Wim Hof Method vs Shamanic Breathing – How To

Wim Hof Method vs Shamanic Breathing – How To

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there’s a lot of information coming out lately about different breathing techniques that can allow you to increase your energy or give you an ability withstand extreme temperatures and basically improve the overall health of your body now wim HOF has been making his style very popular proving that if you do what he does you can almost have superhuman abilities I’ve also learned the technique of shamanic breathing back when i was living in South America many years ago on how to do very similar things now they’re both very simple and very beneficial i’m gonna show you how to do each one of them but just to give you an idea of what you can do is it’ll help to increase the health of all of your systems so basically you’re nervous system your endocrine system your immune system it can help to increase the pH and oxygenate all of your cells and this can allow for very powerful healing because it will kill endotoxins in your body as well as bacteria now it can also increase your metabolic rate now what this means you’ll have an ability to burn fat and lose weight very rapidly and there are many diets based on the system and i’m going to provide links for those in the blog associated with this video it can help to increase your white blood cell count which will allow you to fight disease easier it can help to increase your internal energy or what the Chinese call your Chi which would accomplish the same thing as if you were to go to get acupuncture now it will also put you into a kind of natural high in a very healthy way without taking any drugs and it will bring you an easier ability to get to an altered state in preparation for meditation or something like that in fact in all of my classes and my guided meditations that you’ll find on my site I start out with heavy breathing techniques similar to this in order to lower stress and increase your awareness and and go into a deeper state of consciousness so that you can accomplish what you want whether it be visualization or manifestation or just relaxing you can find a whole menu of guided meditations on my site for that doing this can also help you to unlock your pineapple glandore decalcify it which is a part of your brain that is referred to as your connection to higher consciousness or to the universe and unfortunately is dormant in most people because of fluoride in the water and processed foods and other problems in a modern day diet and for more on that you can see my video on decalcifying your pineal gland where i am at the beach in 10-degree weather with my shirt off showing how you can withstand these cold temperatures by doing this practice if you want to now i’m going to show you both techniques we’re going to start with wim Hof’s method and you can do the sitting comfortably you’re laying down and unlike my recommendation for meditation where I always tell people to sit up with the chakras in alignment this one I actually like to do laying down both these in fact with your chakras in alignment I actually do this mostly in the morning as soon as I wake up and I’ll do this breathing technique and then I’ll sit up straight and allow my chakras to be in alignment that way now it’s very simple you’re either going to time yourself for two to three minutes or just take 30 deep inhales and exhales the breathing pattern is fully in as much as you can and then exhale comfortably just letting go not forcing it out once you get past the two to three minutes or 30 breaths then what you’re going to do is let it all out and hold let go of the breath bully and hold on the exhale not taking another breath relaxing yourself into your body and holding the breath for at least one minute and up to three however long you can now once you can’t hold any longer take a full inhale and squeeze feeling the energy radiating up your spine for about 15 to 20 seconds as you hold your breath on that inhale to create further awareness you can tap with your hands different parts of your body such as your abdomen your chest your head and most especially the space in between your eyebrows leading to your third eye or your pineal gland this will activate your chakras your brain stem and your pineal gland now imagine moving the energy up and around all of these areas of your body you can also imagine creating an egg of light for love and protection around your body while you’re doing this and it will also help you to move the chi within your body any minute and improve the health now you want to do this at least three times and you’ll notice each time that you’re able to hold your breath longer and the longer you do in other words over time the more days that you do it you’ll notice improvement as well now as a bonus step on the final one you can sit up into a horse stance or go on to a plank or somehow hold yourself in strength position that will allow you to see how long you can hold yourself while you’re holding your breath and what you’ll notice is after doing this for some length of time that you’re able to hold that that position for longer as well as you’re able to hold it for longer than prior to doing this type of breathing technique but don’t stress about the performance that’s just so that you know that your improve now that’s the entire techniques i usually do that about three times and then start my meditation is mentioned now if you want to take this same principle further