Why Do I Have Tonsil Stones?

Why Do I Have Tonsil Stones?

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A sore throat can be a sign of all kinds of
medical maladies. You might have caught a cold from your coworkers,
or just cheered too loudly at the big game last night. But if it feels like there’s an irritating
lump in your throat, there might actually be something stuck back there: a whitish-yellowish
tonsil stone. These hard globs come from the food bits,
dead cells, and other junk in your mouth. But even though they might be a little weird
and uncomfortable and gross, they’re not really dangerous. Your tonsils are part of your lymphatic system. They work with a bunch of other tissues to
get rid of waste, and fight off infections. There are actually three different groups
of tonsils, but tonsil stones mostly show up in the palatine tonsils The palatine tonsils are those two squishy
patches at the back of your throat that you can see in the mirror if you open your mouth
wide enough. The palatine tonsils are full of tonsillar
crypts, which are deep folds of tissue that are designed to lure in bacteria and maximize
the amount of tissue that those bacteria touch. That way, lots of immune cells can be exposed
to potential pathogens, and start to build up a targeted immune response with antibodies
to fight them off. Unfortunately, when you have cozy crevices
for bacteria, sometimes they get a little too comfortable. These crypts can collect dead cells, extra
mucus, and food debris or other particles that somehow end up in your mouth – which
provide a delicious breeding ground for lots of different microbes. After a film of bacteria forms, these goopy
lumps can start to calcify, becoming hard structures made of calcium and other minerals. The solid lumps that form are called tonsil
stones, or tonsilloliths. Tonsil stones can vary in size from a couple
millimeters to a couple centimeters. Sometimes people just swallow them, or sometimes
they stick around and can irritate your throat. Some bacteria that have been found on tonsil
stones produce lots of sulfur compounds, which might cause bad breath. But that’s usually the worst of it. It’s really rare for tonsil stones to get
big enough to be dangerous and make swallowing painful or difficult. If you want to get rid of them, you can try
to pop them out using a brush or some gargling. Or you can go to an ear, nose, and throat
doctor for extra help. Tonsil-removing surgery is a last resort,
if these chunks form all the time, or become severely irritating. Other than surgery, there’s not much you
can do to stop tonsil stones from forming. They’re just one of those weird things your
body does sometimes. But at least they’re not dangerous. Thanks for asking, and thanks especially to
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  4. my tonsils are extremely infected right now and he said i might get tonsil stones afterward and ummm i hope i dont

  5. I had one come out during class in high school. I didn't want to smell it so I flicked it across the classroom. No regrets.

  6. When I was a kid ,these things appear and I was afraid to tell anyone thought that i might be suffering from serious disease and I removed myself with a thin stick it was such an awful experience

  7. My mom got strep throat so much when she was a kid that now she gets these all the time. She just scrapes them out with a brush.

  8. Bielive it or not when I was a kid I thought it was some chunk of my rotten brain because I'm watching too much tv

  9. got a big one of these that was actually mildly painful and found out they were a thing after some googling. i absolutely hate them. i know theyre not harmful but they absolutely disgust me and freak me out. i would try to remove them but my throat is very sensitive to pain so i dont want to mess it up in any way. ill just ask my dentist about it when i see him and add gargling to my daily dental routine

  10. Omg I thought I have a tumor in my mouth thanks God it's just a tonsil stones and not dangerous. This video taught me that I don't need to worry and I just need to clean my properly my mouth😆

  11. Watched this video, proceeded to try and pop my tonsil stones out, triggered my gag reflex and in turn puked up my taco. But the tonsil stones came out so hey.

  12. hello sir. I have that tonsil stones and I removed them but again and again formed those stones. is there any infection? or I have go some doctor?

  13. It’s easy to take them out. Get a Q tip that are used for your ears and stick it into your mouth where the tonsil stone is and push against it then pick it out

  14. I was scrubbing my tongue and I coughed and A STONE CAME OUT and went in the sink and then when I spit after I brushed my teeth there was a ton of blood and I couldn’t stop spitting blood for 5 minutes and I looked and I have a tonsil stone 🙁

  15. Years ago I hit a dab on a rig and coughed a green tonsil stone the size of a quarter onto the table, then the smell hit which was even worse

  16. Why do people have tonsil stones? Simple to explain with people that have chronic tonsillitis may have tonsil stones that are usually caused by food stuck in the pores in the tonsils. They are also caused by poor oral hygiene and not using a good antiseptic mouthwash/gargle.

