Why This Dentist Refuses To Perform Root Canals

Why This Dentist Refuses To Perform Root Canals

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This Dentist Refused To Perform Root Canals
For Over 20 Years—This Is The Reason Why For an adult, a root canal is a common procedure. It might seem like a wise choice because it
helps treat and also protect any tooth that has become toxic. Thankfully, Dr. Robert Kulacz, a dentist and
author of the book The Toxic Tooth: How A Root Canal Could Be Making You Sick, has done
extensive research to answer the question: “Is it wise to get a root canal?” Kulacz stopped performing root canals in 1995. He doesn’t believe that they need to ban
root canals, but he does believe that there needs to be some informed consent. The American Dental Association states that
root canals are safe procedures and cannot cause diseases. But Kulacz research proves otherwise, which
is why he stopped performing root canals. Before we begin this video, don’t forget
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you never miss our new videos! Now, let’s analyze why Dr. Kulacz has refused
to perform root canals for over 20 years. What Is A Root Canal? The Canadian Dental Association defines a
root canal procedure as the process of removing infected, injured or dead pulp from a tooth. When bacteria enter your tooth through deep
cavities, cracks or even flawed fillings, your tooth can become abscessed. An abscessed tooth is a tooth that has become
infected with pulp. If this pulp becomes infected, doctors will
recommend that it needs to be removed. If it’s not, it can cause pain and swelling. When a tooth is badly damaged, a dentist will
first take an x-ray of the affected tooth to examine the damage and the extent of the
decay or infection. If the damage is manageable and can be fixed
with a filling, the dentist will complete a filling. However, if the damage is so severe that a
filling cannot save the tooth, the dentist will advise you that you require a root canal
to remove the damaged pulp from the tooth. When root canal is performed, local anesthesia
is placed on a tooth and a pulpectomy is performed. A pulpectomy is performed when a dentist drills
an opening into a patient’s tooth. The dentist removes the damaged pulp, and
once the pulp is removed, he or she will fill the root in and seal it with cement. Once the root canal is completed, a follow-up
appointment is scheduled to ensure that the tooth is healing properly and that the infection
is gone. Your dentist will also give you an after care
routine to ensure that your tooth properly heals and you are not at risk for another
infection and another possible root canal for any of your other teeth. One commonly held misconception about root
canal is that it is a painful procedure. This is why many people fear going for the
procedure. Root canal is actually no more painful than
your regular filling. The pain associated with root canal is actually
caused by the infection and bacteria in the tooth itself. When the pulp becomes damaged, it becomes
extremely painful. The root canal procedure itself is what removes
the damaged pulp, which removes the pain. Root canal is a procedure which is completed
to remove and help ease the pain. Root Canal Bacteria Can Worsen Other Diseases:
Because a root canal tooth is technically infected, it can contribute to certain health
problems which include heart disease, according to Kulacz. He says that heart diseases are generally
caused by damage to the inside lining of the blood vessel and migration and macrophages
and cholesterol inside that artery. The inflammation in the artery causes plaque
to rupture into the space of the blood vessel. This causes a blood clot and a heart attack. This same bacteria that is found in root canal
teeth and gum disease are also found in the plaques of coronary arteries in the blood
clots, says Kulacz. The plaque travels from the mouth to other
sites of the body. Keep watching for some even more interesting
reasons that Dr. Kulacz avoids performing root canals. And keep watching until the very end to find
out what types of alternatives there are to root canal! Root Canal Teeth Can Get Infected Over Time:
Kulacz explains that because root canal teeth no longer have a blood supply, the bacteria
is essentially hidden from the immune system. What’s worse is that the root canal can
become more infected because of the influx of bacteria from the gum tissue that is surrounding
the tooth. Necrotic Tissue Can Cause Problems: When someone
gets a root canal, the tooth is no longer alive. This means that it should never be left in
your body. Take appendicitis for example; the doctor
