Why Japanese don’t smell! 体臭の違い(日本と欧米)

Why Japanese don’t smell! 体臭の違い(日本と欧米)

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Hey guys! One of the biggest problems you
hear foreigners talk about in Japan is their lack of a deodorant selection. There are all
kinds of rumors about why Japanese people don’t have as much body odor as us stinky
foreigners. You’ll hear that it’s because we foreigners don’t clean ourselves, unlike
Japanese people who often take a full bath every single night. You’ll hear that it’s
because of our diet and our love of dairy and meat products. Or you’ll hear that it’s
because Japan is a magical land where when you step off of the airplane, suddenly you
don’t need to wear deodorant anymore. But like most mysterious questions, the actual
answer lies in SCIENCE. To understand this, you need to know where body odor comes from.
We have two primary types of sweat glands. Eccrine and apocrine. Eccrine sweat glands
are small and found almost everywhere on the body. As you can see from this picture, they
go directly from underneath your skin, to your skin’s surface. They secrete a mixture
of water and salt, and this is used to cool down your body.
But then we have apocrine sweat glands. And these are the glands that cause body odor.
These glands are larger and are only found in certain areas of the body, primarily your
underarms and pubic region. Instead of secreting directly onto your skin, they secrete into
a hair follicle, which then carries the sweat up onto your skin. And these glands secrete
primarily proteins, lipids (which are things like fatty acids), and steroids. By itself,
this sweat does not smell. However, it IS a delicious and desirable substance for the
bacteria that live on our skin. Bacteria feed off of this sweat, metabolize it, and then
their waste products are what smell. So, body odor essentially comes from bacteria poop.
This is also why if you want to prevent body odor, you should be looking for a deodorant
that makes your underarms an inhospitable place for bacteria to live.
Different bacteria and the different enzymes they use to break down our sweat produce different
smells, which is why different people have different body odors.
So then what makes Japanese people have less body odor? Genetically, they have fewer of
these apocrine sweat glands. Why? That’s not fair? How does that happen? Why do I have
to be more smelly? It all comes from one specific gene: ABCC11. There are two variations of
this gene. One with the allele A, and one with the allele G. People born with the G
allele have more active apocrine sweat glands. Whereas peopleborn with the A allele have
fewer active apocrine sweat glands, and little to no body odor. The smelly allele G appears
to be the original version of the gene, whereas the non-smelly allele A appears to have emerged
approximately 2,000 generations ago. Why did the A allele appear? We don’t really
know, but we think it might have something to do with colder climates.
Here you can see a chart of what percentage of different races have which allele. So most
of us who are African, Latin American, European, or Pacific Islander have the smelly version
of the gene. However, only about a quarter of Japanese people, less than 10% of Chinese
people, and pretty much no Koreans have the smelly version of the gene.
But, there’s more to this gene than just whether you produce body odor or not. There’s a type
of apocrine gland in your ear canal that produces ear wax. As many of you may have heard, Japanese
people typically have something called dry earwax, which is flaky, unlike our earwax,
which is wet and goopy. The type of earwax you have is also determined by the version
of gene ABCC11 that you have. So, if you have the G allele version, you will have wet earwax,
and if you have the A allele version, you will produce dry earwax. So that is a very
quick way to check which version of this gene you have, and whether or not you’re likely
to have much body odor. In conclusion this is why most Japanese people
don’t smell as much and why they don’t have as large a variety of deodorant as we have.
So, just because you move to Japan, that doesn’t mean you can magically stop using deodorant.
I have a video coming up soon where I will show you different types of Japanese deodorants,
and which ones work best for us smelly foreigners. Thanks for watching guys! I’ll see you later.

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  1. I just discovered your channels 3 weeks ago and have been enjoying your videos until this one. As an African American I find that chart extremely offensive and highly suspicious. There was once “science” that said we were 3/5ths human. This reeks of racism

  2. Your wrong its the other way around. Almost every Asian person I have encountered has made me gag. Last night I was in home depot and this Asian guy walked by me and I almost puked from his body odor. He smelled like straight up garlic it was so gross I gagged..

