Why Your First Playthrough of Breath of The Wild is The BEST!

Why Your First Playthrough of Breath of The Wild is The BEST!

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Remember back to when you took those first
steps outside the shrine of resurrection. Took in the ravishing sight of Hyrule and
stood there in awe, taking it all in. An experience that would never be recreated
again. That last line, “Never be recreated again”
is a very good way to define a Breath of The Wild playthrough. A players first adventure with this game is
a one of a kind experience and it is what you make it. That first playthrough is so raw and adventurous
and yeah this applies to most games that the first playthrough is raw but Breath of The
Wild is on its own level of video games compared to other video games and even other open world
games. Some people would say a 2nd or 3rd playthrough
is better because you can cover what you had previously missed or not noticed and whilsts
that’s very true, Breath of The Wilds 1st playthrough has so many positive points on
it’s side. I’ve been thinking about this topic for
a while now and I’ve even compared the 1st playthrough of other open world games such
as Skyrim, Fallout, GTA and red dead redemption. Among researching other games that I haven’t
played yet. No matter what games first experience I compared
Breaths to, Breath of The Wild constantly triumphed over the other games. There is just something special about the
experience Breath offers that no other games does and I want to explore further into this
and get down to exactly why the 1st playthrough of Breath of The Wild is the absolute best. The open air world of Hyrule is simply breathtaking
and no matter where you go within this massive land you will always be amazed with wherever
you end up. The obvious fact here is that on your first
playthrough of any game, everything is new to you but in my honest opinion, Breath of
The Wild first time discovery system is something special. We are going to look at this in terms of the
Zelda series as my channel is a Zelda channel. Does that sound weird. Anyway, with past titles such as A Link To
The Past, Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask and so on and on your 1st playthrough
of those games is more or less what you will get if you take on a 2nd or 3rd playthrough. Yes the experience may change slightly but
the games are mostly linear and you will still discover the same areas in the same order,
defeat the same bosses in the same order and so on. I am not saying this takes away from those
games, it’s a fantastic system and I love playing those games, especially Twilight Princess
but different with Breath of The Wild is that due to it’s open air nature, you play the
game in whatever order you like and on your first time, that’s 100% raw and you go where
you like, do what you want and just have freedom. That experience is one of a kind and one of the
best parts of that experience and what is one of my biggest points for this video is
first time discovery. Once you set foot outside of the shrine of
resurrection and eventually the great plateau you are free to go wherever and with this
comes discovering new areas in any order. In past games that feeling is there when you
unlock a new area but the keyword there, unlock. Yes it’s an amazing and accomplished feeling
to unlock say the Gerudo Desert in Twilight Princess but with Breath of The Wild you could
freely discover the dessert. Literally everywhere you go on your first
Breath of The Wild is a unique experience. You can discover the world in an endless amount
of ways. Some people will discovery rito village before
kakariko village. Some people will head straight to the castle
and others will head straight to lake hylia, the point is it’s your experience and you
make it. With past games you don’t exactly make the
experience as it’s already made for you. You are following a set path more or less
and like I said, yeah some of those past games do have some freedom but in the grand scheme
of things you are following a set path, whether as in Breath of The Wild, you create the path. During that first playthrough you might not
even go literally everywhere in the game as it’s just that big and with so much to do
that it’s not really on your mind to need to find new areas. It all comes very naturally to me, almost
as if I know I’m going to discover somewhere new and fate will decide where that may be. Some players could argue that on your 2nd
playthrough you could go and find all the places you missed or take on quests you didn’t
pick up on your first playthrough but my issue with that is that you’ve more than likely
already discovered most of the world and done most of the quest and the first discovery
feeling isn’t there. One of Breath of The Wilds strongest aspects
is discovering the world for the first time, doing it a second time is to some degree boring. This is due to just how big the world is,
to me venturing it a second time was nowhere near as fun or adventures as I already knew
my way around the land, roughly anyway. On my first experience playing the game I
didn’t know where anything was. The map is unlocked in sections and until
you unlock the region you are in, you’re going in blind and I absolutely love that. It’s such a raw and one of a kind experience
that you wouldn’t get with any other games in the series. That first time playing the game is exactly
what you make it, it’s all on you and that’s one of if not the best aspects of Breath of
The Wild in my honest opinion. Thank you so much for checking out the video
I really hope you all enjoyed it and be sure to let me know what your thoughts on this
are in the comments. A huge thanks goes to Cuccolover for animating
that intro you saw at the start of the video, this is actually it’s debate if you like
as it’s the first time it’s been in a video so huge thanks to her and I hope you
all like it too. Another massive thank you goes to all of my
amazing Patreon Supporters, I can’t thank you guys enough for the incredibly generous
support you give me, it really really helps support me in doing this and consitiely making
videos. So special thanks to Hexovian, Lenerk01, Keytala,
Kerika, Sephree Skyee, Daniel Killman, NayrusLove13, Barky Doggo, Arli Quinn and Em Your support
really does help me out a lot and allows me to keep making videos just like this one. If you’d like to help support me then head
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time, I’ve been Hyrule Gamer.

66 thoughts on “Why Your First Playthrough of Breath of The Wild is The BEST!”

