Wim Hof Method & The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Wim Hof Method & The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

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This year’s Nobel prize in physiology or medicine was awarded to three researchers. William Kaelin, Peter Ratcliffe and Gregg Semenza These researchers helped reveal the mechanism by which cells in the body sense and adapt to low oxygen availability. Mechanisms that has deepened our understanding and ability to treat disease such as anaemia and cancer. When the body is experiencing low oxygen levels, A protein complex builds up in nearly all the cells in the body. This protein complex is called HIF or hypoxia induced factor. HIF has a number of effects on the body. Including the formation of new blood vessels and strikingly seems to up-regulate the expression of a gene used to produce erythropoietin (EPO). A hormone that stimulates the creation of new (oxygen carrying) red blood cells. Why is this so important to the method? Because the Wim Hof breathing method simulates this low oxygen stress throughout the body. Through deep controlled breathing, blood is alkalised. This alkaline blood effects the release of oxygen in the body and allows a person to hold their breath for a long time. Meaning oxygen saturation in the body can lower to unprecedented levels. This was shown in the Radboud study. Where Wim managed to lower his blood oxygen saturation to levels that would literally turn off the oximeter measuring him. The participants of the Radboud study also demonstrated this low oxygen saturation. Have a look. Lowering deeper and deeper after each round! This low oxygen stress on the body could stimulate greater expression of the HIF protein. Allowing a person to reap the benefits this protein offers at home, through natural means. This research can also help explain how Wim Hof could train himself and others to adapt to high altitudes quickly with his breathing technique. Climbing Everest or Kilimanjaro. In shorts no less! In this spirit, we would like to thank these researchers. For many years Wim has been trying to get the message out there and there seems to only be more evidence everyday. Humbly. We thank you.

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  1. The other day I woke up with a headache and feeling weak to me symptomatic when I'm about to get a grip. I remembered the Wim Hoff method and I did one round of breathing sitting up. Almost immediately I felt better and my headache was gone. I must admit that I approached this method of breathing with a lot of scepticism but this is truly what I experienced.
    If this was a placebo effect of some kind let it be but I'll continue doing it now more often.

  2. 3 years doing the method, only kinda been sick twice. Boom! (I used to get at least 2-3 sinus infections per year, and catch whatever winter flu would go around 2-3 times as well).

  3. Just as a side note, low oxygen levels, neovascularization, suprafisiological EPO concentrations… That's what cancer loves to do.

  4. Just about to start my own win Hoff adventure, 10 day program and cannot wait, just have to finish work first, not the appropriate time lol

  5. I think it’s a bit disingenuous to tie the findings of these researchers to your method without their consent and to imply that their research validates your method when the research doesn’t explicitly say that.

  6. Would appreciate more detail on the science. There is a lot of variation within deep breathing. I'm still trying to get a sense of what the specifics for his method are and Wim himself is kinda flighty. He clearly intuited something powerful here, but I want to understand it in a detailed, scientific way. Seems like it's the deep inhale and relaxed exhale, not pushing out the breath completely, that brings on this hypoxic effect. My normal deep breathing is with a full exhale and I don't get any of the tingly weird stuff, just calm, because I'm not hyperventilating. So it seems like hyperventilation is necessary to be able to hold the breath longer than normal to increase the hypoxic effect to increase the adaptation response. Is it empty or full lungs during the pause after hyperventilating? I'm also curious about that breath after the hold, what different holding times do there. Guess the thing for me is to get a o2/co2 meter and play

  7. I’m disappointed in myself for not doing the WHM consistently. There’s too much evidence out there on how beneficial it is

  8. The Wim Hof method is nothing original it's a form of yogic breathing technique called "Pranayama". The Shaolin temple monks are also doing cold acclimitization and breath control to alter body functions for centuries. Marketing your method as if you deserve a Nobel prize is pretty cheap. I thought this channel was for helping people and not about egos and monetary gains.

  9. yes, let's thank these researchers and winners of the Nobel prize in the same way we celebrate generals winning a battle and not the soldiers who make it possible with struggle and effort.
    The honour is Wim Hof's in reality, these Nobel winners merely stand on his shoulders in false glory after Wim climbed the mountain…

  10. I feel that this method needs more promoting in the medical world.
    My local gp was NOT impressed when I told her about it.
    The WORLD needs to know

  11. Thanks for the scientific proof. Yoga is all about this. pranayama technique is one of the ancient technique to improve overall health!

  12. Wim Hof learned from ancient wisdom passed down through the generations, remember that. He is also a true original, don't forget. Such is life.

  13. Everyone should know about this! All thanks to those Nobel Prize winners and an even greater thanks to Wim Hof! If you suffer from migraines like me, I can assure you this method of breathing is the way to go!

  14. Amazing. The science has finally caught up with the practice. Good news for us distance runners too, with the greater EPO production. Right on.

  15. Lol this isn't anything new, ask anyone in deep meditation as it slows your breathing, also why people do buteyko

  16. hi! cant connect this news with WHM. can somebody explain physiological mechanism?when u breathing u becoming alcaline cause u are getting A LOT OF O2 inside a lot of. so where is the hypoxie?

  17. As a freediver in the past I can surely say things are much more complex with hyperventilation. It is flushing CO2 that allows you to “not want to breath” and it is very dangerous (freedivers don’t do hyperventilation) because O2 goes down indeed without you noticing it and blackout comes unexpectedly. It does not prolong your breath hold. It only shuts down the urge to breath for a while (if you have low willpower and give up quickly – you will be able to hold breath longer, but that’s far from your maximum breath hold). And I am pretty sure the mechanism that Nobel prize winners describe can not be triggered by hyperventilation. So no, this does not confirm Wim Hof.

