Women Review Popular Body Moisturizers


– If it doesn’t numb the ash, throw it in the trash. (upbeat music) – Lotion is like water for me. – I am the product queen and so I come to bring my expertise. – I love My Scent at Victoria’s Secret. – If it doesn’t have Shea
or cocoa in the name, I don’t trust it. I got trust issues. (laughter) – Everyday, like you gotta butter up. Gotta hit the elbows. (upbeat music) My grandmother has this in her bathroom. – It smells like a hospital waiting room. (laughter) – Ooo, it smells good. – It actually doesn’t smell bad at all. – I like how it makes your
skin a little bit slick. – It’s all yours. You can have that one. Go ahead, put that on your side. – I just think that it’s gonna evaporate like by lunch and then
we’re gonna have a problem. – An hour into my day,
literally an hour, I doubt. – Right. – That I would feel this great. – There’s nothing special
about it, you know. – This is not rubbing in quite
as easily at the Lubriderm. – I think that means it will last longer. – This, I feel like is gonna do something. – Oh, this is nice. – Yeah. – It smells, like, earthy. – Smells so good. – It does smell good. – I don’t want to walk
outside and people say, “Oh, you smell really naturey.” I don’t want that. – Who tells you that? – What’s the first ingredient? – Not water. (laughter) (upbeat music) – Yes, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. – You got me through
some really rough times. When I run out of raw
cocoa butter, Palmer’s. – I doesn’t have the
cocoa butter stick, tough. – Oh, okay every burn, get
that cocoa butter stick. – It’s so watered down. This is gonna have you
ashy in like an hour. – I’m not mad at it. – I know that Shea moisture
isn’t gonna do me wrong, but I still prefer cocoa butter. – Palmers makes a better
version of this in a jar. It’s on the fence because
the butter is so good. Why would you ever buy the lotion? – This is definitely “break
in case of emergency” lotion. – Yes. – Like if you’re on the road at a hotel. – Bekura, that smells fancy. – This is definitely more my speed. – This would take you awhile
to put on in the morning. – I just feel like it’s
making me look shiny. – You don’t need much so
I didn’t need an entire chunk on my finger. – No, that’s what you gotta do, look. You gotta use your nail and
scoop a little bit, see? – Breaking it is the first issue, but once you get your finger in there. – Yeah. – It has a nice soft smell to it but it’s not tropical enough. – Nivea. – Nivea. (laughter) – Got Crisco in it? – This looks like Crisco. – But that looks like hand cream. – This might be a little too thick for me. – It looks like it’s gonna get
your whole body really good. – I can use this and be this be it. – This is that cream that
makes you look Beyonce moist, like you look like you’re ready for tour. – It’s not rubbing in. – Like really, like rub it though. – Yeah but I don’t have time for that. (laughter) – It has a little too
much fragrance for me. – I’m not mad about it. – Doesn’t it smell like
when you got to a restaurant the soap that you wash your
hands with that pump out? – It does, it’s the pink stuff. – Like it still has a nice light texture. – This is kind of watery for me. – This is cuddle quality,
like you know when you have a special friend
comin’ over and you kinda want to seem like you
weren’t expecting the visit (laughter) but you kinda want to be prepared. – It’s one of those that I
would put inside of my purse and just have to lotion up my hands in the middle of the day. – This is not the butter that you marry. This is the butter that you date. – Palmer’s, maybe. – I will always put
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter first. – Lubriderm is the one I would go for. – I would definitely choose Bekura. – Shea moisturizer. – The Shea moisture one. – I definitely would go with this one. – I tie between the Shea Moisturizer and the Carol’s daughter. – What may work for one person doesn’t always work for the other. – We don’t want to crack so
I always say go for something that’s for drier skin. – What better way to take care of yourself then to take care of your skin. You can’t do that if you
don’t experiment a little bit. – I do feel like I have
two types of lotion. It’s like my basic lotion that I’m like, I just need to get by. Then I have my more
bougie lotion for like, you know if (mumbles) comin’ over. – Water is not your friend. Do not trust lotion that has
the first ingredient as water. – If all else fails ask your mom. – For real. Moms be knowin’. – Some are oily. – On their body, though? – Yeah. See. I didn’t interrupt you. (laughter) God dang. We all have different skin types.

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