  3. There seems to be a correlation between big populations and less body odor according to your charts.

  4. why do i keep thinking theres going to be pointy ears coming out the side of her head and her voice going into a higher pitch and pink giant mushrooms appearing behind her

  5. I’m Caucasian and I have this mutation! It caused more ear infections though. I have no Asian ancestry either. Before I found out I wondered why deodorant was such a big deal! Lol I usually don’t wear it. 😜

  6. 確かに!!外国人て臭いキツイよね!独特の臭いするよね、家からもう既に臭いが違う

  7. Iam half japanese and i live in japan for over 10years.In my opinion,they stink as hell to be honest.They smell like rotten soy source and a fermented puke same time,specially japanese men.If thats not their body odor,where is that coming from?I asked some japanese friends but seems they don't notice this fishy-kind smells on them…

  8. OMG YOU HAVE ANSWERED MY QUESTION IVE BEEN WONDERING FOR YEARS?? Why does my Japanese husband not smell. Like…EVER?! So unfair haha. Thanks for clearing that up.

  9. Half-Japanese and I have dry ear-wax (thank you mum).
    Now off to show my kids this video so I can explain to them why them and their mother smell …, ha, ha, ha.

  10. Hmm I have next to no each wax or wet when I do and have no sweat smell. Use to rarely sweat even. I'm in the South now and sweat often and do not need deodorant. My son has horrible eat wax since birth and is dryer and has horrible body order. Stinky feet, stinky pits, stinky butt (farts) lol. So we are opposite of what you are saying 🤔

  11. We all have bad smells in our body, we all need a hygiene to not smells bad. That's the most important.

  12. As long as you don't live in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh you'll be ok. Ive been there and the people stink af. But the food is good in taste eventough not as hygienic and sometimes dirty. Japan is my number one choice of food when it comes to cleanliness

  13. Hotter climates mean needs ur body wants to sweat to cool u off I guess. Can't keep the heat in so u need more sweat glands

  14. Yeah thanks so much now I know why it never strikes me to put deodorant and I know I have the gene because I’m half Indian and half caucasians it was a 50-50 for me and I could tell because my flight Ear wax

  15. Mmmh, if you treat your armpits right then your natural smell can smell like grapefruit or apricot. Get ur armpit game right fellow westerners 😤 use fruity smelling conditioner on your armpits after you wash them and then use scentless deodorant, your natural smell will mix in and you’ll smell like fresh fruit juice 🍊

  16. I guess my Chinese step-brother is a part of that 5%. Unless age does something that makes everyone stinky. He's 13 or 14 I think btw.

  17. They make persimmon soap over there and that’s why they don’t smell as bad.. I wish they sold that stuff in the states but we pay premium prices on Amazon for it

  18. This is why in Islam Muslims are told to shave their underarm hair and private regions – men and women for hygienic regions.

  19. Thank you. I lived in Japan for many years. I loved the way their sex parts smelled. I became addicted to dining out. I've know beautiful women from all over the world. Nine have ever given the oak joy as the Japanese woman. Lots of lovely women everywhere but, none are more dear to my heart, as complete lovers.

  20. One more thing. The inside of a Japanes woman and even their backsides don't smell like an ok dirty wet washrag left under the the kitchen sink for a week and their butts don't smell like they just had a bowl movement. Hi is that possible without being extreamly clean. Thank you.

  21. Studies that are done with more than 100 people (perhaps 2000 each culture/land?) will give a more realistic result other than "100%" this or that. We could see better margins, especially seeing other comments here. (I'd love to read the study quoted). My husband is African American and never smells. He only uses that mineral stone deodorant. I'm so jealous of him. Even after excercise or work, no smell. Just a sweet, metallic smell. Me? I'm multicultural and need clinical strength deodorant and two showers a day. Ugh, jealous! Nice video, though!

  22. This video….EXPLAINS SO MUCH!!! I feel bad for my son, I'm sorry I have given u such stinky genes, parent fail..me🤪🤦!

  23. I told my Asian friend about that and he decided to try not to wear deodorant for a week. His co-workers said he smells so he is the unlucky few Asians that do have body odor.

