Working out with a Shoulder Injury (YOU CAN IF…)

Working out with a Shoulder Injury (YOU CAN IF…)

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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. If you are getting pain when you’re doing
Pull Ups or when you’re just simply hanging from a bar doing any kind of ab work, we’ve
got to do something about it. You see because pain in those movements is
usually something that’s not going to go away, but there are ways that you can tweak the
movement itself to make the exercise one that you can do and continue to get gains. Now, coming from the world of professional
athletes, shutting someone down completely for the season is never the best option. It’s usually the worst option you have, and
it’s your last option. If we can maximize what you can do with the function you have, and we can continue to build strength everywhere
else, that’s the perfect solution. And that’s what I’m going to try to help you with here
today in this video. So, if you’re in this hanging position, what
is going on? What possibly could be causing the problems? Well, first of all, the position
itself is pretty extreme. If your arm is way up over your head, it’s
pretty much at end range flexion, ok. End range flexion could be a problem for anybody
especially if you’re not that mobile in the first place. But then you add to it the force of gravity
pulling our body down and that can cause some issues especially if you have a labrum tear. Now, for you guys that don’t know what the
labrum is and I know you’ve probably heard about it but don’t necessarily know what it
is, I’m going to show you right here on the skeleton. Here we have our Raymond, XRay, he is showing
you that inside of his shoulder joint, what lines this ball and socket capsule, right
inside the socket, is the labrum. It basically is a lining around the entire
socket portion of the ball and socket. Now, it acts as a suction cup. It provides suction so that the head of your
humerus sits in that socket and actually stays there with some stability. What would happen if you got a tear in your
labrum which I happen to have from taking someone up on a bet years back with the Mets,
that I could throw a baseball so far. Yeah, I won the bet, but I blew out my shoulder
like an idiot. The labrum, when it gets torn is no different than a suction cup. If you
took a suction cup and stuck it to a window, it would work. But if you then took a little knife and cut
just a little sliver into that suction, it no longer works because the air can no longer
be trapped. There’s no more differential in pressure between
the window and that suction cup. Well, the same exact thing happens here. So, if you have some sort of a labrum tear
and you want to go hang on that arm, usually you don’t even feel it so much until you let
go because that rebound, that rebound pain that you’ll get with a labrum
tear mostly again characterized by feeling it after you let go which is what I sort of
deal with with my shoulder. If instead you get pain just when you get
into this position, ok, and even worse as you start to do more and more reps, that could
be because you have impingement in your shoulder. And any time you put your arm up overhead,
you’re going to have more and more problems if you have impingement going on. To figure out the actual diagnosis, and again
that would be more pain during the movement, but to figure out the actual diagnosis. It’s always a good idea to see if you can
get an evaluation by a physical therapist. Here’s a good tip though that you can use
in either case. First of all, what are you doing with your
shoulders? If this is what you look like at the bottom of any Hanging Leg Raise or Pull
Up, then you already have problems. Why? Because if you can turn your head and
hit your chin into your chest or into your shoulder over here and make contact with that, then you’re not packing your shoulders properly
for stability. And again, if we had this unstable or this compromised labrum, we don’t have
stability as it is. We’ve already lost a lot of that. So, we need
to have stability some other way. We need to have other muscles kick in and help out.
And we can do that by making this simple tweak. If this is you right now, the first thing
you want to do is try to keep your elbows straight and raise your head up. Ok, once you do that, now if I turn left and
right, I don’t hit my front delt or chest at all. I’ve packed by shoulders down for
stability. I already get my traps, I get my rhomboids,
and I even have other muscles inside the joint itself here that are contributing to make
this joint a lot more stable, ok. So, now when I do my exercises whether it
be the Hanging Leg Raise or the Pull Up, I’m much more prepared and ready to do that. The next thing you can do is if you have that
much pain, first of all, again, be evaluated. But secondly, if you have that much pain,
you don’t have to necessarily stick to Pull Ups for now. You can change
to Chin Ups, and by changing to Chin Ups, you’ve got another opportunity to now incorporate the biceps to help you with some
stability and when we externally rotate the arm to get into the Chin Up position, we get
the rotator cuff to kick in as well. So, you’ve got options. You don’t have to
say, ‘Ah. That’s it. Can’t do Hanging Leg Raises.’ And that’s a simple solution by the
way. If you can’t do anything up here for the Hanging
Leg Raises but you still want to get the benefits of those more difficult exercises, then use the Roman Chair where you sit with
your forearms supported on pads. But like I said, the key here is that when you’re hurting
and a lot of us are, I bet you that 90 percent of my guys that
are watching this video right now have some sort of discomfort when they hit the gym.
That’s normal. But it doesn’t mean that you have to train
like that or skip workouts because of the pain. There’s usually something you can do
that allows you to avoid a little bit of discomfort but still continue to work on getting stronger
overall, and really, in the long run, it will accelerate your progress in your rehab in
getting back from these discomforts. Because if you can figure ways to continue
to train but avoid that pain, that’s the home run right there. And that’s what we try to do with ATHLEANX
guys. I think it’s videos like this that separate us from what a lot of other programs out there
offer. As a physical therapist, I feel like I can
bring to you guys a little bit more of the science behind what we do so we can start
helping you guys train at a whole new level. If you haven’t already guys, join Team ATHLEAN.
Head to ATHLEANX.COM and get our ATHLEANX Training System. And in the meantime, if you found this video
helpful and you continue to like these sort of PT videos and explaining why and what and what goes
on when you’re training, then make sure you leave some comments and a thumb’s up below and the other things you’d like to see me
address, and I’ll make sure I do that in a future video. I’ll see you guys soon.

