What Pro Bodybuilders Eat at Restaurants w/ Branch Warren


Branch Warren here my favorite restaurants
Lava Grill in Texas give you an idea of what a pro bodybuilder eats after he
trains one of my favorite things to eat is sushi
this is my favorite restaurant about eight years ago we used to live just right
around the corner from here so I used to spend a stupid amount of money in here every
month but uh now I live almost 45 minutes north to here so every now and
then on the way back from the gym I’ll pull in and grab a meal here so I got two orders of tuna sushi two
orders of salmon sushi an order of tuna sashimi and salmon sashimi got ahi tower got a big bowl of steamed rice and my own little special roll crab mix avocado
shrimp topped with tuna and salmon so that’s our post shoulder workout meal 27 years of doing this and I just eat
healthy for the most part don’t eat junk food never eat sweets every now and then I do like a good cheeseburger but uh I love Italian food but you know once a week
maybe that’s it if that over time you know as you start bodybuilding you start
eating more more more your appetite grows as you grow now that you know
I’ve been retired for a few years I don’t need near as much as I used to know
on average I eat about four meals a day plus a protein shake the hardest part of
bodybuilding is nutrition and the most important part of bodybuilding is
nutrition who the hell would want to be a bodybuilder if they didn’t like to
train right that’s the fun part so nutrition’s hard and it was it’s a
job I mean you try seven meals a day and they are big meals
day in and day out and consistently for years it becomes a job and you know it’s
not that it’s not really fun so now it’s a have more fun training and doing what
I do than I ever I think in the past because one I’m not under pressure I’m doing this purely for fun and I love this shit you know if
people ask why do you still train so hard
and do this I love it
ain’t nothing that I rather be doing little spicy soy sauce here you know the best way to explain being a
pro bodybuilder when it comes to nutrition you’re pretty much miserable all
year and uh you know offseason you’re trying to grow cause offseason is when you
really improve your body make big changes so offseason is just as
important than say a pre contest phase so you know in order to grow you
got to eat you have to eat an excess of calories and protein carbs these kind of things so
you know for me to grow I had to eat a lot of food that was just the way it was
so I remember being up until one in the morning force-feeding myself trying
to finish my last meal I’d take a bite chew it up
drink some water to swallow it and just miserable you know I walked around you
know that stuffed feeling all the time and then you start getting ready for
competition now you go do the exact opposite where I’m starving very rarely
did you just feel good when it came to nutrition cause you’re always on a
plan you know you’re not eating for taste or you’re not eating for comfort you’re eating for a
reason and a purpose so there’s a job like I tell people what’s the keys to
being a pro bodybuilder consistency first and foremost consistency with your
nutrition 70-80 percent of what you do is your nutritionist you don’t eat the
right foods you’ll never get the results you want to get so nutrition is above
training first and foremost if you don’t have it right doesn’t matter how hard you bust your
ass in gym you’ll never get the results you want
yeah if you just eat the raw fish and the rice how much more healthy can you
be you know salmon and tuna great protein nothing fried nothing cooked for that matter so you know a lot of times when you cook protein it breaks it down
especially you know the more well-done you cook something breaks the protein
down it’s not as uh not as useful as it would be if it’s just raw so I’ve always eaten
sush i love it you know the only problem is it costs a lot
and I eat way too much of it that was a tuna tour so this is what I when I go out to eat
at a restaurant so be sure to subscribe below

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