  24. wet ear wax gone:

    after researching the 'Garden of Eden' gourmet raw food lifestyle [thank god, it's not about only lettuce and carrots 🙄], i learned even more practical information from Karyn Calabrese.. she's amazing – lots of good videos but her interview with Lilou Mace is very informative (might be in 2 parts)..easy to find here @ YouTube.

    but she mentioned the disappearance of ear wax..and i experimented, twice, with the raw food lifestyle – both times for 30 days..it was amazing, the outcomes..and one of the results was that within a few weeks, there was enough detoxing that had happened.. that it caused my body to no longer have a need to create nasty, wet earwax or smelly sweat!

    and, from Karyn online and the raw food community in the city i was living in at the time, i learned some amazing and delicious raw food prep skills that have continued to serve me well..(it really is about learning smart & wonderful skills for a lifetime! 👍.. and a really great thing, i learned with my 2nd experiment:

    even eating 50% to 90% raw made a huge difference, with the same results..and the main thing i found to be careful about was fairly simple:

    just being mindful of the combinations of food i put into my body. things like raw bread, not traditional baked bread with meat or fish..or cooked bread with raw other foods, if i wasn't including raw bread with that same meal..and not meaning there's nothing else on those plates of food – there was plenty to eat. 😃

    healthy food combining is intuitive for many people..but if it sounds confusing, "Fit for Life," by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond can be a helpful guide..but to be open about what later became of this couple, in case someone who later reads this decides it's at least interesting enough to pay a visit to Google:

    sadly, many years later, their lives took a turn for the worst:

    they got divorced and Harvey and their son got into legal trouble.. and Marilyn is now married to someone else..but i will say this:

    in spite of all the craziness that happened, their book is, overall, a good one (but that's only imho, of course)..it stands on its own as a helpful basic guide. ..but one does not need to be fanatical with the rules in it.

    the combining guidelines are good ones – though, after many years of trying many things, i believe it's important to eat a variety of foods, whether one is a vegetarian or vegan or not..me, i have never been any kind of a vegetarian.

    but back to the Diamonds:

    not sure about Marilyn's later claims that she didn't get enough nutrition and got devastatingly ill because of her the "Fit for Life" eating regimen..reading about things that later took place, much of it makes no sense to me.

    and, as i remember hearing them speak (they were interviewed a lot back in the day – talk shows, magazines, etc.) about how to eat meat and fish in ideal combinations with other foods..though, seems, personally, they chose to be vegan or primarily vegan with it.

    but most vegans are very healthy because, though they eat vegan-vegetarian options, their foods are well balanced and varied.

    and i noticed that a lot of Marilyn's later complaints sounded as if they may have possibly been caused by her own extremism..because most people who are vegan-vegetarians don't suffer for not eating dairy or eggs, etc..and she may have just had bad genetics? that made her susceptible to health problems? i don't know…

    but i also noticed that her blaming her food choices for her health crisis issues seemed to come out in the wake of her divorce from Harvey..and continued through her next marriage to her new husband – who is also her writing partner..and the two of them also write about healthy eating..

    so, seems there may be at least a few potential influencing factors, which may be contributing to her denouncement of her earlier food choices while she was married to Harvey.

    just wanted to offer as much of a
    'full disclosure' as i could about this former couple – because, like a lot of food 'gurus' experience, there have been many angry (and usually very unhealthy people) accusing them, over the many decades, of being quacks, charlatans..and i say they may be a lot of things – but they did some good things.. and the basic guidelines in "Fit for Life" helped a lot of people, including me – and i still find the wisdom helpful, even to this day.

    and that's the thing about human beings: sometimes they can live a very odd and frustratingly compartmentalized Life. 😯😯🤔🤔

  25. If you dont, wash, you will smell, period!! As for oriental people, I went in the bathroom right behind an oriental girl and she smelled awful. Also, nothing is mentioned about India or Pakistani people (NO disrespect) but they are notorious for smelling bad. Not only have I seen this on many occasions, I know people who work on their airlines and they said that it's so bad that their luggage alone can make you puke. What about Ukraine. Heard firsthand about the terrible hygiene there also. As for this research, was this BIASED information or information based on FACTS? Did you take into consideration hidden factors in addition to culture and food. Maybe there are certain groups of people who are exposed to more chemical pollutants than others as well as other hidden things. These days things are becoming more in the open about hidden agendas to destroy and depopulate and those at the top of the list are African Americans and Africans. Not at all surprising. As a highly educated person, I know that research has and can be altered by people to manipulate the masses. I don't trust what you are putting out because of the oriental subtitles which I find suspect; this research appears to come from oriental people. If bias or prejudice is involved, then the results can be altered because of it. Hence, I have to find out things from several different sources before I come to a conclusion.