100 thoughts on “Working out with a Shoulder Injury (YOU CAN IF…)”

  1. The bone show normal signal intensity with no evidence of fracture dislocation or osteochondral injury whole playing volleyball

  2. I'm 18 training since 16. I started getting left shoulder crunching in my left shoulder after 6 months which has led to left bicep popping more recently. My left shoulder crunches and hurts after the pullups similar to Jeff however both of my shoulders are crunching on the way up. Rotator cuff warmup before shoulders and chest helped until these last 6 months where my left shoulder feels completely unstable and gets worn down much faster than my right shoulder, and takes longer to recover. Also im starting to get discomfort in my left shoulder just from sitting in a chair… am I at risk of tearing something or maybe I already tore my labrum? I have no clue any advice much appreciated🙇‍♂️

  3. I had a dislocated shoulder since 1 yrs old but now i cant do certain exscrecises like dumbell curls and anything involving turning my shoulder to the outside.Some tips?

  4. I feel pain in my shoulders when i stop working out for more than 4 days or something,,,,so what to do and what's the problem?

  5. We have a machine called the Shoulder Engineer that helps with these types of injury. You can train while injured and gradually build up strength.

  6. Jeff you the man, recently found out on Friday that i have a slap tear, not severe but i was still given natural meds (turmeric and ginger) and over the counter drugs for it since its a little inflamed. My physical therapist said i could continue to work out but if i feel pain to immediately stop. Watching this video made me more confident for todays workout. I have been working out 5-6 days a week for the past 2 years and thinking of stopping for a month to "recover" was killing me. Glad i visited the therapist and glad i ran into this video. Thanks!

  7. I think I might have the same problem you have, Jeff. 4 years ago i jumped into a pool and my shoulder really hurt (probably a subluxation of some sort), I thought I've dislocated it, didn't went to see a doctor (dumb choice btw) the pain went away by itself sometimes getting popping and cracking, but nothing too serious and last autumn I ate an apple and when I threw away the apple core my shoulder popped again and it hurt really bad. I must admit I haven't hit the gym in 2 years, I'm a lean guy and now I want to build some muscle mass. I hope my shoulder won't bother me if I follow your advices in shoulder training.

  8. Hi! I know this is an old video but i wish someone could help me. I have been lifting for about 9 years now, i have been accumulating gains for all this years but recently I injured my shoulder. I suffered from a tearing of the supraspinatus tendon of the shoulder. They told me to rest for the next 4 months. Is there a way in which I can keep on working out, at least to mantain my muscles until i heal?

    Thank you!

  9. My shoulder is so fucked up, I can't do any upper body exercise :s
    I think I could do bicep curls, but I'm just going to quit for 3 months and let it rest (that's what the therapist suggested). My tits have already become pudding. It's depressing 🙁

  10. What about shoulder abduction. When my arm gets parallel with the floor it pops and once it pops I can go above head just fine

  11. I have a shoulder dislocation injury 12 years ago and I did a surgery as my shoulder continues to dislocate. unfortunately i didn't take care of it and didn't strengthen the muscle around and that cause problem till now. Today I did an army shoulder overhead press and my shoulder partially dislocate in downward move. I need some exersizes that help strengthen my shoulders and build the muscle bigger to completely get rid of this issue

  12. Guess a big question a lot of people have is if they changed their workout routine to avoid the pain, does it mean that the joint will eventually recover on its own? Been avoiding pull ups for quite awhile doing chin ups, pain has subsided so it does feel like my shoulder is healing. However, now that i'm trying to slowly ease myself back into doing pull ups and the pain is starting to come back albeit milder than before. Can the body really heal itself without medical intervention from impingement/tears/tendonitis/etc? Does it depend on severity?

