Wim Hof Method | Safety Information

Wim Hof Method | Safety Information

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Welcome to this step by step Wim Hof Method video course. We like to give you the best outcomes without any damage It is very important that you watch this instructional video to the end before you start this course. Pay attention to every detail. First rule Listen to your body and never force. The Breathing exercises are simple
but they go deep Always do the breathing exercises in a safe environment sitting or lying on a couch or bed. Don’t do the breathing exercise in a situation where it might be dangerous to faint. So don’t do it in the water, in a bath or driving a vehicle. How to prepare for the breathing: Always start on empty stomach to get the most out of the exercise Make yourself at ease.
Lay down relax. A body that is relaxed is able to store up the most of oxygen. Set your intention before you start and start doing your breathing exercises. You can track your retention times but it is not mandatory. We know it is fun to have some competition but this is not about that. It is about having a great experience and just feel great afterwards. When you do the cold exposure It is great to train with the cold. You will hate it when you begin but sooner or later you will love it. First rule.
Never force. It is about the effects not the number of minutes you stay in the cold. You can easily have hyperthermia and that can be very dangerous. Never overdo it and listen to your body.
Always. Second rule.
Stay focused. Be aware what you are doing. Yes you can make selfies but remember.
Be aware of your own actions. When you do ice baths or go into nature make sure you always have a buddy or Certified Instructor to assist Bring warm cloths and drinks and again never force. In this course you will find different kind of nice stretch exercises that really help you to get the blood flow going and make the body more flexible. We tried to provide exercises for all levels. However you might simply can not do them all. It is no problem you are not able to do them directly. Just do what you can do and never ever force. If you have any special physical conditions please consult your doctor first. The method is not a competitive game but meant as a tool to connect more with your body and mind. Don’t force it, listen to your body and be playful. Enjoy the course

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  1. Hi Wim, today I was surfing the web looking for a way to better deal with cold and I found you. I have little kids and I got the flu ten times the last winter. I started doing cold showers in August and I'm so happy I found you.
    I'm about to go outside to run under the autumn rain. I'm Italian and I live in Italy, north Italy.
    Thank you for your inspiration! I'm sure my body will reborn!
    All the best,

  2. I stay in a hot humid place, so I couldn’t get the cold water as you mentioned. What if i skip the cold water process? Will it be okay ?

  3. As I hold the breath in (the 15 seconds) I feel the most tingle and it feels like I am close to faint. Am I the only one?

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  5. ask-where is the trick in holding out as much as possible? (What's the use) —- or in making the breaths followed and shaking before retaining the air? regards

  6. Very interest thanks – if you do more with your Mind learn more abouth Law of Attraction – www.facebook.com/DasGesetzDerAnziehung

  7. Hi Mr. Wim Hof. I have asthma and emphysema. I'm finding it very difficult to hold my breath for even a minute. Do you have any recommendations. Thank you very much.

  8. Life force manipulation through breathing can be dangerous without proper knowledge… Yogis, taoist, etc have been doing these since ancient time

  9. For legal reasons, WimHof has to make this video to Cover His Ass. However, a little "force" is always necessary in real life.

  10. Is it normal to feel bad/weak after the very first Wim Hof breathing excercise you do?

    I tried this method yesterday for the first time.
    At that moment, I felt amazing.
    But today, I feel sick.
    Symptoms of light fever, headaches and a weird, uncomfortable feeling in my stomach.
    Any tips for what I should do?

  11. "if you have any special physical conditions please consult your doctor" for what??? What does the doctor know about health??? Inconsistency!! Either listen to my body or to the doctor…

  12. I feel like an idiot I axtuly did some breathing exercise in my car last night I was tired just about6 deepest breaths re energised me.

  13. I'm adjusting myself to embrace Nd befriend the cold and finally I recognised I have a massive fear of the cold
    Now I have chronic fibromyalgia 4 years
    I have been bed bound due to pain I have been depressed and suicidal due to pain
    This pain me never made sense too me
    I have no pain day 1
    It creeper back in last night I done a shirt techniques breathing
    My babies needed me too
    I sought out the cold on my feet
    An area I number one avoided it triggered unbearable pain in my spin up into my head
    Today my feet warmed up I stretched out my toes and my legs warmed up them my heart
    I filled up with joy and energy
    I ran up the stairs
    Previously we considered a chair lift
    Pain to lift my feet up each step was at times too much
    Do many people have a fear of the cold or am I werido
    I'm thinking I was a premature baby 2 months back in the 80s
    I was taken away from my mom just because of prematurity and she was sent home without me
    I believe I developed my very early fear from cold then
    Its always been with me
    I plan to develop and grow more
    I can't afford seminars
    Or expensive education
    But I can afford my time
    I'm going to introduce every one to this development to heal the body through your mind
    And direct hundreds and thousands to your website and teachings
    Thank you

  14. I did the breathing exercises for 5 days and had to stop due to dreadful ringing in my ears. Two weeks later there's no improvement.

  15. I am histamine intolerant and this is one of the best approaches to dealing with the resultant hyperactive immune system that I have found so far. If you follow the norse blood back to the neanderthal / denisovan/ human DNA hybridization that created us north folk, ( and other human variations) the reasons become very clear for this condition.
    Three days of even lackadaisical practice even has made a difference, and I am just on the near side of lukewarm but getting a little colder every day. I used to swim every morning in the six month warmer season on the great lakes in Canada, and sauna and roll in the snow in the other 6 months, and now I realize I became much sicker since that was no longer part of my life.
    Thanks so much Wim. You are a great one. CHEERS!