  26. Witch Hazel can be used as a deodorant.

    * Witch Hazel Deodorant:
    – 1/2 cup witch hazel.
    – 1/4 cup aloe vera juice or gel.
    – 1/4 teaspoin baking soda.
    – 10 drops favourite essential oil (sage oil works well as it has deodarising properties. You can add in a favoured essential oil scent, with the sage oil).

    Witch hazel has many other beneficial purposes:

    * Use to prevent razor bumps from forming. Apply to cotton swab and wipe shaved area after shaving.

    * Removes make up really well.

    * Removes hair dye on skin.

    * Use as face toner.

    * Use to reduce puffiness beneath eyes.

    * Use to oil control skin and redness in skin.
    Its a vaso-constrictor (makes blood vessels contract).

    * Use to manage acne.
    Witch hazel unclogs pores and allows acne to dry up to heal. Use with activated charcoal for best results.

    * Use to reduce hair frizz.
    Add a tablespoon to shampoo amount in hand.

    * Use as setting spray for make up.

    * Use for insect bites.

  27. So how come when we do Chinese flights the most horrible smells emanate from the cabin and when we do European flights there are no smells at all… I don't believe this at all. Chinese flights are soooo known amongst my colleagues to smell of this really bad foot, mouth and just overall really different distinctive smell…

  28. Blk folks cant get no shine fr fr…now niggas are the worst smelling mofos on da planet…we are hated on because we are the chosen how can everyone on the earth despise us? JESUS WAS BLACK AND THEY HATED HIM…IM HAPPY BECAUSE IM STARTING TO UNDERSTAND

  29. I beg to differ. We once had a team of Japanese technicians/engineer (3~4) came down here in Kuala Lumpur around 9 years ago.

    Obviously, they didn't shower in the morning. And Malaysia (or southeast asia) is MORE humid than Japan, relatively speaking.

    Well, they did stink.

    *Us southeast asian shower at least twice daily, once in the morning & later in the evening (after work)

  30. Thanks 4 this good scientific explanation! BUT: why do certain people smell on their skin after eating spicy food or garlic? … if the smell depends mainly on bacteria on the skin-suface? Doesn't it also have to do with nutrition and bacteria inside the belly?

  31. If there was a way to remove the stinky chemicals away and if it was able to be done in a safe surgical way I would have been in line to have it done.

  32. I lived with a Japanese girl . And had Japanese friends and they do smell. But it's a different smell. Just not as bad as others..I swear some smell like Soy Sauce I kid you not…

  33. Lol, foreigners don't clean ourselves? Come to the Philippines, bruh here we take a bath at least twice a day, so self conscious specially with body smell. Hahahahahahaha

  34. What a load of rubbish.
    After years of japanese martial artists contact i can say they STINK-and that was getting changed BEFORE class.

    The japanese that live here dont smell any different to most locals and that is related to diet.

    Dont believe it- then you have yet to experience the stench of durian eaters

  35. Why mainland Han Chinese are so smelly??!!! I'm tired of them flocking in the Philippines!!! Its so difficult being with them in the elevator!

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  37. Me- Wow! Do i smell smells arm pit and is confused
    Her: talks bout ear wax to see if u have smelly pits or nah
    Me- OOOOOOOOOOOO! I HAVE DRY! YESSSSS! thinks how i just smelled my armpit

  38. If you take a bath every day, change clothes frequently, and omit spices from the meal, your body odor will become lighter…i guess.

  39. I actually disagree with this!

    I lived in Bangkok for 5 years where there's a massive Japanese expat community and I had lots of Japanese friends there. My Japanese friends would sweat profusely compared to me – so much so I was actually amazed.

    I couldn't actually smell the sweat, I guess as it was still quite 'fresh', but the quantity of sweat produced seems to be a lot more than me (I'm from England).

  40. This is so dumb. I had a Japanese neighbor who smelled like shit all the time. Lmfao your video is dumb and so are you.

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