Wim Hof breathing tutorial by Wim Hof

Wim Hof breathing tutorial by Wim Hof

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Great! Here we are. We are going to do the breathing. This is the first video of the Mini-Class. The breathing. Breathing, how to change the chemistry? You know stress? Oxidative stress? It comes through shallow breathing and a lot of stress coming in So much pressure on our lives… And that deregulates our chemistry. Now, I found a very effective way How to deal with this deregulatory stress coming in Chemistry inside of our physiology. Body and mind are suffering, normally, with this wrong chemistry. And with this one With these exercises I’m going to show You are able to regulate Your chemistry in depth. We have shown this in the university studies. And right now, here it is! Here it’s going to come. Don’t do this in a swimming pool! Don’t do this in a car! Do it like me. I’m gonna do this lying here. Do it in your bed, on the sofa Wherever, because this is very strong. Very, very strong! And it is able to knock you out of consciousness. Just for a couple of seconds. But imagine what happens if you are in a car or in a swimming pool doing this. Don’t do this. We are learning how to go deeply within our physiology The way nature meant it to be And that is going past our normal conditioning. Okay, you can all read it up! Go into it. Make you notes – your retention times See what happens with your body and with your mind. The thing is… This is a very effective way to become alkaline. We have shown this in the studies. So, become the master over your chemistry. Do these three rounds in the morning. And during the day, your blood is right on. This exercise goes as follows I’m sitting here, but I’m gonna lie Because then I’m most relaxed. So, I suggest you do this in your bed or on the sofa. If you feel really relaxed sitting, that’s okay. So, what I do is … I’m relaxed. I’m gonna lie down. I got a belly. I got a chest. I got my head. And with these three parts Actually, the whole body. Not only the lungs are breathing. We are able to manipulate by *inhales* Belly breathing is the deeper part of the of the lungs The chest is the upper part of the lungs. That is deep breathing, and even within the head.
*inhales* We are able to… Receive more oxygen in the head, in the brain. It’s logical because it’s part of your body and oxygen gets in there. We all found this out. So, belly, chest, head That’s the way it goes. Like this!
*inhales* Let it go!
*exhales* Fully in! Letting go! Not fully out, but fully in! Once again! Fully out means…
*exhales forcefully* There’s still more coming out. Don’t do that! Just let it go! So, fully in… And let it go. Once you get this rhythm, you do this 30 times. Your head becomes lightheaded. You become loose in the body. It feels like *woah* Tingling in the hands and feet. It’s all possible, and it’s all ok. Breathe toward it! Intensify those symptoms. Lightheadedness, loose in the body, and tingling Make it stronger, because that’s your charge. And then, you go 30 times – 40 times. It’s okay! Fully in, let it go! Don’t think in time! Don’t think in numbers! Think in intensity. Think in feeling. Feel! Follow the flow of your breath. Then at 30, you take it fully in. Let go! You could time it. After the exhalation, let go. You stop breathing. Press the time device, stopwatch, and go! And feel! Round number one – you will be able to stay for one minute, one and a half minute without air in the lungs. This is round number one. When you feel the urge to breathe after the exhalation And then staying in, stopping breathing Timing. You take the urge to breathe, okay? You take a breath, hold it. Squeeze a little. For 10 seconds – 15 seconds to your head. Breath hold. And stop the timer. And then, you let go. That is round number 1. Then we go again. Round number 2. Fully in! Let it go! Fully in, let it go! 30 times – 40 times Whenever you feel lightheaded, loose in the body, tingling. Okay, those are the symptoms Intensify those symptoms by breathing toward it. Go with the flow! Feel! When you feel charged You feel very lightheaded, loose in the body, tingling is strong. That’s a charge! You take it in… You let it go… You stop! Then time again, and let it go. When you feel the urge to breathe again Fully in, and hold 10 to 15 seconds. And then round number 2 is done. Then we go into a round number 3. Same thing, only every time the retentions are longer. Because you bring in more oxygen. Because you relax. Deeper. Every time more and deeper. Thus, more oxygen is able to get in And the retentions, that is the stopping of breathing after exhalation Will be longer, and longer, and longer. And it is longer because it goes deeper into the lymphatic system Then your chemistry becomes alkaline. More oxygen gets in. Acidity goes out. Alkalinity comes in. Amazing how simple and effective. After round three, if you like to do You do another round, like round number four Because you love it, because you like it, because you feel it. You will understand ‘high on your own supply’ when you do this. Round number three, round number four, high on your own supply! It’s gonna be great! How to do the breathing best, is a question asked a lot of time I say on an empty stomach. In the morning, before you go have breakfast. That’s a great time to do it. Or whenever you stomach is empty and you feel ‘Hey, I got some spare time’ ‘I don’t feel really good. I want to have some peace.’ Then go into your breathing on an empty stomach On empty stomach, empty stomach! It’s the best! Then you are able in three rounds to change your chemistry full on! Good luck! Hey guys, thanks for doing the breathing with me! It was great! So, from here we go into the cold, the next video. I got a great exercise for that. I mean, the mystery of the cold is going to be revealed. Let’s get into this! It’s there, it’s beautiful! Good luck!

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  1. Hi, I am a person who suffers a lot of depression and anxiety, I will start following you. I am looking for my life better.