using a more powerful technique that’s the shamanic breathing with this type of breathing what we’re going to do is breathe in and out is hard and aggressively as as possible for us for 10 to 15-minute intervals for up to an hour now in between those intervals after 10 or 15 minutes what you’re going to do is hold your breath for as long as you can now the differences with this one, I usually do it on the up breath or somewhere in between rather than on the down breath as we do in the last one now this one is work after about 10 minutes you may notice a powerful wave of emotions coming through you often repressed memories that are associated with physical pain may start to resurface and it could give you the opportunity to detox emotions or energy that have been stored or blocked inside within your body so that could be from this life or from past life so when if you start to experience pain but i would do is continue to breathe hard and fast with the awareness of the pain moving through it and allowing to let it go now when you’re holding your breath you’re going to completely relax every muscle in your body have awareness of all of your skin and every bit of your body from your head all the way down to your toes you can relax and feel your muscles and your heart beating some say this even causes the release of dmt similar to taking ayahuasca but completely naturally and healthy you can even relax and feel the Kundalini energy move from your root chakra all the way up to your crown now I recommend you do this between one and four sets 10 to 15 minutes each and you’re going to start to notice amazing things happening i keep having an ability to hold your breath between five and ten minutes in between the sets you’re also going to feel a state of mind as if you too did ecstasy feeling love and connection with all things which is why i like to do this in conjunction with tantra because it allows you to go to a deeper level with your partner you’re a couple and you can see my meditations on my meditations page for tantra they are guided meditations for you to do with your partner that allow you to have a deeper intimacy and loving connection so i highly recommend that and move your body in whatever way it wants to just continue to breathe and let it go also if you want to take this a step further when you’re holding the breath you can bring in divine light from above to surround you as a former protection and love and you could also do that at the end as well as a form of cleansing in detox you also might notice that you have an overwhelming feeling of emotions and that could be loved for all around you or release such as crying laughing or some other form of release just allow that to happen and be one with it now when you do this i would highly recommend you put in coconut oil around your lips and inside your mouth because it becomes very drawing you also might experience a muscle cramp in your hands or in your forearms and you might even have this feeling like you’re going to die because you’re doing something so extreme with the breathing that is and what I recommend is just breathing right through all these I don’t know of anyone having any real problems from breathing that i just mentioned but your mind starts to play tricks on you when you start moving to an altered state of consciousness now if you want to prepare for more the extreme things like extreme cold weather it’s just like anything else you need to prepare yourself on a mind-body and spiritual level which is the same as many of the other things that you do this is why taking a 10-hour car trip or plane trip often doesn’t seem as bad as a one hour trip that you weren’t prepared for because mentally you knew that you were going to do this or why a cold shower might be impossible to do but going in an even colder ocean is easy because you’re prepared for that and this also means preparing yourself physically and energetically so that means eating more nutritious foods as well as doing meditations and moving the chi within your body you can see my videos for those but you’re also preparing yourself mentally so if you can relax and breathe and see yourself as an outside observer you’re laying the foundation for you to do something more extreme like tolerating cold temperatures for example but what is the bigger point why would you want to do something like that is it really necessary for you to sit in 0 degrees weather with your shirt off no it’s not and that’s why I don’t with that often but what it does do for you is allow you to realize you’re not as limited in fragile as you may think that you are it allows you to break down barriers or limitations that you have in all aspects of your life so it might help you to realize that that book you wanted to write is within reach or take the risk to do that business or overcome an illness that’s been holding you back lose weight or maybe find a great relationship and have the confidence for all those things it’s for the same reason that I think all people should take martial arts it’s not that you’re going to need to protect yourself or going to go out and get into a fight but you it raises your level of confidence to allow you to know that you’re not as limited as your subconscious or your conscious mind may have you think now i hope you try this you have any other comments or questions please that leave that in the comments section below and for more videos on meditation chi gong health and wellness don’t forget to subscribe good luck with this

