Why Fluoride In Your Tap Water Is a Good Thing

Why Fluoride In Your Tap Water Is a Good Thing

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Fluoride in our community water is a
good thing. Here’s why: community water fluoridation
is considered one of ten great public health achievements of the 20th century.
In fact, over 100 National Health Organizations recognize the public
health benefits of fluoride in our community water. It’s so important that we prevent
tooth decay which can be very a serious disease. It’s not really one fluoridation helps
adults as well as children we have evidence of people keeping their teeth longer
thank goodnesst. It’s effective. I’m a mom, I’m a dental hygienist and I’m
also a researcher. And I like to wear all three hats. I always try to find the best
science evidence when I’m trying to make decisions about my children and
fluoride, especially through comunity water fluoridation, is one of those no-brainers. It’s safe. Fluoride in community water is absolutely
safe — It’s been used for over 70 years to help
prevent tooth decay. Thousands of Americans are being misinformed of the
safety benefits of fluoridation. Now if they go to a credible source they go
to CDC the Centers for Disease Control they go to the American Dental
Association if they go to ILIKEMYTEETH.ORG and they go to credible
sources they get the facts and true science and information. I have absolutely no
concern about community water fluoridation harming children. I’m actually more
concerned about not having fluoride. Fluoride is natural. Its a fact that fluoride is
naturally present in soil, rivers, lakes and even the ocean.
Water fluoridation is the addition of fluoride up to the recommended level for
preventing tooth decay. It’s similar to fortifying other foods
and beverages like fortifying salt with iodine, milk with vitamin D, orange juice
with calcium and bread with folic acid. It’s preventive. Why do you need to treat the
disease when you can prevent it. it makes sense to prevent disease And it’s not just saving
teeth, it’s saving money. Every dollar invested in water fluoridation saves
money for families and our communities. That’s great news. This gives us the
opportunity to to help all Americans be protected from not only mouth disease but full body disease. We are all a network in
a community that rely on one another for the well-being of ourselves in our own
children. And community water fluoridation is a really important
example of joining together as a community investing in ourselves as a
community so that we can raise our children in in the most healthy way
possible. You want to make an impact on a community, fluoridation is the foundation
for better oral health. Get the facts. Protect your health. Find out more. Visit ADA.ORG/FLUORIDE

13 thoughts on “Why Fluoride In Your Tap Water Is a Good Thing”

  1. Lol. I love the conspiracy theorists. "Listen here, you commie dentists! If I wanna get cavities then I have to freedom to do that! Just because you have your facts and your science and your promotion of general well-being, that don't make you smart. Mmmkay? I read a blog from a hippie lady that lives in a van and I watched an Alex Jones video so now I'm an expert."

  2. Fluoride, brought to your by Alec, the AFL-CIO, the National Association of Social Workers, nearly every organization that (by no conspiracy in plane sight) has a pyramid looking A. Johnson AAAAnd Johnson, The world health organization. Available in the USA and Ireland. Residents of Europe, Israel, Japan can order online or try one of many fluoride soda brands such as Dr. Pepper, Coke, Pepsi or Colgate juice. Fluoride will make your teeth white, and clean the lead out of your pipes. Who wants lead in their pipes? Fluoride was first introduced in the world World renowned, and emulated city Grand Rapids Michigan. After many years of fluoride, Michigan now is approach lead free pipes. The Canadian dental organization and the American Dental organization both agree, white teeth are more import than psychological health. DO NOT GOOGLE EPA FLUORIDE .07. THE EPA IS THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY. THEY ARE IN CHARGE OF GLOBAL WARMING, THE CDC IS IN CHARGE OF TAKING ORDERS FROM THE WHO AND PROMOTING DENTISTRY. DO NOT GOOGLE HARVARD FLUORIDE META ANALYSIS. HARVARD RESEARCH IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS STATE COLLEGE RESEARCH, WHOSE DEPARTMENTS GET MUCHO FUNDING FROM FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES THE HAVE THE LETTER A IN THEIR NAME. THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY. DO AS YOU ARE TOLD. BEHAVE. LET US DO THE THINKING FOR YOU. KEEP DRINKING OUR WATER.

  3. Absolute bull. Fluoride is what keeps humans in a zombie state of mind. That's why it's in so many different products. The government don't want us to reach our full potential, so they can stay in control.

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