Wisdom Teeth Recovery Tips From San Rafael CA Dentist

Wisdom Teeth Recovery Tips From San Rafael CA Dentist

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hello I’m dr. gray Kanter here with
cancer dental group here in San Rafael California today I want to talk about
what to expect after a wisdom tooth extraction or any extraction for that
matter say you have a wisdom tooth like this one right here it’s tilted its
impacted or it has cavities on it or you’re getting it extracted for another
reason the most important thing to remember is to leave that area alone or
all four areas if you’re getting all four wisdom teeth taken out you want to
not touch the clot there’s a clot being formed in the socket that clot is
delicate things that can dislodge the clot are rinsing swishing your mouth
that can dislodge the clot suction things like straws or cigarettes
especially cigarettes will delay healing or even small particle foods like
popcorn or rice those can get caught in the clot and can make this the healing
slower staying away from those things will help it heal a lot faster so that’s
the number one thing to look out for some of the things to expect are
soreness the ten tests will most likely prescribe you a painkiller such as a
hydrocodone vicodin think of that nature if you don’t want to take that taking
advil and Tylenol together if you can take it and are not allergic taking
ibuprofen and acetaminophen together is a very powerful pain reliever and and
won’t give you that head change or dizziness they sometimes get with
vicodin the next thing to expect is there’s possibly some swelling and
bruising in the area most likely you’ll see that the morning after so you’ll go
to sleep at night and fluids are allowed to rush toward your head because you’re
letting down and that will give you swelling in the morning what you can do
is either use a couple extra pillows so your heads above your heart or if the
warning just sit up put some ice on it the swelling will go down
quickly not to worry about that at our office we also give you some ice to put
on your face so you can feel better right away the next thing to think about
is bleeding bleeding can occur after the procedure usually you’ll be biting down
on some gauze but the dentist will give you some extra gauze to bite down on
what you can do is bite down on that putting pressure on the wound to stop
the bleeding if the bleeding keeps kind of just oozing out slowly it’s really
easy to just put some green tea back so little teabags just grab that from your
from your cupboard and bite down on that and that will help the bleeding stop as
well one last thing that may happen is usually doesn’t is sometimes you’ll feel
a little sharp edges like boney edges in your mouth that’s actually pretty normal
usually those will work themselves away your body will round those off or
they’ll exfoliate if it’s a piece of some sort of piece of fragment of
something if the edge doesn’t go away and it starts to hurt or is poking
something up your tongue definitely go see your dentist right away he or she
can help you with that another less likely thing to happen is jaw pain a lot
of times taking out implants requires pressure on your jaw and your jaw might
be sore afterward again this is something you can ice ice is very
helpful for and it should go away very shortly if it doesn’t again talk to your
doctor about that other than that wisdom teeth extractions can go very normally I
know when I got my wisdom teeth taken out I had almost no pain the next day I
was very sleepy hopefully that’s some good informations
for those of you about to get your wisdom teeth taken out if you live in
the area I want to get more information please come to our office Cantor Dental
Group in San Rafael California and please subscribe thank you

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  1. Im pissed off my dentist just pulled my tooth and only gave me ibuprofen smfh im in so much pain and i have an infected wisdom tooth on the bottom one smh .. yeah my oral surgeon was a hole in the wall smfh

  2. My wounds keep bleeding and I'm a little scared. How soon should blood clots start forming? I've been biting on gauzes for 3 hours now

  3. It's been a week since my wisdom teeth removal. I have no pain and feel fine. However, I checked the extractiom site and I don't see a blood clot and instead I see whitish bone. Is this normal?? Thank you in advance.

  4. Ever since got my 4 wisdom teeth out I havent been able to open my mouth. I wanted to check if the blood clot was ok but i cant because I cant open my mouth.. the dentist gave me stitches on all but 1 tooth and im concerned about that one.. Its the second day of extraction (i got it done on Tuesday and it is now Thursday). I brushed my front teeth and stayed a tooth ahead of where the stitches are placed. I dont know if swallowing my spit makes it worse, but my mouth creates so much spit i generally swallow a lot. So the day of extraction I swallowed so much because of the extra blood and saliva. I dont know if ill be okay or not and all ive been doing these past days were worry if id contract dry socket or not… can you please tell me a sure way to know if i have a blood clot or not. ive searched all over the internet and all they said was to wait for intense pain the coming 3-7 days but is there any other way to check..?

  5. Hello… I got my two left wisdom teeth taken out 2 days ago and I'm worried because I didn't know that I wasn't supposed to eat rice and I've eaten it twice now. Should I be worried that I did? The sites have stopped bleeding, but I do bleed more when I eat (regardless of whether it's ice cream or rice). I'm also worried about the amount of medicine I've been taking. I usually don't take more than 400 mg of Ibuprofen but my dentist prescribed me 600 mg tablets and I had to take 3 yesterday because I was in so much pain. Is this too bad for my body or can I keep taking that much ibuprofen? I'm only 17 and I'm also taking 1g of Curam.