doesn’t just isolate it; he completely removes your appendix. Unfortunately, when it comes to a root canal,
this rule is not applied, according to Kulacz. He adds that when patients came to him as
a last resort, their chronic health issues were resolved once he removed their root canal
and the infection was treated. How to Avoid A Root Canal: According to Main
Street Dental Clinics, there are a few ways you can avoid having root canal treatment. The first way is to maintain a healthy diet. According to Ramiel Nagel, the author of Cure
Tooth Decay, the human body can protect itself from infection when we consume food that keeps
our body balanced. According to Colgate, eliminating sugars from
your diet and replacing them with fruits and vegetables also helps. Another way to avoid root canal is to maintain
a strict and diligent oral health care routine. Not only does this mean avoiding overeating
sugar, but it also means brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily and going in for a
routine dental check up at least once every six months. By maintaining a strict oral health care routine
and going in for regular dental check ups, you can ensure that your oral health is in
good shape. By going to regular dental check ups, your
dentist can also find issues before they turn into bigger problems and provide any treatment
if necessary. Your dental health is extremely important! Never take it for granted. If you fear that you have an infected tooth
or any type of tooth damage, consult with your dentist. By doing this, you can spot and address any
issues with your oral health early on, and potentially save you from what could be very
costly treatments in the future. Brush With Toothpaste Containing Fluoride:
The Carlson Biological Dentistry states that brushing your teeth every day with fluoride
toothpaste can help scrub away the bacteria that is causing cavities. Fluoride gives your teeth extra protection
against decay. Fluoride is a mineral that strengthens the
protected enamel of your teeth. They state that if you can keep your enamel
strong, you can prevent acids that are produced by oral bacteria that eat into the inner parts
of the tooth. Root Canal Alternatives: If your dentist has
advised you that you need a root canal but you are hesitant about going through with
it, there are other alternatives and options. Depending on how severe your infection is,
your dentist may go over other options with you in the event that you would prefer not
to get a root canal. Speak to your dentist today to find out what
other options you may have and what course of treatment is best for you. Of course, you should always take preventative
measures to ensure that your oral health is in tip top shape. It’s best to do what you can to avoid root
canal all together, so speak with your dentist today to find out how you can improve your
oral health. Extraction: One alternative to root canal
is extraction. When a tooth is extracted, it is completely
removed from a patient’s mouth. This form of treatment is not usually performed
unless the tooth is so severely damaged that it cannot be saved any other way. It is often used as a last resort in the event
that the tooth cannot be saved with any other type of treatment. Dental Bridges: In the event that a dentist
determines your tooth needs to be extracted, you may want to consider dental bridges. Dental bridges help to close the gap between
two missing teeth. They are made of multiple crowns which are
found on either side of the gap around an artificial tooth. There are several different types of dental
bridges. The most common type of dental bridge is called
a traditional dental bridge. Traditional dental bridges consist of one
or multiple fake teeth. These fake teeth are placed in between dental
crowns. Cantilever bridges: These bridges are very
similar to traditional bridges, but are supported by a crown on just one side. Maryland Bridges: Maryland bridges are held
in place by a piece of framework made of two wings of metal on each side of a crown. Implant-Supported Bridges: Implant-supported
bridges are used to support multiple gaps in a person’s teeth, and are supported by
dental implants rather than dental crowns. Pulp capping: Pulp capping is a type of procedure
which is used to seal off the entrance of a tooth’s pulp. The tooth’s pulp is sealed with sealant,
and is meant to save the pulp from dying. This type of procedure can remove the bacteria
and / or decay in a patient’s tooth, but may not always be successful. What are some other reasons you wouldn’t
want to get root canal? Let us know by commenting below! Enjoyed this video? Hit the like button and subscribe to our channel
for more videos like this! Thanks for watching!

