What if we Only eat Fruits? | #aumsum

What if we Only eat Fruits? | #aumsum

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It’s AumSum Time. What if we Only Eat Fruits? No Problemo. You eat all the fruits, I will eat all the
Burgers. Oh AumSum. Fruits are a major source of potassium, dietary
fiber, Vitamin C and folate. Potassium helps in maintaining healthy blood
pressure. Thus reducing chances of a stroke. Dietary fiber helps in relieving constipation. And reducing blood cholesterol levels, thus
lowering the risk of heart diseases. Vitamin C is responsible for the growth and
repair of body tissues. Folate is vital in the formation of red blood
cells. Now, on the flip side, as fruits contain high
sugar content. They may prove to be harmful to diabetic patients. Also, eating a lot of them may lead to weight
gain and tooth decay. Lastly, relying only on fruits may lead to
nutritional deficiencies. Which may further lead to immune system dysfunction. What If we Burn all the Fossil Fuels? Then, I will eat all the burgers in the world. Oh AumSum. Fossil fuel is a natural fuel such as coal,
oil or natural gas. Which has formed over millions of years from
the anaerobic decomposition of dead organisms. Now, if we were to burn all the fossil fuels
in the world. Then more than 5 trillion tons of greenhouse
gases. Mostly carbon dioxide would be released in
the atmosphere. This would lead to greenhouse gas levels not
seen in more than 400 million years. As a result, global temperatures would increase
by more than 10 degrees Celsius. All the ice on earth would melt. Increasing sea levels by more than 100 feet. Thus submerging all the coastal cities of
the world. Lastly, rainfalls would be highly unpredictable. Some areas would receive extreme rainfall
while other would receive very less. What If we Swallow Chewing Gum? No What If, I swallow chewing gum every single
time. Oh AumSum. Firstly, it is a myth that chewing gum sticks
to the insides our stomach. Just like it sticks to any other surface. It does not, it passes through the body just
like any other food. Our body is able to digest many parts of the
chewing gum like. Sweeteners, flavorings etc. but not the gum
resin. But, that does not mean that it stays in our
stomachs for years. In fact, just like any other waste material. It is pushed through our intestines and then
finally out of the body. So, is there any use of swallowing a chewing
gum? The answer is a big no, because it has absolutely
no nutritional value. Also note that. Choking may occur if big chunks of swallowed
gum get stuck in our windpipe. What If Dinosaurs never went Extinct? I would have new buddies. Haha. Dinosaurs would be much smaller today, do
you know why? Because during that time. Angiosperms were beginning to take over from
gymnosperms. Now, as compared to gymnosperms. Angiosperms are easier to digest and require
a much smaller gut size. Thus, size of herbivorous dinosaurs would
have reduced. And that would have gradually led to reduction
in size of carnivorous dinosaurs as well. Scientists also think that dinosaurs might
have become more intelligent. Because dinosaurs like Troodon. Who were considered smart. And had a large brain compared to their body
size were beginning to evolve. But, what about us, that is, humans? Humans were able to evolve. Because the impact of the asteroid killed
the dinosaurs. Triggered drastic changes in climatic conditions. Which led to mammalian evolution and eventually
human evolution. Thus, had the asteroid never crashed, we probably
wouldn’t have existed.

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  1. What if all the people who watched this video liked and subscribed! ❣️ He never asks for like or subs.. I’ll tell you you’ll be Einstein if you watched all his videos..! Great Knowledge ✌🏻🔥💕

  2. The concept is wrong about fruits that it is harmful to diabetic or sugar patients. My father eat all the fruits whether mango or banana or any other fruit and have left his medicines but surprisingly his sugar is totally under control according to many blood test's report. But there are some terms to follow and to learn more search for DR. BISWAROOP ROY CHOWDHURY about diabetes on youtube. Trust me my father followed his guidelines and is totally fit without any medications.

  3. Whats happened if we swallow metal piece like wise zinc, cadamium, aluminium or silver which is reactive with HCL.


  5. The only thing you need to be healthy is to have a balanced diet:

    Fruits and vegetable, meat or fish or eggs, grain, and dairies (optional).

    Dont eat much fat or sugar.

    Sugar contained in fruits or honey is healthier than the sugar you buy.

    Complex fat (omega 3 for example) is healthy, go get some fish and olive oil

  6. Hey Buddy….Evolution Theory is still a theory, though Darwin had the expectation that it would be proved in future…

  7. Why he always saying burgers
    Aumsum: oh ramenlegendary123 bc he likes burgers and he chewing gum everyday from my videos

  8. Fruits for diabetes…. Medical association may paid you for this.. As currently thr is a discussion regarding this… The untold true story of diabetics

  9. Pls pls pls pls make a video on it "that what keeps Jupiter gases stay in place and don't let them go free in the space?"

  10. 1:08
    What if we burn all the fossil fuels?

    Man: tHeN i WiLl EaT aLl ThE BuGeRs In ThE WoRlD

    Me: laughs

  11. Please just listen.
    Answer the question
    Don't eat too much burgers
    Listen to him and answer
    This is the case you have to listen to your teacher.
    But you are so amazing !
    I love you AumSum D: !

  12. I love you Aumsum in the world please give me a love I will tell you a question what is the 1229th prime number?
    The answer is 10,000

  13. ‘Fossil fuels’ and its origins has been one of the biggest scams on the planet. Empty oil wells from the 1800’s have filled again. There is a huge abundance of oil. Decaying matter under pressure does not become oil.

  14. 1:10-But Mr. Aumsum? Isn’t that supposed to be a bad idea? Won’t you get morbidly obese if you eat that many burgers?

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