  6. My surgeon told me that I could eat whatever I want, use straws and just continue like normally because he said dry socket is a misdiagnosis and that there’s no clot in the socket??? But that contradicts everything I’ve ever heard it’s been a week since I got them removed and I still have quite a bit of pain

  7. Hello doc! Can i use salt instead of Sea salt?
    Or Are they the same!
    Also i use warm water, then should i wait until it turns cold!?
    + I had removed my wisdom tooth today, how should i sleep in a way that does not hurt the 'area'..

  8. Its beenone week now since my dentist extracted my wisdom tooth but i still feel the pain and cant open my mouth properly. And also there too much saliva coming out of my mouth. Is it really normal?

  9. Just got my wisdom tooth removed today, was looking and couldn’t really tell if I had a clot formed at all? Kind of scared about dry socket but maybe I’m just not looking close enough.. also I’m not in too much pain, I’m assuming everything will work itself out?? I hope at least…

  10. How long does it take for gums to close ? This is the longest one has ever taken for me two weeks still not closed. Got dry socket went back & was a goz put in small.hole with meds. The hole hasn't got smaller since then that was 4 days ago the 2nd visit. It actually looks a little wider the Goz fail inside gums. Called assistant says it's disloveable it's ok. What natural remedies can I do?

  11. Is it normal for the blood clot that forms over the extraction site to get smaller and shrink everyday? I'm on day 5 since extraction and I've noticed the clots getting smaller and I'm not sure if this is normal. Thank you.

  12. It's been 8 days since extraction but for some reason while rinsing I noticed blood in my spit and one of my extraction sites seems to be oozing a little bit of blood. It's night right now so I can't call anyone. What could this mean?

  13. How do i go about not eating solid foods? I'm not a diabetic but I have another issue where I need to eat a good meal to feel ok. Eating banana or apple sauce doesn't do it for me. Can I still eat regular food that's easy to chew like fish on the next day??? It's still soft.

  14. I used the syringe to irrigate one of the holes 12 days after extraction and something white came out that wasn't food and a day has passed since that happened and I've been having more pain. I had ear pain prior but its slightly worse now. Could I have dislodged the clot 12 days after and given myself dry socket? Does dry socket pain come on immediately or take time?

  15. for me im on almost 3 weeks now but still pain and swelling the gums on that particular area….so embarassing but im done taking a lot of medicine

  16. i got mines removed 3 days ago, you spoke about a blood clot my wisdom teeth were removed below my gum, would there be a clot?

  17. Just got my wisdom tooth pulled out , today is my 4 day after surgery why I’m having pain in only one side of my face ? The left side feels like nothing happened

  18. Extraction sites heal from bottom to top, if you have a piece of food stuck that light rinsing won't remove, leave it! I had all four of mine taken out one week ago, I didn't have any pain literally, just a slight discomfort

  19. Im having mine taken out in 2 weeks and i am mortally terrified. One of my teeth are “impacted” like sideways and i think thats gonna be harder to remove. Man. Idk im just terrified. Dr says im gonna have swelling for 2 weeks?? Wtf!? Thats not normal is it? And he said hes gonna put stem cells so it can heal faster. Man my shit is severe. Gonna be hell

  20. Hello! I got my wisdom teeth removed 6 days ago. Can I drink out of a straw, have gum, or drink soda¿ Because the internet is telling me yes but my mom is saying no 😂

  21. I had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out about two and and a half weeks ago. Most horrible experience ever. My dentist didn’t give me much instructions so I was rinsing my mouth the same day. The pain medication they gave me made me throw up every time I got up or tried to eat anything. I think that made the clots dislodge and then I got an infection it was the most disgusting thing I would wake up with a pool of pus and blood in my mouth. Eating was so painful. The swelling lasted for about a week and a half but there was a part along my jaw that was very tender and hard I could barely open my mouth.! I’m into my third week now since the removal and I still can’t eat solid food very well because it hurts a little to chew. I wonder if it’s normal that other teeth hurt close to the areas where they removed my wisdom teeth. I started working out again this week but it starts to hurts a little when I do.

  22. How long should I wait until I start irrigating the socket? My dentist gave me a syringe, but I'm scared that the pointy tip will hurt because my sockets still hurt 4 days post-op.

  23. My bottom left wisdom tooth is cracked and im in pain. I forcefully have to drink a 32 ounce beer to numb the pain for a few hours. Im scared of extraterrestrials.. wait..
    Extraction. I touch the bottom of my jaw and i feel a swelling. It might be an infection. God, im scared of the dentist at age 37 but i don't want it to worsen up. I have 2 children and i wanna see them grow.