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  1. No its not necessary to sit in the cold shirtless. but thats beside the point. cold immersion is a way awaken dormant capabilities.

  2. This was exactly what I was looking for and I didn't even know it. Fantastic video I look forward to binge watching your channel shortly after I compose this message to tell you how much I liked it. Excellent job Sir.

  3. I do have trauma induced toxic hidden memories. I have made enormous progress in 3 days of doing breathing. I am a retiree and this has affected me. all my life. My strategies for healing over the years have produced strong reactions of dumping internal toxins and this is no exception. I think, if you are older or chronically ill, expect more tiredness, exhaustion, etc. I love this, even though it is hard work at first. I can tell it will get easier.

  4. In through the nose out of the mouth…in nose out nose…in mouth out nose…in through the mouth out of the mouth? Could you elaborate more please?

  5. I've seen a video about Shamanic breathwork by Stanislav Grof (I really belive it release DMT) and I only tried WHM, but now I want to thank you, definitely going to try it now!

  6. Can anyone tell me, why i can't hold my breathe over 2 minutes? Since i should be able to hold it longer and longer.Like something uncomfortable appears in my throat exactly around that time.(Hopefully people get what im talking about)

  7. Excellent video! I was just wondering what the difference was between the two breathing methods. In addition, the comment you made about trying a martial art was on point. This is the exact reason why I will be getting into it soon.

  8. i love this video , its beautifully done . I LOVE the wim hof method and find it extremely effective yet gentle . Iv done re birthing breathing in the past, and its the same as the shamanic breathing and its effects . I feel to say though that i would only feel safe doing this deeper longer level of breath work with someone holding the space and also being generally mindful of creating a safe feeling environment to do this in . It can be very powerful both physically and emotionally . When i first did re birthing 20 years ago i was flooded with traumatic memories/images . I was glad to have a hand to hold through that process . I also feel cold water immersion is extremely beneficial to health and is much more than a confidence building exercise ,( all the winter sea swimmers i know never get poorly ! ) .

  9. I don't mean to offend anyone, but isen't "Shamaniac Breathing" simply self inflicted hyperventilation? And if so, isen't it also dangerous where it can cause the user to pass out?

  10. Why is so dificult keep on in the Shamanic breathwork? In the past 3 weeks, I do for like 2 minutes and I feel almost forced to stop. Any tip or advice for me? I enjoyed the video a lot!

  11. The shamanic breathing is Rebirthing really , enjoyed your video would have love to feel a bit less rushed with your talk , and also wonder why you think the shamanic is more powerful , did you practice them both for a while to really compare please ?

  12. I am guessing that if you cannot do more than a few minutes to start, this is ok- Dizziness etc is sure to kick in( my thoughts anyhow)

  13. Love the info shared in the video ! The link with healthy recipes,is contradicting the love one feels for everyone & everything with these techniques which are proven to take one into a higher state of consciousness.

  14. Would it be safe to do this alone either on the floor or in one's own bed . I am 74 years of age in good health and able to do Wm Hof method holding my breath for 3 1/2 minutes . I have been doing this on a regular basis for four months .
    Thank you kindly, Dan

  15. well.-.. this is quite unique!!:. its IS really like a psychedellic come up.. i almost die.. my hands got SO supercharged.. its like 2 magnets generating super super energy… i HAD to go outside in the winter due to enormous amount of heat generated..with a t shirt only.. i thought i was gonna pass out any moment.. but then.. i started to feel some sort of super well being and a deeep deeep relaxation.. i have anxiety issues.. bruxism…i hold it inside me and cant let it out.. this did the trick.. i got so happy after.. but warning… this is going to change you.. be ready.. change.. is change.. we fear change.. but it is always for the better!!..

  16. So I did it today for the first time, and I have to say it was pretty intense. During the breathing and especially on the pause after breathing out I felt calm and in a meditative state.

    After the third round, when I got back to normal breathing, I noticed that the tinnitus in my ears was way louder than normal and I noticed that I could hear less than normal. In combination with feeling a bit odd/high (because I just finished the breathing) this brought me a mild panic attack. Fortunately, the tinnitus lowered again and I guess this was just a temporary increase due to the exercise. Anyone else experienced this?

  17. Thank You for this sharing.
    On Big Question i ask my self since a long time:
    What is the energetic impact of holding the Breath on the inhale and on the exhale,
    im doing kundalini yoga and all sort of breathing technics but still searching for a good explanation of this two Kumbakha and Bandha Technics . . .?

  18. Thanks for sharing that video! I just thought about all the healing methods we have that are free and it's actually amazing that most people would rather do surgery than trying a cold shower, urine therapy, or dance and sing in a group.

    Much Love,

  19. I can already hold the horse stance for an hour does it mean I'll be able to hold it longer than that if I hold my breath ?