  18. I’m so confused everyday on the internet cause yesterday I was just reading about Hyperbaric chambers and how slaming oxygen into ur cells is good…. now people are winning Nobel prizes for the opposite…

  19. It has been proven that, in relation to normal tissues, HIF is activated in solid tumors. This behavior generally results from a combination of local hypoxia and an increased level of HIF activation of cancer cells for a given oxygen pressure. In most studies, although not all, the tumors for which HIF activation is more marked, are associated with greater clinical severity. In some experimental studies in which a group of cells are implanted in immunodeficient mice, HIF inactivation has potent effects that generally lead to a reduction in angiogenesis and tumor growth. However, several studies have revealed that the growth of HIF-deficient tumors is in fact faster, which is not entirely surprising given the pleiotropy of the annexed effects of HIF.

  20. It all looks great, except for cancer patients or those who want to prevent it. As this breathing cycle stimulates the fabrication of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) via IGF (Ipoxia induced factor), doesn't it contribute to the development of tumors? In cancer, stimulating angiogenesis means promoting tumor growth and metastasis! Did these researchers address this issue?

  21. Wim will this help during benzo withdrawls? I’m already feeling some benefits but I want to know your opinion. Much love!

  22. Indian sages have been preaching hundreds of breathing methods like this for thousands of years called ‘pranayam’ .Sad that the world has forgotten about them.This is just a modification of what has been already existing since hundreds of years in Hinduism and Buddhism

  23. Congratulations Wim! That's as much your prize as anyone who measured your achievements. You were the one who actually lead scientists to a Nobel prize. Amazing.

  24. @Wim Hof, are you familiar with the "Buteyko Method" ? it would be interesting to see a discussion/collaboration effort between the buteyko method and wim's own insights. They differ but also have lots of overlapping !

  25. HIFs aren't complexes. They are individual proteins. It's also not at all surprising that hypoxia induces EPO expression.

    Anyhow, this prize is not about Wim's method. It's not at all as if the aim of these researchers was to find a way to support Wim's method.

    Seriously. How stupid do you think we are?!

  26. There are 0 references to scientific papers. How do you expect that people with certain scepticism will believe you?

  27. Wonderful that explains some of the si thorns we people from high altitude have bigger lungs to stored more oxygen for the brain to function.

  28. Hello so I've been studying the wim hof method for sometime. I've only done this method twice out of skepticism and I honestly seen a difference in my mood and my energy level within the first 3 days. My question is does it matter how long you hold your breath? I can not hold my breath for 2 min. But I also suffer from fear of suffocation or drowning. So if I produce more adrenaline in doing this even tho I do not hold for 2 min. Is this still effective?

  29. Wearing Occlusion Bands around arms and tights during the exercises brings perfect hypoxia. Even elder people can do this and get rid of many diseases.

  30. This is what Tebitan Monks and Hindu saints did for thousands of years. Yoga with breathe control on high altitude.

  31. I don't understand… isn't the breathing for "oxygenizing the body and all the cells" as Wim says it in his videos not for LOWERING the oxygen level?

  32. This is amazing, was wondering what the significance of the breath retention was for. Have had some intense sensations in that state

  33. Should we practice the Wim Hof Method everyday ? Breathing and then cold shower? Or 2-3 times a week is OK?Is it OK if we do the breathing in the morning and the cold shower in the evening?

  34. I'm in my 11th months of using the method and so far it looks like it's working (I'm 56 years old). I've been sick one time in febuary with small fever but I have recover faster than never! after four days I was back in the gym to workout with cardio! I used to be sick for several days for many years before, because any cold could be transformed in bronchitis easily and I had to use ventolin pump etc. I had some days in the years feeling not in good shape but once again the recovery was fast! My record is four and a half minutes without breath! The cold shower took me months to achieve the two minutes but now I seem used to it. I went outside ( leaving in Quebec, canada) two weeks ago at 3.5 degree Celsius and did my cold bath in the pool at 11 degree Celsius for two minutes. So slowly i am progressing. It takes a lot of perseverance and discipline to do my five breathing every morning when I wake up and then the cold shower for two minutes but it worth it.
    I wish I could meet Win one day and may be trained with him at his place.

  35. Well, HIF expression is associated with angiogenesis witch is a factor of bad prognosis in the case of cancer developpment. I'd like to read the scientific article to understand how the WH technic is still good for people with cancer as it is mentionned.

  36. I tried it yesterday initially could hold my breath for 1min, after half an hour of Wim Hof breathing I went up to 2m 30sec. WTF? That's the longest I have ever held my breath ever.

  37. Hello from Murmansk, Russia, Wim! We have lots of cold ! Haha
    I have a question for you. I would like to get a little bit taller then I am right now. May I do this with your breath technique? If yes, what am I supposed to do?

  38. Man since i watched one of his vid( a year and a half ago) i started resisting and appresiating xold now i can get a bath of cold water and i never get sick:)

  39. The method really works i'm practicing it every morning for almost a year now but the way the information in this video is presented is a bit disingenuos like the short note in the corner that this is a hypothesis and the way the graph actually goes from 40-100% to make the difference seem more dramatic than it actually is. The method is impressive by itself no need to dilute it with cheap marketing tactics and double speak.

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