  24. The dentist told me I'm high risk nerve damage he told me dnt take them out but I'm in pain lower jaw I'm so confused dnt know what to do

  25. All I want is to eat real food. My mom slipped some tumeric in my soup, I drunk it and it burned. A couple hours later I wake up and she's like how do u feel I'm like a little better, some of my inflammation went down. She goes oh really. I'm like yeah but for some reason it burned really bad. She goes "oh well I put turmeric in your soup since it has healing agents." All I can think of is seriously, like yeah it helped but it burned.

  26. I have partially erupted impacted wisdom teeth that need to come out and I have a massive anxiety disorder and phobia of throwing up. The fear is ruining my life. I also don't normally take drugs and have no idea how I'll react.

  27. Maximum amount of saliva comes in my mouth and it becomes difficult for me to sallow the saliva all the time
    What should i do to recover this pain
    I have extracted the lower left side wisdom teeth

  28. Hi dr, I got my two impacted teeth removed on Friday. Today is the third day post surgery. I don't feel much pain. It's just tingling/dull pain in that area. But I have swelling and cannot open my mouth much. How many days it'll take to recover and for the swelling to go?

  29. I got 4 of them removed today. I watching this in hospital bed. Honestly is not that bad the doctor put me to sleep and thanks to anastesi i don't feel a thing.

  30. My feeling isn't restored 100%…It's a tightness in a area and it's like something wrong with my nerves….It's almost 2 years. The dr said the xray doesn't show nerve damage…he doesn't have a answer for me. This effects me talking😭

  31. Maybe it'd be better if he explained the possibility of dry socket..

    Just got mine taken out 6 days ago. Got scared of dry socket for days..

  32. I got mines taken out last Thursday been in horrible pain. Out of the 4 only 1 hurts . Is white around it . Is that normal? It hurts very bad

  33. I had extraction done 6 days ago. They removed 2 molars on top and 1 wisdom tooth at the bottom.. i was fine for the first 2 days but on the third day my mouth developed 3 cranker sores and the pain is sooooo bad!!!!!!! I can’t wait to eat burger

  34. Yesterday I've gotten 2 lower wisdom teeth out, why only my right side swollen? It feels uncomfortable, there's like a bump there….

  35. I have never felt more pain in my life… been so naueous the first week, kept throwing up and could not even sit up properly without feeling naueous. Now I am onto day 8… and I have aching jaw pain, my temple hurts.. extreme pain on wound area. No symptoms of dry socket though… idk what else to do

  36. Hi! I just got 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted around an hour ago and I currently do not feel anything so far. My questions are: when do I replace the gauzes and how much do I put back in? Is it also necessary to use the syringe that was provided by the surgeon to clean the sockets? Thanks a lot!

  37. I am getting my two upper wisdom teeth removed (which are the only two wisdom teeth I have) in less than two weeks, and I am a little nervous about it.

  38. Got mine taken out at noon and I still can’t feel half of my bottom lip and half of my chin (same side)

  39. I did my wisdom teeth 4 days ago and by mistake today I forgot and drank through a straw is that okay? Because I know it can cause dry socket but I totally forgot and did it without paying attention and I am worried now.

  40. I got mine removed two days ago and i still have really bad swelling i have been icing alot but nothing is working any tips

  41. if rinsing can dislodge the clot why are people told to rinse with salt water? How do you keep the area clean (so food doesn't get stuck and lead to infection) without dislodging the clot?

  42. Got mine extracted today and didn’t feel a thing. I’m being consistent with the medications nonetheless. Only downfall would be the bleeding. Be prepare to lose a lot of blood.

  43. I'm scared I'm getting mine done on Sunday but since I'm a wuss lol I'm going get 2 taken out then the other 2 later 🙄 scared of the anesthesia cause of how loopy it gets you plus from my last experience didn't do good with anesthesia

  44. Removed all 4 at once and all i have to say is my pain pills are not strong enough .. And i still cant feel my lower half of my lip and chin

  45. If you want it to clot quickly as in the next 4 hours …..avoid drinking water…..yes for the two days prior and after drink very little water then later u will be able to eat anything u want like me

  46. My face never swoled up and im on day 3 right now,so far haven't really had any pain.Idk maybe im just one of the lucky ones

  47. Hi, I really appreciate your video guide, Thank you.

    I have a question, It's possible to go back to the training (Running or Swimming) after 3 days of my Wisdom Teeth extraction?

  48. Just got one wisdom teeth pulled yesterday ate noodle soup and jello all day when can i eat solid food today is the 2nd day.