  20. Really nice video. I can‘t wait to try the shamanic breathing. Only thing to disagree on was the horse stance in the retention of the whm breathing, especially after more than one round. The breathing stimulus is in a high CO2 environment so the danger of passing out is very possible. So you don‘t want to be standing; gravity can be cruel.
    Otherwise overall great video, sir! 🙂

  21. Ok, so for me only doing the first tech. I got a bus around 20-27 breaths, went with it and experienced real wonderful feelings, vibes. Breathing feels better after one set.

  22. You are weird , Wim Hof for me is good because there is no BS about Chi, lights, and other things that bullshido artist use to scam people. Shakra light, past lives.Dude that's not real, lay off drugs.

  23. I used to do this shamanic breathing as a kid!! But we would strangle each other at the end of 15mins to go into visions instead of holding breath

  24. can u please let me know if u truly recommend the shamanic breathing to almost anyone and for bigginers? U say even if u feel like u are dieing just breath through it but i got barley over 5 mins before i literally felt my heart was going to burst.

  25. this shamanic breathing technique is quite similar to "holotropic breathwork," as articulated by Stanislav Graf, MD decades ago. HB is utilized as a mental health therapy. James Eyerman, MD, published a paper describing the use of this technique over several years on no less than 11,000 patients in a St. Louis mental hospital. He reported no adverse medical events. And the patients themselves voted it the single-most effective therapy they had received while there.

    I went to a breathing event without knowing what I was getting into. I thought it was about stretching and maybe some yoga poses. (My son had tried it, so I figured I would, too.) Wow! All good! Had a total re-birthing experience; felt beyond time and space; felt free from any perception of physical and mental tension. Am 30-year vipassana meditator (off and on), and noticed some overlap, but I view this "shamanic breathing" as a new-to-me key tool in the self-development toolbox!

    Thanks for this great youtube video- best out there on this topic!

  26. I tried shamanic breathing a few times in the last couple days. This shit is Intense! If anyone is interested, I made a video about my experience. It's on my channel now.

  27. PLS is there any risks conected with hypervantilation in shamanic breathing? I red many warning documents. Can you talk about this problem. Many thx for this video, it is great 🙂

  28. and moving the chi in your body..wow..i am so impressed..these breathing things..what hehe amazing..not sure if i'm gonna do that..but any new meditation techniques are very cool..

  29. Amazing video!!! At 41, doing Yoga for 2, but only know really understanding the importance of breathing 🙂 Can one do this after eating a good and satisfying meal? 🙂

  30. is it safe to do that kind of breathing on your own? What if some stuff comes up that you are not able to deal with on your own?

  31. what do you think about osho dynamic meditation? it also includes very rapid breathing 3 to four times for 15 minutes but combined with strong and creative movements of a body, or a dance better to say

  32. I would like to ask something, maybe you can explain. I used Wim Hof breathing for some time. but this time I breathed in and out about 30 times (little bit faster), inhaled deeply, hold my breath and squeezed air a little (we were playing with that when we were kids to induce little dizziness). but this time I almost immediately lost normal consciousness, my body started to twitch and I had some short insight in some kind of vision, maybe past trauma. after that I was a little shaky. I think it lasted for only about 10 seconds or even less, but it left deep impression on me and my body.

    I tried that twice, and effect was the same, maybe even stronger. what do you think, is it recommended to do this exercise?

  33. READ THIS ITS FUCKING INTERESTING so I start doing this but in a different way so basically I bent over forward so I was on my feet but my head was upside down hands on knees and I start blowing like FUCKING HARD HARD anyway I get really light headed, close my mouth and blow as hard a possible with loads of pressure and I literally past out on my sofa and you may think I just fell asleep no I was awake experiencing something weird and all I can remember is like purple and a bunch of shapes but thing this is while I'm awake with my eyes open looking at something I came back and suddenly realise I was asleep LIKE SERIOUSLY I CANNOT EXPLAIN BUT I SWEAR THATS WHAT LIKE EGO DEATH IS also my friend was there and he said I wasn't responding for about a second or 2 but it felt like a minute at least so I try it again and the exact same thing happens like I had the exact same experience, Honestly this took me to a further level then acid or MDMA did

  34. I'll tell u how the proper way If u want to experience something more trippy them acid so lean over with your hands on your knees and head facing down if ya get what I mean like you were throwing up but properly put your head down, start breathing really heavy like to the point where your almost falling over then proceed take a really deep breath in stick your finger in your mouth so no air can get out and Litterally blow as hard as possible and what happens is fucked up when I done it this way I like passed out But at the same time I was awake all I can remeber is a bunch of purple and loads of shaped I've never seem before but there was so much more stuff then that,if this don't work.then it's Becuase your not getting to the point where you tried so hard you've passed out and I know it sounds dangerous but I've done it like 20 to 30 times and no problems I just feel a bit addicted no joke xD

  35. @What a beautiful demonstration with very clear instructions, thank you for sharing.
    This is my first try ever (just one round) breating and exhaling through the nose. I couldn't continue as it cause a very sharp and intentense headache in my frontal lob also again intense pain in my right kidney. Why is that? What am i doing wrong? Should I continoue anyway?

