59 thoughts on “What Your Body Odor Reveals About Your Health”

  1. what is my urine smells sorta like canned chicken soup… it sometimes do and after warching now i am concerned

  2. If you want people to actually watch and like these videos, please choose less obnoxious and repetitive music, and maybe not play the same bad soundtrack every video.

  3. What about an onion smell? My brother's and my sweat often develops an onion smell when we get very stressed. Its manageable if we are conscious of it but I winder why it happens.

  4. My husband never use deodorant an he never smells even when he is sweating a lot. I envy him but I think this is not normal. No body odor whatsoever! 😤😀

  5. The medical profession generally uses Latin did these people actually look in any Latin dictionary to see if the word Halitosis exist?

  6. Correct expression would be odor on you, you smell with your nose. What you smell is odor or fragrance, if you detect something bad with your sense of smell it's odor if it's nice it's fragrance.

  7. Some years ago my than 12 years old son used to smell like metal. Nothing helped, but after some months it stoped.

  8. my breath, dr youtube and an Ouija board and i should be all set to die an early death as a stupid, stupid man.

  9. The first one, tonsil stones also cause you bad breath. I have them and I know when I'm breath starts to smell and brushing and mouthwash aren't working I have one and need to take it out.

  10. I'm sorry but people with body odor are my biggest pet peeve. I hate when people who smell bad sit by me on the bus or at the library. It makes me want to throw up. Please step up the hygiene or stay away from the public. No one wants to smell you.

  11. I'm glad you did a video about medical problems and body odor. Ever since learning about a disease called trimethylaminuria (TMAU/Fish Odor Syndrome) I have wanted to know more about it.This comment section has also given me ideas .

  12. after ingesting coconut oil with Turmeric I developed stinky under arm smell I never had before..not the normal under smell as before

  13. My armpits tend to get very sweaty quickly and that's why they smell bad, i have to shower two times a day daily to avoid it 😭

  14. Water, shower eat greens and yogurt give up sweets and eat healthy..I am on a diet ill update what happens I did ate sweet but sweets should be out your diet chips or ok depends

  15. Guys I have a question. Sometimes when I go outside to sunshine I can smell a type of smell from my skin and I don't even know that smell to compare with and only I can smell that. Once I asked my friend to smell my skin he said nothing.
    Is my nose is sharp or something else ? Please guys suggest me something…

  16. I have crohns disease and a jpouch. My sweat smells like sour metal and my shirts pits are stained grayish green. Wtf?

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