70 thoughts on “Why This Dentist Refuses To Perform Root Canals”

  1. Have you or someone you know, ever had a bad dentist experience? Let us know what happened in the comments below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 🙂

  2. I will definitely have an interesting conversation with my dentist next time he suggests a root canal. (Although here is hoping he doesn't)

  3. I tried to convince my parents of this but they wouldn't listen. So I was forced to have a root canal.

  4. Your tooth will crack and break over time and their is no warranty and the cost of root canal and crowns are very expensive. Even a mechanic offers a warrenty why don't dentist?

    I feel when your in pain dentist push for repairs as you will sign up for all kinds of things to stop the pain.

  5. Flouride is toxic to the body. I would never use a tooth paste with a neurotoxin in it. Not sure who's bright Idea it was to put flouride in toothpaste or drinking water for that matter.

  6. I just got a root canal, but they couldn't finish it because im only 15 and apparently if you're young it might bleed too much? I have to go back on Thursday for them to try again, but they just put a piece of cotton covered by clay over the hole. Now it just feels uncomfortable and sore.

  7. this is happen when incompetent people make videos about medicine , but it 's so bad when company of implants do such things to convince poor people to extract thier tooth and put an implant .. the root canal therapy is 100% safe procedure and help patients to save thier teeth instead of put an screw in thier jaws , and in the perfect Circumstances will last for 10 years , but a good root canal therapy can save tooth 20 – 25 years .
    So my dears i am endodontist and i had done a very lot root canal therapy and i know very well what mean to put a screw in jaw.

  8. Honestly I've had seven for the past couple of years and I'm so perfectly fine, might just lucky or is is lies under lies?

  9. If a dentist can't do it is because they suck they either don't know how or failed the pathway to be able to – not because they are against it

  10. I wish dental care in Canada wasn't so damn expensive.
    When it comes to teeth, they are basically ignored by health-care here, unless you are already on government assistance.
    So you either have to be very rich or very poor to get dental care. If you're in the middle, without extended private insurance you will pay handsomely for dental care.
    Since its so relative to overall well being, it should be covered for all, at least partially.
    When the GST/HST was being implemented in British Columbia, part of that was supposed to include 5000 dollars worth of dental care for all B.C. residents as a one shot deal to be used without restrictions.
    I clearly remember that being presented by our provincial and federal government.
    Whether you declared 1000 or 100 000, it was supposed to be available to all.
    Guess what? Yep, never happened.
    The tax did, of course, but none of the social benefits were ever discussed again. Ever.

  11. My dentist opened the tooth that needed a root canal and put a medicine in it and closed it again and my tooth got better and healed by itself.
    Btw the infection of the pulp felt like a cold feels like. So I would recommend to stay at home, rest and drink a lot of water to support the immune system to fight the infection.

  12. I got psoriasis after having a root canal. My RC was pretty traumatic and it left me a nervous wreck for a couple of weeks. I started noticing scaly, red patches of skin soon after and it’s developed into full body psoriasis. It sucks. I’d never have a RC again.

  13. Dentists dont want to discuss root canal work with me because I know more than they do about them and the dangers of performing these procedures. The danger they put human health in should be made public. Any medic does not like the patients being educated in health issues because it is a threat to their bloated Godlike perception of themselves. I ask too many questions they don't like that it reduces their power over me.
    Dino Carlucci

  14. This is true!!!! Watch "the root cause" documentary!!! They provide studies and sciences backed. Root canal is only procedure where dead tissue is left in the body. They are toxic to the body. They are patient driven also, historically people didnt want the teeth pulled because they looked poor with teeth missing so the dentists started root canals often with gold cappings that gave a wealthy appearance. I had one for 10 years and it became infected and had it removed. That's how I became passionate about it.

  15. This video is a joke. Everything it says about “root canals causing infection” are literally things that are cause by NOT having a root canal done when one is needed. The purpose of a root canal is to eliminate infection, and prevent the tooth and underlying bone from getting re-infected.

    It’s not true that the body can no longer sense infection from a root canal treated tooth. If the root canal fails, your body will still react. For example, you can still get pain from chewing, which will indicate something may be wrong. X-rays will also show the infection at the end of the root. That’s why it’s important to follow up with your dentist/go to your recall appointments.

    There are a few reasons a tooth will get infected after a root canal procedure. If the root canal was poorly done, and the dentist either didn’t clean the canals well, or failed to fully seal the canals of the tooth, bacteria can still re-enter and cause the root canal to fail. Another common cause of root canal infection is failure to fill all of the canals in the tooth. While there’s a general predictable pattern to canals in most teeth, some individuals may have variation. For example, someone can have a canal that splits off of a main canal and goes in a different direction. These are easy to miss, but there are types of imaging that can help find them. These kinds of cases are best done by an endodontist, who specializes in root canals.