  17. Someone told me that teenagers cough the stones, dry the stones, crush the stones and snort the stones. Teens are saying it's the best high ever.

  18. I got rid of my palatine tonsils in May. Sucked for about 3 days and then 10 days of mild annoyances. Best decision I ever made.

  19. I get these mostly when I'm eating a lot of bread. But I also take them out by reaching with a soft wooden stick used as a tongue suppressor and they come out just fine. Whatever you do, do not smell these.

  20. Oh god i had this one time. I had a bad cold, an ear infection and larynxgitis all at once. I rememver forcing myself to cough it out for hours..it didnt work. My mom told me to take the blsck peppermint icy halls and it all disappeared in less than a day 😨

  21. Meh these must be the things that shoot out when I clear my throat in the shower now and then. Reading the comments and you people are freaks.

  22. My son is only 6 and very thin, week doctor refered for surgery his eeight is already less than a average 6 year old livingbin Pakistan Here doctor are butchers they only care for money, any one can u give a suggestion i am waiting till he gets older, his mouth smells very bad

  23. i had one is sucking ur cheeks in safe cus i did that and it popped out it was a orangey color n now my pouch is flappy feels like it but now i have mucus i think i have something viral cus i had a lung infection but it went away a few months ago

  24. Me i have tonsillitis, im always bad breath im so depressed i went many ent but they only give me a medicine and im taking a lots of medicine but nothing is happening. What can i do? Plss help me or anyone give me suggestion?

  25. For most of my childhood people had a hard time understanding me because my tonsils were super large and muffled my voice. My general practitioner at the time said that they were fine.

    A few years later they left and I went to a new GP, and upon discussion of my voice they sent me to an ear, nose and throat specialist, who looked at my throat once and declared my tonsils were long dead.

    They had my tonsils and adenoids removed and for the first time people didn't constantly ask me to repeat what I was saying.

  26. Oh I didn’t realize that was so common. I found loads of those things for years I know I have large tonsils and doctors for years wanted to check me for tonsillitis. I thought they had to do with that.

  27. I had tonsil stones EVERY SINGLE DAY for about 15 years. I used to push them out of their pockets with Q-Tips. The smell was God awful!!!! I finally had my tonsils out at age 31. Haven’t had a stone since and rarely get a sore throat. Best decision I ever made. Excruciatingly painful, but worth the suffering!! Spent 3 nights in the hospital on Demerol round the clock! Went home with liquid Percocet which made me throw up so I switched to a miracle pain reliever called Stadol NS (a nasal spray for severe pain). It was the only way I could swallow my own saliva and take a few sips of liquid nutrition. The pain was unrelenting and lasted for almost 2 months. Lost 8 pounds (and I was already skinny)!! Still, I’d do it all over again. No more sore throats and no more disgusting tonsil stones! Just do it! You won’t regret it once you’ve recovered.

  28. Im 15y/o i
    Have these
    Tonsil stones since almost a year. I
    Remove them by
    Myself i told my parents
    But they said its nothing..‘
    But im
    Tho only one
    Who has that should i go to a doctor or just let it

  29. Only only got them after I got my wisdom teeth extracted, my palate and mandible became more narrow.

    Ever notice your tonsils being squeezed back and sagging lower than when you were younger?

    It's probably facial recession due to a poorly developed midface.

  30. I started getting these after my hubby came back from Iraq, so for awhile I legit believed he had brought back some strange mutagen. Ive learned since that it's being over weight and drinking milk. For me at least.

  31. I legit had my tonsills removed cuz of this. I was 30 and it was the worst pain I ever went through. Im glad its over and I dont regret it.

  32. I had recurring tonsillitis as a child (I still have my tonsils now) and apparently that makes it more likely you'll get them. I have pretty good oral hygiene so honestly I'm pissed that I have to deal with them ugh

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