What OT Can Do For You: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

What OT Can Do For You: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

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You ready? 1, 2, pull up. I see
Scott engaged more, I see him lift his head up, I see him attend to things. Give me one more hit with the soccer ball. Thank you, that’s awesome. All right, let’s
try ultimate problem-solving profession,
because every day I have a chance to engage with somebody like Scott and I’m
going to figure out how to break through. I can use things that are really
familiar to him. He’s a race car driver, so I can use the steering wheel. If it’s
something that he knows about, he’s going to be like, oh yeah, that’s mine, I know what that is. Every idea that she’s had I’ve never even thought of. Just like we were
practicing over on the mat, we’re going to practice on keeping your head up. We’re
going to practice sitting up on your own. You got it? Nice. He didn’t move, he
wouldn’t do anything, and we’ve only been here three weeks and I would have never
thought we would have made it this far. It’s going great, he’s doing good. You got

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