What Is Deep Breathing? – Explained

What Is Deep Breathing? – Explained

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when we’re looking at the word deep what
does it mean so when we look at deep we say that we’re using our diaphragm we
are all about deep breathing how are we all about deep breathing because we’re
doing breath-hold exercises to activate that muscle specifically we’re targeting
it we’re also doing the same ISA pine position activating diaphragmatic
breathing but we’re also breathing through the nose
to activate the diaphragm so everything we do is stirred towards here but what
confuses people is that we also want to bring down breathing volume but it’s not
that we want you to under bright know is that we’re recognizing that modern life
is making us breed too hard if you look at people’s breathing normal breathing
should be about 10 to 12 breaths per minute each breath is a half a liter and
that gives you 5 liters of air per minute that’s normal that’s healthy and
that’s in every medical textbook that’s what the World Health Organization would
define as normal but if we look at people’s breathing during rest we often
see 20 breaths per minute we see 17 breaths per minute we see 18 breaths per
minute each breath could be using the chest larger breaths irregular breathing
si interspersed between gnash we’ll say a normal tidal volume that’s giving us
10 liters of air double what we should be we’re recognizing that many people
are breathing excessively we need to bring it towards normal how do you bring
it towards normal you deliberately get the person to slow down their breathing
as you slow down your breathing carbon dioxide increases in the blood I co2
increases in the blood after 9 to 12 minutes it penetrates the blood-brain
barrier and it resets the breathing Center so you start off you’re both
score is 15 seconds and your breathing is no natural pause between breaths
fifteen seconds no natural pause might be might be half a second but it’s not
very much and a reasonably large amplitude of the Brett upper chest
breathing maybe some mouth breathing thrown in here and that’s the kind of
breath that you will have when you’re when you’re bored score or control pause
is 15 seconds what I’d like you to do is pay attention to your breathing look
down at your breath for a moment just sit back into the chair it’s been a
while since you’ve eaten and take your attention out of the mind onto your
brains and just follow the airflow as it comes into your nose follow the airflow
as it leaves your nose and look at what part of the body isn’t breathing a few
things to look ash is really natural pause between breaths now by the way
don’t don’t be critical about because I want to do is to show you the
information what’s the size of the amplitude is it fairly easy to see the
Brett is the is the breathing rage how fast is it not to necessarily counter
but just to get a sense of how fast is it Israel natural pause between breaths
so number one how big is the amplitude when you take air into your lung can you
notice the breath quite easily as you breathe out is there a natural pause
before you need to breathe in or as you breathe out do you need to breathe back
straight in again as you breathe back in again are you using your chest or your
diaphragm so those few things your location somebody say yeah you have it
okay as you’re both score increases to 20 seconds your respiratory rate
decreases the amplitude of the breath will go towards normal and the natural
pause between breaths increases at this point you will be more nose breathing
because you’re not going to get a boat of 20 seconds if you’re going around
with your mouth open because you’ve got lower end tidal co2 and by nose
breathing you’re going to be using your diaphragm more
so 20 seconds 25 seconds is the cutoff if you’re below 20 25 seconds you’re
more stuck here if you’re above us you’re more in here if your boat score
is less than 25 seconds this is affecting your sports this is affecting
your sleep so what we want to do is our whole objective is to bring you from
here to here we’re totally about deep breathing but a
deep breath is how far from the top if you were to look at the definition of
deep in the dictionary the definition of deep is how far from the top a deep
breath just means you’re using your diaphragm how far from the top does that
make sense but usually when you ask a member of the public to take a deep
breath they take in a big breath that’s the difference so we are all about deep
breathing we’re all about using the diaphragm we’re all about achieving
regular breathing light breathing using the nose with a natural pause it’s about
efficient breathing

5 thoughts on “What Is Deep Breathing? – Explained”

  1. I’m reading the oxygen advantage book and watching videos but still am confused about one thing. So are “big” breathes ok if they are slow and controlled? Do the breaths need to be small and shallow? Is it ok to still breath big and deep if it is slow and controlled? Or is the goal small and shallow? That is difficult to maintain though I have for around 5 minutes but it’s very difficult to suppress the need to breath big and deep.

  2. so, the point of OA breething is to calm down your breething to the point you feel the need for more breath and keep it. right?

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