    This particular dentist probably isn’t very good at root canals and wants to look for excuses to avoid them. Or he wants patients to extract teeth so he can convince them to get implants, which cost much much more. And they also take months from start to finish. Imagine if it was your front tooth that needed a root canal. Would you really rather extract it? Because that would be the only alternative at that point.

    Don’t buy into these dumb videos that try to instill fear in people through misinformation.

  16. My dentist did one cavity and did not seal it good therefore it left space between the upper tooth and above the pulp making it easier for bacteria to enter in the tooth

  17. This is the most annoying narrator I've ever heard. Everything about this video is too damn loud.

  18. Risks for root canal are too great. I will just get a tooth extraction and hope that from the moment I remove my last tooth, I will have better oral hygiene. If you get 1 removed, learn from it so it won't happen again.

  19. I hope this book is based on scientific papers. It would be useful if you could put those sources in the description.

  20. i have been told to have a root canal …. and its a front tooth I can just remove it .. how can I convince my dentist not to ..

  21. Just had a root canal yesterday and I’m still in A LOT of pain, and my dentist didn’t numb me all the way and felt most of the procedure

  22. Dentists routinely overservice …. this is criminal activity to make money where no problem exists… children with perfect teeth are drilled and filled!!! Broken fillings lead to root canals and more unethical expensive dental work!!! Parents must watch the dentist does not use sharp metal instruments which they purposely scratch enamel so they can later drill and fill the damage they've purposely made!!! Ask the dentist to show you the cavity!!! Routine drilling and filling of perfect molar teeth is a widely practiced SCAM !!! Parents protect your children from unethical dentists to prevent the cycle of lifelong dental problems and EXPENSIVE SCAMMING to fund your dentists GREED!!!

  23. Ok…parts may be false or true to a handful of us who've gone through these procedures. But the outcome is all based of your dentist, health (yours of course), and the reason you got the procedure in the first place. Think of it based all on luck, because a lot of people don't know their current health and their dentist. If you have problems I suggest finding someone else, hope this helps. And I hope this doesn't start an argument, I'm neutral for this procedure.

  24. Without a constant bass drum beat in my life, I don't know how I would survive. Thank goodness, most videos have them, or I would have to experience a few minutes without one, even though I'm trying to listen to advice or learn something. We NEED that background drumming and funky noise or else…..well, it's just empty talking. And who wants that? It could even lose it's meaning.

  25. "root canals are no more painful than regular filling" Bullshit. I have had a dozen of them and only 2 weren't painful. All the rest were badly botched by a number of different dentists and most 1. Hurt during the procedure despite copious anaesthetic injections and mandibular blocks, to the point tears were pouring out of my eyes. 2. Most had complications, some has severe complications ending in infections, missed canals, weeks and months of severe pain where I wished I were dead. 3. Finally, I developed Trigeminal Neuralgia of the middle branch because of an unlucky anaesthetic injection during root canal. 4. After my final root canal I am now looking at Atypical odontalgia or Trigeminal Neuralgia of the lower branch as well because the dentist I was seeing overextended the file into mandibular canal and damaged the inferior alveolar nerve. Now my whole right side of the jaw is in severe pain. I am on 1. Morphine 2. Lyrica. 3 Naproxen and 4. Steroidal anti-inflammatory. None of this is helping. I am losing my fucking mind from pain. And oh yeah, – just blame the victim, – explain how it's "all my fault" for one reason or another or how I am an "anomaly". Nope! Root canals are extremely complex procedures in which dozens of things can go disastrously wrong leaving you a cripple for the rest of your life the way it left me with chronic untreatable pain. The more of them you have – the more chances something will go wrong. Without relying on anecdotal evidence – let's use evidence based approach, like real scientists. Here's the actual statistics of which exact teeth have the most root canal failures, for example – upper molars have 44% failure rate!!! Half of your upper molar root canals will fail!! Here https://www.animated-teeth.com/root_canal/failed-root-canal-statistics.htm My advice is – for teeth which have the highest failure rate: extract and install a a bridge or an implant instead. Or get dentures. Don't gamble with your health.