    I got all 4 wisdom teeth removed 2 days ago, but my mouth kinda stinks because I have tiny food particles stuck there, how do I rinse it? I can't brush properly cuz I can't open my mouth enough yet
    I used salt and water but I can't rinse properly either since I dread the stitches may be affected.
    MY QUESTION IS: Will it affect the healing process or cause inflammations if I leave the food particles there?

  50. My left side hurts so fucking bad and is so swollen my right side is completely pain free though this is the worst think ever though lmao and the pain killers aren’t even strong enough for me

  51. I got mine done two days ago. I have to admit it never really hurt, it's just annoying, like biting on things feels weird and if I bite too strong it does hurt, mine was impacted and took a lot to get it out so on the 45min long procedure I was concious recovery wasn't gonna be easy

  52. I got coronectomy (when they cut tooth in half ) done at 1pm and ate pizza same day at 10 pm.
    I was lucky one, no pain after surgery, I could eat like I always did (only had to avoid hot food and drinks).
    But just to be causious, I wait for my food to cool down and chew everything on untouched side

  53. i woke up sunday when one of my molars pretty much exploded in my mouth. i went to the dentist the next day (today) and she said it was a wisdom tooth they had to pull it. they gave me some gas that made me talk funny and mix my words (i kept saying "sister's girlfriend" instead of "girlfriend's sister"). they numb me with some gel and hit me with a couple shots. i didnt feel anything going on then and 6 hours later i still don't feel anything. i might later, but i'm not scared. the worst part is the pre-gas anxiety and that's over. its never as bad as how it is in your own head.

    edit: sure would be nice to smoke a cigarette tho!

  54. I made of huge mistake of going to a free clinic to get my tooth pull out. The dentist was very rough. It felt like he was trying to pull out a rusty car part. It was awful. I never going back to a free clinic.

  55. it's been 4 days my wisdom teeth in removed. the pain is reduced.. but still i have numbness in my tongue and it's really irritating.. how long it takes to heal the whole tongue.. called paresthesia in one word

  56. I got my tooth extracted 7 days ago and Yesterday I think everything is closed up but when I looked in the mirror I noticed a small linear hole but it does not hurt at all… Is this normal? Should I talk to a dentist?

  57. Pulled em out about a day ago. My doctor was shit. Didnt give me ice packs. No’r did he instruct me to put ice. Or anything. Basicly did the surgery went out. And kept bleeding for like 6 hours. Then passed out

  58. wisdom teeth are your last molars to emerge at the back of the mouth. They can cause serious pain as well as an infection that would need ASAP treatment. Most often, the solution is to remove your wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth removal aftercare is also necessary to stay healthy. https://healthguyd.com/wisdom-teeth-removal-aftercare/

  59. So I'm 22 and have been ha ing problems with my wisdom teeth since I was 17 about two years ago a random ball formed in my cheek near the wisdom tooth. Im going to see dentist soon. Just wondering if anyone may have any idea of what it could be or what i may expect?..

  60. How long until you can eat normally again? It’s been a week and 1 day for me and I’ve been being careful with the foods I eat but i’m still having a little trouble eating. Is it okay to eat things like rice and suck out of straws after this time period?

  61. I'm afraid of dislodging the clots when sleeping as it's really easy to make a sucking gesture…. Especially with increased saliva output etc. I wish they had stitched all of them.

  62. So I got one of mine out two days ago and I have minimal pain; I’m taking all my medications and I’m using the antibacterial mouthwash as directed. I’m also tilting my head to the non wisdom tooth side when I eat my soft foods. I’m so paranoid of any sort of dry socket or anything . Am I doing everything ok?

  63. Its day 4 after 4 wisdom teeth extractions yesterday the 3rd day was the worst face was swollen and super sore , only on ibuprofen and tylenol I said no to painkillers so I just have to suck it up buttercup. 2 things I'm worried about is it almost day 5 and still cant close my jaw to where my teeth close together like they normally do and it's been almost 5 days and last of course worried about dry socket since I had all 4 taken out , sleeping upright sucks so bad all I want to do is lay on my side but I cant , if your reading this and about to get wisdom teeth surgery the best things to do is saltwater syringe rinse the day after surgery every time you eat rinse, plenty of bags of peas to put in the freezer so you can hold them on your jaw and teeth the peas work best because they form around your area that's swollen , write down each time you rotate from tylonal and ibuprofen and keep your head elevated and last be patient it will end soon , I'm not a big smoker only 4 ciggs a day but haven't smoked since before surgery so I'm counting down a full 7 days until I get to smoke a full cigg then rinse mouth out with salt water and not to suck the cigg hard at all and limit myself to 1 to 2 ciggs a day and clean mouth soon as finished but dont smoke until atleast a full week of recovery, hope this info helped for future surgery goers and patients who are mild smokers like myself . Good luck you will be fine

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