What is the Total Cure For Severe Bad Breath?

What is the Total Cure For Severe Bad Breath?

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What is the Total Cure for Severe Bad Breath? How about telling us more about your Total Cure for severe bad breath? Well, the principle behind the Total Cure is first the definition of a cure. A cure should eliminate the problem. Secondly, eliminate the cause. And third, give someone the tools and techniques to keep it from coming back. Those are the principles under which we developed the Total Cure back in 1993. Basically what we do is we mechanically remove the biofilm, which remember, contains all of the bacteria, their waste products, the volatile sulfur compounds, the odors, etc., from the top of the tongue and underneath the gums. And, it is something we’ve been doing for a very long time. It is quite successful. We have over a 99% cure rate with it. In fact, we even guarantee a cure at the National Breath Center. If someone comes in with a bad breath problem, no matter how long they’ve had it, or how severe it is, we guarantee we will eliminate it for them and they’ll have no discernible bad breath at the end of treatment.

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