  16. Question: do I need to take a cold shower after this method? And if so,can I just use cold water right away without starting with warm?

  17. Anyone ever hold their breath at the end a little too aggressively? I had an incident and have been pretty shy about even holding my breath again.. head pressure sensitivity issues.

  18. Does it really have to be on an empty stomach? I would like to do this like twice a day or even three times a day, but I also have to eat haha.

  19. The first time I did this, I did it in cold water (foolishly – unsafely – I could have drowned myself!). It filled me with euphoria which I mis-attributed to the cold water. I've done the breathing since then (Full breath in, relax, full breath in, relax) and now I know that a few rounds of this makes me feel the euphoria. It's hard not to laugh about it when it's happening, if I'm doing anything else (like watching Wim Hof videos).

  20. Best words I heard when Wim Hof says " it is not about competition". We modern human re-learning we can enjoy life without competition. Good work Wim

  21. Before doing the breathing exercises I've found that doing 2 minutes of the breath of fire, helps to get much better results.

  22. Do you know how i know that you are a fraud?, Becouse in the beginning you said dont force anything and then you wanted to prepare us for the breathing technicue which is some kind of forcing. You should be in jail for mis informing people and putting their health and sanity in danger.

  23. I have started feeling my heart being occasionally 'uncomfortable', it started at the same time as I started wim hof, but also it was the same time that I tried a four day fast. I still get these weird feelings even though the fast was a while ago, but continued to do the wim hof breathing and brief cold showers. Not sure which initiated it, but it seems that one of them did.

  24. I'm going Into the Pacific right fucking now. I can't explain it but I just have to do this no matter what.

  25. I need to know the pain. I personally recycle mine. But how did it affect your endeavors or decision making concepts when doing these techniques?

  26. Question from a 40+ Year smoker that is now not overweight but is quitting smoking to venture into the Beautiful world of Wim Hof, What along with quitting can I do to detox the Body of Tar & Nicotine and when it would be safe to dive in to the Method and begin my Journey?

  27. Hola Win, te recuerdo de mi niñez en España, en el rio de Rosinos, ahora te sigo, gracias a tus métodos estoy logrando conectar y vivir. Un abrazo fuerte.

  28. so guy iw anted to ask when u're about to take a cold shower do you directly jump into the chilling cold water or do you use some hot water to warm first and then take the cold shower ? thank u 🙂

  29. Could you guys make a video which explains all of the things to go for on a daily basis?
    Also do you do the breathing before an ice bath?

  30. Can anyone tell me if this is good, due to oxidation, and the release of free radicals from the body??

  31. Wim Hoff is a game changer. Power techniques to transform your physical and emotional health. Used to hate cold showers, now I love them. Amazing guy. Inspirational.

  32. I can see how this would be good for a allready healthy type person (to get in ice water/or whatever it is they're doing)/
    But I think it would verge on dangerous more many others who are allready sick..
    (People who are sick would b the ones who would want to do this// I can't see it helping a frail old lady or someone whose sickly immune system etc. They'd probably get shock cold. It wouldn't b good. It'd be harmful? Especially if they're minds allready on the downward spiral regards to health.

    I dunno – just seems dangerous advice? I could be wrong?

    Just seems like it would only work for those who have the courage to do this type thing anyway. And if u got the courage to do it y probably don't have an issue

  33. Fuck #wimhof and his racist Gestapo bullying admins. #geraldcaussade. Sad you would associate yourself with racist bullies wim.

  34. Thank you again! Can't get enough of the HOF! HUF and Puf and give mother (#$%@&%)….lol….Love you!

  35. I know how he doesn’t feel cold, I think with the breathing technique he paralyzed his body / nervous system, I did this method and after 4 days I did it for 40 minutes and my hands were legit paralyzed for 4 minutes and I felt really crazy

  36. I tried it while driving at it was okay as long as I didn't do too many reps. It really wakes you up and makes you way more aware of your surroundings when driving.

  37. I feel some illness early on and before manifesting (due to meditations) my body asks for these breaths and I end up not getting sick.

  38. I have a little bit a harder question after you have breathed and stretched you're body is warm inside so you can take a cold shower but after a few hours and you would take a second cold shower is you're body still warm of the first breathing or do you need to breath and stretch a second time to warm up ur body sort off??? Cuz how long does it take to change the temrature ur body back too normal so u cant handle the cold showers anymore cuz ive been doing the cold showers nog for like a week and im beginning to feeling happier see brighter and all that stuff but i wonder if you can take cold showers afster a few hours or maybe some days without the breathing technique can you do that or do you need to do it always a second time before you go into the cold again…. cuz when i go the barber or something i want to do a cold shower after that but thats when i have done my breathing already in the morning and the cold shower so if someone can tell me that i would bbe very gratefull for that…thank you 😀

  39. Guys, I always used to hold my stomach inside.. Not during breathing, ALWAYS 24*7 but now as I have been doing this for a few days my stomach is showing itself.. I don't like it, what can I do about it..? I'm sure this is helping me breath more volume but its embarrassing

  40. Thank you Wim for your knowledge & inspiring passion.,It seems to have changed many lives for the better including mine…

  41. I have a question… other than bi-polar disorder and PPD and anxiety, I have a polyp in my gallbladder and benign liver tumor. With a plant based diet and intermittent fasting along with this method, I was told it was there for life so do you think it could be removed with all these things combined? It’s effecting my breathing space …

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