  1. I loved my first play through I have 300 hours on it alone. It’s not the same now that I’m playing it in master mode it’s just doesn’t have that mystery! But I still love the game!

  2. I really put a damper on my BotW experience by all the speculating and analyzing I did before the game out. In 2016 I was seriously obsessed with find out every and any info for the game. I even unfortunately looked at leaked images of items…

    Now after I see the first bit of actual gameplay of Breath of the Wild 2 I might decide to not watch anymore trailers or footage till it releases…

  3. That's an awesome intro! And I agree, the first time I played BotW was magical. I still remember the chills when I discovered the old man was the king and the story he told. Jumping fron the great plateau and choosing where to go first in that huge overworld was amazing. I cant wait to experience all that again in the sequel.

  4. I loved and enjoyed every second of my first play through! Exploring all of the map, getting all towers it was amazing and it will never be the same again now that I've finished it

  5. My second one was better … after that my first Switch died in the summer of 2017. 😭

    I rushed everything in my first one, my second one was exploring.
    I played the game the right way

  6. Botw ticks a bunch of boxes… Ive been working on my first play through for 3 months just trying to take everything in… Plus I have to share time with my daughter for zelda… But she asks me to "kill the monsters" so I allow it haha

  7. I'm still on my first playthrough because I haven't bought master mode yet. My first hour of BOTW was picking up rocks because I was so used to doing that in Zelda games. My friend was like you can cook food, I was in shock.

  8. I went right home Deathmountain
    The 2nd time I played I turned off mini map. To get lost in the world. I am still playing it today. Beat game since oot

  9. The first time is always the most mysterious and dangerous, but playing it again gives you the ability to appreciate the game.

  10. I remember running away alot the first time around. "Oh Sh** it's a monster!" "Oh sh** its a guardian!" "Holy cow! It's a mummy, get me out this shrine!" "Oh F*** no, It's a dragon! Runrunrun" "What Are Those things!" "I have to do what now?!" That pretty much summarized my whole first playthrough.

  11. Mine was memorable not only for the mystery and excitement, but also because I was not prepared for the motion control of the divine beasts and I got nauseous shortly after beating the first beast. XD

  12. I’m on my second playthrough and you’re right . Will never be the same as the first . Although I still hang around certain villages listening to the music and taking in the scenery x

  13. A couple months ago my brother moved back into our house and he said that he'd play botw.

    I'm exited to see him get blown to high hell as soon as he gets off the Great Plateau.

  14. Yes without doubt I agree thx for making this video. On my first ever play through I literally spent hours on the great plateau amazed at how beautiful and fun this game was I didn't even know what I was missing in the rest of the map… my favorite area has got to be either lurelin village or hateno village

  15. The first playthrough was amazing every other play through after that I have given up before finishing it again. The first playthrough I was excited to see new dungeons items and weapons then by the time I made it to the end of the game I realized this Zelda game didnt have any of those things or a story outside of the memories. Because of these things I just haven't been able to get back into the game. This is the only Zelda game that I have beaten just 1 time. All other Zelda games I have replayed and beaten atleast 3 to 5 times each but this one just didnt hook me like the others. I'm really excited for BotW 2 though I'm sure nintendo will make the best of both world and add some of the things the first one was missing.

  16. The first time you play it you get sidetracked constantly by everything you see and I love that! Which ofcourse meant curious dummies like me think it's a good idea to for instance try get to Goron Village with no protection at all just to see what's in there :')

  17. Keetala lol I love it! Also I 100% agree with this video but I would extend that it is the same to some degree with all games. First play through is always a little more special as you are discovering how to play the game the way it was meant to be played.

  18. Bruh first play through you just had that FEELING ya know like it gave you that feeling that no other feel gave it's just that's the best feeling ever I wish I can go into the past and replay it for the first time

  19. Good job cuccolover on the amazing new intro!! Love it! 😀

    I am on my 5th playthrough of BotW and I still feel the magic and enjoy new dialogue options (been talking to everyone naked and Hestu or Paya have the best reactions so far lol)

  20. My first time was so fun, but.. I finished it too quick and now I can't recreate the experience. :'(

    Edit: OMG my first heart!! Thank youuuuu
    Seriously though, I miss playing without knowing a thing..

  21. haha man im still in 3ds era, boght it 5 months ago and love it so far. So I'm not expecting to play any switch in next 6 months but then I finally will play this botw game it looks cool man.

  22. My first playthrough: tried to get to zora's domain, died a ton, got bored, gave up.

    Litteraly a year later: Resets file, completes entire game, resets, does it twice more, gets dlc and does master mode

  23. My favourite period was just after completing all the divine beasts and Ganon for the first time and I allowed myself to explore all the corners of hyrule without the need to progress through the main story. That was when I found eventide, the labyrinths and that hinox in the perpetual dark

  24. This is why I would love to have my memory wiped so I can experience Breath of the Wild for the first time again. Anyone know any Hypnotists?! 🤣

  25. Skyrim is still the closest experience to me. Both games send you into the world with a main objective, but it's up to you to decide when. The discovery of new areas, paths, and encounters. Especially the first Dragon in both games. The first time I saw Farosh, I hid behind a rock in case it saw me. Terror.

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