What Would Happen If You Never Brushed Your Teeth?

What Would Happen If You Never Brushed Your Teeth?

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Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin. You know those nights where you’re lying
in bed and realize you forgot to brush your teeth and you’re like, “Do I really need
to get up?” Well, skipping one night wouldn’t be the
end of the world but what would happen if you never brushed your teeth? Like, ever? Well, it’s actually a lot worse than you
think. Mouths are dirty, dark, moist places, full
of breeding bacteria. In fact, one mouth can contain more bacteria
than there are people on Earth! When we brush our teeth, we’re scrubbing
away that excess bacteria, but also food particles and plaque. When we don’t brush, all that gross stuff
just continually builds up in our mouths. Our immune systems go into overdrive to try
to clear it all out but they can’t. And the consequences to not brushing at all
could be much worse than the cavities or gingivitis our dentists warn us about. But before we get to that, let’s start with
the basics. Plaque is a film that coats your teeth and
feeds on leftover sugars in your mouth. It produces an enamel-eating acid that gnaws
away at your teeth, leaving holes known as cavities. Uncontrolled plaque can also cause inflammation
of the gums, aka gingivitis, discolored teeth, oral abscesses and horrible bad breath. When bacteria really starts to build up, you
increase your risk of developing something called periodontitis, which is the erosion
of tissue, gums and bone that support your teeth. The mouth just can’t hold the teeth anymore
so they fall out. This is the leading cause of tooth loss and
if you never brushed your teeth, you’d probably have a lot less chompers than the rest of
us. Now this may seem like your run-of-the-mill
dentist schpeil but this stuff can get serious. The bacteria in your mouth is both good and
bad, but things like MRSA and Staphylococcus aureus can thrive in there. And if you never brush your teeth, harmful
bacteria like these can worm their way under your gums and get access to your blood. Yikes. Poor oral care has been also linked to serious
diseases such as heart disease, COPD, pneumonia, and endocarditis, which is an infection of
the inner lining of your heart chambers or valves. So if you’re leaving your mouth to fend
for itself, you’d better watch out for these conditions. A few controversial studies have also claimed
to have found links between bad oral hygiene and things like dementia and erectile dysfunction! And remember how not brushing erodes areas
of your mouth? Studies have shown that those pockets may
serve as reservoirs for HPV and cancer-causing substances. Thankfully now, we have modern toothbrushes
and floss to protect our pearly whites, but in ancient times, people chewed on twigs to
clean their teeth, then scraped the surfaces with the frayed end.[23] Now, you can just push a button and a handheld
machine will work its way around your mouth so you barely have to lift a finger. So easy, right? Don’t you want to go brush your teeth now? I know I do. What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without
brushing your teeth? Let me know in the comments!

100 thoughts on “What Would Happen If You Never Brushed Your Teeth?”

  1. I brushed my teeth one time each day.
    Ok thanks for letting me know about this.
    Thanks for your help bye Dear Bloko!

  2. I brush my teeth maybe twice a week.. always have.. never had any problems (aside from crowding). I am 34 years old.

  3. One of my best friends didn’t brush her teeth for THE ENTIRE THREE MONTHS OF SUMMER and then got one of her teeth pulled out

  4. I brush a few time a month. My teeth are perfect dentist says don’t need to come back for a few years

  5. Didn't watch your video

    Poor people in Africa NEVER brushed their teeth……. & don't have any cavities?

    Tell you why…….
    We Americans brush in our cavities with flouride!…..TRUE!😲

  6. As from what I know a human young human about 7 years old can go without brushing their teeth for 5 years and still have strong teeth will they be dirty… yes will your breath stink… worse than Hell I have personally done it myself still have teeth and they are strong l don't know what happens after 5 years tho

  7. I haven't brush my teeth for one month and I'm feeling fine,my mother is a dentist and she checked my teeth and there are no cavities at all. Really, this is true, noy fake but then after watching this.. I finally brushed my teeth.

  8. What dentist say's and what is, are two different thing, bactéria have a role, life has put in place a lot of micro system that repair the body, but actual medicine put those system away because it do not fit the medical box, your teeth have some porous hole that auto-regulate crap around them, (only dental floss can help a lot) the time of Pasteur and his battle against bacteria his paradigma is gone… bacteria are there especially for us they have a role to fullfill other that do us problem, before 50 years ago dentist was thinking that a tooth who is attacked by bacteria IS A DEMINERALIZED TOOTH and this is still true, it is not a matter of bacteria but a matter of the fields around the tooth and about your body, once that information in place it is easy to reestablish the tooth. I personnaly got to the dentist once in 10 year (last year) to let them tell me that everything waz fine, and it it exacly 10 years age that I stop brushing me teeth
    RAMIEL NAGEL, microzima, GNM, hollistic medicin, get rid of pasteur (écric ancelet)

  9. I dont even own a toothbrush and can't remember the last time I brushed my teeth yet my dentists say I show little to no signs of gum disease and just need braces for chipped teeth. I also used to go MONTHS without brushing my teeth as a child lol. Idk what's wrong with my teeth.

  10. Yeah don't ignore you dentist im one of those people who barley washes there teeth and my results for not brushing my teeth is loseing 3 teeth so yeah brush you'er teeth kids

  11. I was very sick and constantly coughing, my second day at the hospital I had a black tongue because there was so much bacteria that made me sicc

  12. And what about later than that how caveman keep them good, like if you stand with me so that our life noggin channel might tell us about this

  13. People: Wow, I never brush my teeth! I didn’t know the risks until now! Ty Life Noggin!

    Me: Da heck?

    Other People: I need to brush my teeth now!

    My brain: ded

  14. Something happened when I was being developed in my mom that now I have VERY low enamel since I was born so I brush 3-4 times a day

  15. Two a day, in morning and night. When I was little I like brushed my teeth two times a week, now I regularly go to dentist and brush my teeth.

  16. But wouldn't not brushing your teeth strenghten your immune system? I only brushed my teeth one time last month and that was the 1st time I brushed my teeth in like 20 years and I only had like a few cavitys and I only had 1 tooth removed for not brushing and i rarely get sick.

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