  36. Just did this for the first time…i really like it..thabk u so much for this.video...been doing the wim hof for over a week and am.very much in tune with my brrathing being a singer so i feel very strong benifits all over..thabknu

  37. Kid:daddy what's that man doing on the beach?
    Dad:*kneels to one knee* that's called meth.
    Kid:oooooo he looks like he's having fun can I try
    Dad:BOI IF YOU EVER TOUCH THAT SHI…… STUFF…… your Xbox is mine😎

  38. Thank you for a great Video. I have found that I absolutely cannot hold my breath at all with the WHM. It feels like I’m suffocating. However if I inhale before holding I am able to hold my breath very easily. Why?

  39. It's such a pity that you'll die whilst you're very healthy. We're all going to die. Doesn't matter what you do.
    You claim lots of things like decalcification of the pineal gland.
    Can you proof it gets calcified in first place?
    I question everything I hear.

  40. After you've been breathing in this unnatural way, you're certainly very glad to be alive and you feel a 100% better when you stop this breathing.

  41. I have been doing the Wim Hof breathing for a few months now (along with occasional cold showers, which i would really like to do everyday)..and i find it refreshes me every single time i do it….

    Shamanic breathing is something I am going to try now.. however, even before trying i can already imagine what it's going to feel like based my wim Hof breathing experience.

    Thank you very much for sharing this.

  42. honestly this is what i do to force my self into lucid dreaming but i didn't keep on doing it. i just tried maybe once or twice and when i concluded "well, it works" then i completely forgot about it thinking. "what am i gonna use it for anyway. i mean i can fuck any girl i see when i lucid dream. but aside of that what's the point?" so i stopped and completely forgot about this method.

  43. So I tried the Wim Hof method for the first time just now and about a minute into the first set I had constant, quite intense fuzzing sensation on both of my hands, cheeks and around my body. I also have mild asthma which only flares up when I do exercise which causes me to breath heavily and I could hear myself wheezing a bit during the 2 min phases. So is this one of those 'not for everybody' type deals or things that will improve with continued practice of these techniques?

  44. Your version of wim hof is interestingly different than wim hof's version so it's not actually what he teaches. Still useful but different.

  45. I suffered from panic attacks and my heart beat is rapid everyday, since December 2018.

    I tried Wim Hof method and my heart absolutely RACES and it scares me and ruins the experience.

    It’s a shame. 😩

  46. I did the breathing techniques laying down in my living room, with music meant for this playing, and I felt the whole body vibration. Took a break, grabbed a water, and went back at it. This time with a rolled up shirt over my eyes, and louder music. After awhile I was vibrating so much I had to sit up, take the blind off and turn off the music. I couldn't control my hands as they were tensed up, difficult to walk at first. My body was vibrating at an extreme rate and I walked outside down to the lake to a wonderful scene and a better outlook. I felt the electrical currents inside of me. Eventually took control back over myself. There's more out there. My hands are still shaking. Powerful stuff.

  47. Hey everyone, I got a quick question, if you know a bit about breathing and can invest the 2-3 minutes to leave a comment, I would greatly appreciate it 🙂 When I`m inhaling deeply, I´m noticing my chest muscles are under a lot of tension. i guess those are some of the muscles that are not supposed to be involved in the breathing? How much chest is normal/okay? And should you even feel tension in the upper body? Thx

  48. Thank you sooooo much for breaking this down into such an accessible format. Very well organized and explained. Especially appreciate the written description.

  49. The wim hoff method Is a yogic breathing called bastrika …..hatha yoga has five to seven breathing techniques collectively called pranayama which yogis do to balance their internal energy systems. Do ur research very beneficial to health and mind.

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