    And as about your video and the guy's book? The book is utter pseudoscientific garbage. The guy's "research" is not research. He isn't a scientist and doesn't know the first thing about research. He doesn't even remember his Stats and Research Methods courses and what constitutes strong evidence in medicine, like Large N, Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Randomised trials. This whole book is full of pseudoscience and anecdotes. This isn't why you shouldn't get root canals at all. That's just the way things are. There are facts and there is hearsay, and this book is yet another reason why MDs and dentists shouldn't play scientist and instead follow evidence-based medicine. Root canals will not give you heart disease, there is no strong evidence for this derived under controlled conditions. But unhealthy lifestyle, like diet and sedentary life, however – will give you heart disease. So be informed about root canals and don't just go ahead on your dentist's suggestions.

  26. My dentist tricked me in a rootcanal. I have become so sick from it. After 3 years i extracted it but the stupid jaw surgeon who pulled the teeth did not clean the socket and peridontal ligament. So my problems returned

  27. dentist are the new tv repairman as far as being a scam, to go in their office first they offer free surround effect x-rays then before you see the dentist a high pressure sales douch attacks every flaw in your mouth (as they have full color print of the mouth) then proceeds to pull out a contract for 40 grand and a payment schedule, before seeing the dentist. does this sound familiar?

  28. I had a great dentist and did a awesome job on my Root Canal, and crown , when you have your teeth cleaned every 6mths and have healthy gums no prob, and a smile is very important and implants are to expensive, need more research to say RC are bad 1 dentist don't work for me , yes pull if you can, but front teeth and smile means a lot to me, don't want to look like hillbilly Joe, sorry HB Joe nothing personal just want a nice smile, my ego boost for life, look good, smell good, just be good and know what that means in gen: logic, and common sense. 🙂

  29. Just went yesterday and they want me to go to the endo and get a root canal. Root canal plus $900 for a crown after. Idk how many times the workers kept telling me theyd make the appt for me etc at least 4 times before i left. Seems like they really really want me to buy that procedurw

  30. Thank you, I have an infection that triggered my m.s from a stupid root canal. I'll be seeing my endodontist soon

  31. Oh by the way the fluoride enriched toothpaste recommendation is out of date – new research suggests that fluoride negatively effects the Pineal gland in your brain so in conclusion it is a bad ingredient to use in toothpaste formulas to kill bacteria especially when toothpaste manufactures could decide to use much less toxic alternative natural substitutes to fluoride in their products instead…

  32. I have and now I have to get a root canal 😣 feels any pressure on the tooth causes pain plus it's very sensitive anything I eat or drink😭

  33. Back in about the early 70s, when just a young boy, I had gas to sedate me when having extractions, and when I come around again, I had a full mouth of blood and the dentist ordered me to drink it. I will never forget it.

  34. I will never waste my time and money with getting another root canal that is doomed for infection. Eventually bacteria will invade and cause much bodily harm. Now my root canal of only 3 years must be extracted due to severe infection. which has spread to my gums and compromised the tooth next to it. so ..no teeth for at least 6 months ..until my healing is completed and my new bridge is placed. How depressing . Beware of root canals… they are a ticking time bomb.

  35. The American Dental Association has determined that fluoride does NOT prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is a neurotoxin that calcified your pineal gland. It penetrates the blood-brain barrier and causes damage to your cranial tissue, and organs throughout the body.

  36. I got my root canal extracted because I found out how bad they are for our health !!!! IT WAS THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE! I’d do it again in a heart beat! I love the way my teeth feel now. Like why leave a dead tooth in our mouths??? They are dead!! Rotting slowly like what common sense does that make!

  37. Good to question anything like root canals. Don't be a lemming, even if the majority are ridiculing you. I was set up for one, took the chair and canceled it with 2 dentists over me. Just did not have the right vibe about it.

  38. I had a root canal yesterday and my dentist proscribed me a med to help with anxiety before hand. The procedure was about an hr and i didnt feel a thing. It was amazing and he said the nerve was inflamed lretty badly but now i should not have an sensitivity to that tooth. Once the tooth heals a a bit we will do the crown. And i get to keep the tooth so im happy about that.

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