What if we stopped drinking water? | #aumsum

What if we stopped drinking water? | #aumsum

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What if we stopped drinking water? We will have to sell our water purifiers to
scrap dealers. You are unbelievable. About 60% to 80% human body is water. We need water for various purposes like digestion and excretion. Water is also a major component of blood. However, every day we lose about 2 to 3 liters of water through sweat, urine, breathing, etc. Hence, to compensate the water loss, if we don’t drink enough water, then we will get dehydrated. During dehydration, our brain works harder
than normal. It informs kidneys to retain moisture, thus
producing darker concentrated urine. It reduces the production of saliva causing
dry mouth. Lack of water also causes our brain tissues to shrink. We get headaches and feel nauseous. Our energy levels drop and our skin becomes dry. Besides this, chronic dehydration can lead
to severe health problems and even death.

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  5. In the first 25 second you told 60 to 80 percent our body is made of water wrong its 70 taught in our school

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