Why Can You See Your Breath In The Cold?

Why Can You See Your Breath In The Cold?

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During the cold days in Winter we see our breath every time we
exhale outside is that even our breath? let’s explain what is actually happening when you breath when you inhale your Diaphragm and the muscles between your ribs called the Intercostal Muscles, contract forcing your chest cavity to expand when this happens the pressure in your chest cavity decreases past the outside air pressure which will make the air from outside your body rush into your lungs Atmospheric air has about 78% nitrogen 21% oxygen and 1% argon but when the air reaches the tiny air sacs in the lungs called the Alveoli rapid gaseous exchange occurs some of that Oxygen passes through your Capillaries or Blood Vessels and eventually reaches the heart to reward us for providing the blood with Oxygen The Capillaries give us their Waste Products like Carbon Dioxide when you’re ready to exhale your Diaphragm and Intercostal Muscles relax which makes your chest cavity get smaller and causes the air to flow out of your lungs and out of your mouth and nose this exhaled air has a little less Oxygen than the inhaled air but also about 4% more Carbon Dioxide but, you are also breathing out warm water vapor and when it reaches the cold air outside it quickly condenses to form a fog
similar to a cloud and that is what you see it doesn’t have to be your breath but rather the water that comes along for the ride Next time you walk on a cold day you can stop thinking you’re a dragon but we think you still love dragons that’s why we’ve designed this wallpaper for your mobile phone Download it now for FREE I’m Xemptful this has been Informia Keep on Breathing!

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