finally defeat the source of the Malice but a secret ending reveals that Ganondorf is planing to get the triforce once again to wish for something like Wind Waker Ganondorf.

  39. I have a theory about botw 2 there’s someone one who controlled ganan and made him evil when he was young, and then in botw 2 that thing then goes into link and link is the bad guy and you play as ganan trying too finily kill that evil being that has been possessing ganan

  40. An interesting concept… I'm not convinced that it is something that I would want to see, especially in a main-line Zelda title, but I do at least find the idea intriguing. While I agree that they have shown Ganondorf's character enough respect as to not paint his persona in a 100% black/white nature, Nintendo has been pretty consistent and one-minded about conveying Ganon/Ganondorf/Demise as the embodiment of evil, destruction, and greed. As you indicate yourself in the video, I think the likelihood of Nintendo radically changing their representation of Ganon in such a fundamental way is damn near zero. It just doesn't seem "Nintendo"… Bowser is a whole different box of worms.. They've always displayed much more levity and playfulness in the Mario series. There doesn't seem to be any rule or story concept that they aren't willing to break, or at least play with, in that series.. That does not seem to be the case with Zelda.

  41. There was fan art i saw a while ago about Ganondorf's spirit walking and talking with Link and Zelda, severed from his malice infused body

  42. I bet this will get lost in the comments but what if Ganondorf helped in the calamity 10,000 years ago? The hero on the tapestries look a whole lot more like Ganon than like Link…

  43. Finally someone who realises that there WAS another Gerudo male named Ganondorf after the one in OoT/WW/TP (which are all the same). He was reborn some time before Four Swords Adventure. Someone in BotW said that no new male Gerudo was born since Ganondorf but it must be the one from FSA if he's the last known one, or a totally new one. I cannot be the 1st Ganondorf. That one's dead, otherwise the one in FSA wouldn't have been born.

    EDIT: The wall painting also shows Ganondorf wielding the Trident, which he obtained in the pyramid in FSA.

  44. Maybe at the beginning of the game he's like dehydrated bone dry but maybe as you go through the game he gets more and more like Ganondorf as we know him and at the end of the game he is just straight up Ganondorf and you fight him a classic battle between hero and villan

  45. Ive seeen a lot of comics on the interwebs about link, zelda, and "re-hydrated Ganon"
    It looks really fun and id love to see that for the game

  46. Go look up a comic 'A tale of two rulers.' The premise being Zelda finding a way to loophole the cycle by marrying Ganondorf, and the Goddesses are… DISPLEASED at this breech in the status quo.

  47. Would be amazing to have one where Ganondorf finally rids himself of the curse of Demise, which manifests as Demise reborn, and all 3 team up to defeat the revived Demise. For him to become a kinda Antihero, if even for just one game.

  48. Nah Ganondorf hasn't been the for 10,000. He's been there for a minimum 20,100 years. The calamity was so easily predicted because it already happened i.e it took 10,000 years for the first calamity to start so their prediction if his return was exact to the day. Or more simply put for the corruption to gain enough power to bring back Ganon as it seeps through Ganondorf it takes 10,000 years. Now that being said Link was in the restoration chamber for 100 years after the calamity returned, thus 20,100 years.

  49. Honestly id love to see a Zelda game where you play s Ganondorf and see the story through his eyes. After watching the" Gannondorf is good" Video's I think it would be an interesting an eye opening experience.

  50. the thing I see possibly changing is the end fight with ganondorf or ganon having a back ground role assist the hero being that his body is mummified and left unattended for a 10,000 plus year; in addition to the fact that the malice was leaving his body for those year.

  51. A Good Ganondorf…
    that would be Awesome!

    maybe they could separate Ganon from Ganondorf, at least for this generation!
    He would probably sacrifice himself to seal Ganon at the end…

  52. I'm imagining some sort of fountain of youth type situation, where link and Zelda need info from ganondorf, and have to throw him into something like a fountain of youth. I really want to see home restored to his ocarina of Time form. That'd be sick.

  53. That would be pretty awesome,I agree with you in that it probably won't happen,but if it did,that'd be amazing.

  54. Enunciate more in your videos, dude. You sound nervous, like you're just trying to get through your script, and it's making you run words together.

  55. Nope. I don't think that. Plus it doesn't make sense. Ganondorf was the reincarnation of Demise. There is NO that can happen. He bears the most power in the Zelda series… (except for that one damn shopkeeper in Links Awakening)… But there is no way this could happen, and if they wanted that it would have to be a manipulation tactic.

  56. What I have a feeling about botw gannon is that he was a hero, he was the chosen one before link and went mad because of malice

  57. I’ve always long thought that this was a cool concept. Having a team of the three, each with their own abilities and aspects working together would be quite amazing and different. I can also see from the game dev standpoint how hard it would be to implement properly though.

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