  2. Quick question, how to know the difference between the fake need to breath and the real one. As I want to try the breathing method, but seeing the video's I have no clue if its safe to do it when going in a unconsious mental state..

  3. PLEASE, need help with some stuffs. when do i start to feel high during the procedure? I dont seem to feel anything except the light headedness and tinglings, which also occurs only after completing 4th or 5th set. Are you supposed to feel the "weed high" or is this it? And also my breaths feels forced after 10-15 reps, is it normal or am i doing something wrong? and is the stretching/exercise and bath necessary after every breathing session?

  4. It really works.. after round 1 i could go 1:34 min without breath.. after round 3 i could go 3:16 min without breath!!

  5. Does someone know what possitieve effects it will have if i do this breathing for one month and i started few days ago.. i have a boxing fight in one mounth.. what will be the possitive effects? Thanks! πŸ˜‰

  6. I find it a little hard to do. I get tickles in my throat and get the urge to cough. It also feels like my nose is going to explode. I'm doing the breathing after having a coffee and smoking a joint, could that be the cause? Or is natural to feel that?

    I manage to do 2 rounds at the moment…. still feels great, I have anger issues but I never take it out on people or act like an ass I'm just moody most of the time. These breathing exercises have really helped, I can think straight. I feel lighter, less tighten more loose and relaxed and I feel the comfort in my feet the same you get from wearing brand new trainer's.

    Really big help! I am truly grateful!

  7. Wow.. where do I start. I'm literally buzzing right now after following your breathing techniques in this vid – and then jumping into a cold shower (intentionally) for the first time in my life – the first 20 seconds were somewhat of a shock, but then this amazing change happened where my body seemed to adjust and all of a sudden the water was fine to me.. almost enjoyable! I stayed in for maybe 5 or 10 mins and could easily have gone longer. Have exited the shower and feel freakin great! Not cold at all. In fact, my ears are super warm. I have heard of this over a year ago as my mate swears by it, but haven't taken it seriously enough to actually do it. Now that I've experienced this feeling there's no going back! I'm a believer thank you Wim. Incredible. Thank you for sharing this with the world. – Hayden.

  8. I tried round 1 (30 breaths) for the first time in bed this morning and…holy crap! Total paralysis and tingling all over with a weird sense of elation, which then gradually subsided to a very calm, relaxed, focused feeling. The whole thing took about 10-15 minutes. I was definitely getting 'high on my own supply'. Very strange indeed!

  9. i'm can't wait to try this soon…. the cold is going to be a game changer for my mind over matter….haven't done this mind over matter since Parris Island 1997

  10. Damn 1st time it feels soo good did up to 5th round its amazing i wanted to do more but i felt like its a little bit much for a first timer. Wim hof you are my favorite super human other than the guy who can lift 1 ton on his back

  11. I was very relaxed doing the exercise then I opened my eyes and saw Wim Hoff dancing I must be high on my own supply πŸ˜‚

  12. First time trying this. On my third round breath-hold, my face, lip and my fingers kinda seized up from tingling. I thought, "I am having a stroke. I don't have enough oxygen…Wait…I have just been deep breathing…I guess I have too much oxygen…? This actually feels kinda like I am on drugs. Wait, how long haven't I been breathing? (I check my phone stopwatch and I had been effortlessly not breathing for 4 minutes…wtf)

  13. This is how long i can hold my breath
    Before: 26 seconds
    First try: 30 seconds
    second try: 40 seconds
    third try: 1 minute
    i'm now trying the fourth time

  14. breathing tutorial????
    This is pranayam, one of the form of ancient indian yoga practice.
    Learn from us then tag your name on it.
    Good to help people but better if let people know actually what they are learning n what is the source of it.

  15. Thank you. I may have found THE technique I need. Tried so many. The comments speak volumes. Stress. High anxiety w my existing crap is baad, is for anyone.

  16. Hey this didnt really trun my lif around but doing this everyday just made me a more relaxed and overall happier person

  17. Wow, I actually feel it my face is tingling and my lungs are full! Haha shouldn’t of done this at nightEDIT (Did this before school, morning fatigue was decreased, started to go away around 2-3rd period gonna try tomorrow but with a nice cold shower in the morning)

  18. No wonder doctors don't endorse this method, if you can heal all kind of ailments just by breeding who needs doctors and pharmas??? breathing exercises is base of every ancient healing or meditation technique…wonderful πŸ’œ

  19. Ah when life beats you up real bad you can always go take deep breaths and chill in some ice before the despair gets in your mind.

  20. First time trying: I could hold my breathe for 2'45" each round… Now I feel kinda relaxed.. I think I'll do this frequently, thank you!!

  21. Wow. This is a 30 day experiment for me. I'm a 54 year old athletic runner with some unbelievably frustrating chronic golfer's elbow pain, triceps pain, and some shoulder pain, mostly on my left side. I just did two rounds of this and on the second 1-minute breath hold I felt an intense tingling/vibration all along the left side of my neck and my left shoulder. Bizarre. So relaxed. I'll incorporate the cold showers starting tomorrow morning after my run.

  22. I am 22 years old in the military I’m been feeling really lonely and sad lately and I miss home… I hope this works πŸ™πŸΌ

  23. Is it normal that I feel wacky and historical I'm just laughing and laughing and laughing internally with the biggest smile I've ever done that my face cheeks are hurting

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