  13. I have the most pain in my shoulder when I do push ups, is that still labrum or something else? I used to crank out 50 in a minute and I can’t even do one now without dropping to my knees cuz the pain gets so intense in my shoulder as I start the movement.

  14. Pulled something in the back of my shoulder two days ago yesterday went on treadmill the pain got worst Is there any exercise I can do that won't affect my shoulder?

    Pulled it on the shoulder press machine

  15. same same thing happens to me ,,,specially when I do pull-ups or shoulder work out ,,,it most of time get dislocated …reason I don't go gym , when dislocate I suffer from pain for other its fun but I have give up, I made gym at home do my workout

  16. My shoulder only hurts when I pull up & hold up to do leg raises.. Do that mean I need to rest for awhile?

  17. I hurt my arm while mountain biking and I can barely lift the arm and it pains so much
    I thought I should let.the shoulder heal but my family insists I must try to move the arm.
    Now I want to continue going back to the gym and continue with bodybuilding and ridding my mountain bike but the arm is setting me back and I don't know if I should go ahead or rest?

  18. Thanks for this video. I was doing some dumbbell overhead extensions an accidentally went too far back with the left deltoid leading to a massive pop. Didn't really bother me, but as the weeks went on, I've started getting more and more pain in my shoulder.

  19. I dislocated my shoulder during a football game 5 days ago. I’ve already seen a dr and he said I’m out of football and weight lifting for at least 6 weeks. I’m currently doing physical therapy and I’m not feeling any pain with any movements. I have still been doing legs but am scared to lift with my upper body. I am 16 and I am looking for any advice

  20. Hey man so I’ve suffered from a Bankart labrum tear in the past , what work outs would help the strength for my shoulder as well as be safe ?

  21. I know this is old but…
    So I recently started doing pull ups and the exact thing happened. Shoulder started hurting. If I correct my form like in the video, and keep doing pull ups, will it make it worse? Also, I had a problem during cable flys where the area between my neck and shoulder would pop and hurt on my left side. Do you know anything about that?

  22. Some people recommend passive hangs for shoulder health, but they definitely contributed to re-tearing my SLAP repairs. Very confusing.

  23. here man thanks for the advice, may of this year i woke up with back pain and found out to be a herniated disc, cannot squat anymore when i was doing it 3 times per week, nothing about what i was doing was incorrect, so dissapointed as i always wanted to compete, now i really focus on benching and ohp, and whilst doing that i forgot to exercise my rotator cuffs and i now have an impingement, i just really dont want anymore injuries. (herniated disc is fine, i can still train heavy just not with squats).

  24. I had a shoulder surgury in which a wire i think is placed to hold the shoulder instead of the joints or to aid the joints idk , anyway i came back to the gym after 3 months from the surgury and started adding weights gradually till i found it that my injured shoulder is weaker than the other by at least 30%. so what should i do ??????

  25. Hey Jeff,
    Great videos!
    Have you ever got a surgery for your labral tear or you fixed it just by doing loads of right gym exercises and working out those scapula stabilizers ?

  26. I fell playing football and separated my shoulder slightly. The chiropractor put it back in place but is there any recovery that I can be doing? My pain is coming from the top of the shoulder where it meets the clavicle.

  27. Absolutely love Geoff i have alot of shoulder problems and just simple little exercises with bands and no weights has helped me to do what i need to do in the gym thanks geoff best in the world at what he does hands down

  28. Hahaha I literally am dealing with a torn labrum right now from chucking a baseball at a carnival game to see if I "still had it". Like you winning the bet, I DID set the high MPH mark for that day on that particular Jersey Shore boardwalk, but it still hurts months later, even with PT. Not worth it. Audibly chuckled (not at you, but relating to the pain) when you said how you tore yours and called yourself an idiot. Great video!

  29. Any good suggestions coming back from shoulder surgery? I had a slap tear, and had surgery to fix it, but now I have a large amount of crepitus and my range of motion not fully there. A hard workout put my arm down for about 2-4 days.

  30. Thank you very much Jeff I think sholder is one of the most common parts to get injured, I hope you can make more videos about this to help more people as much as you have helped me, thanks again

  31. tnx dear Trainer for suggestion me
    but My shoulder joint dislocated 6 Months ago now I m fell heal and I m so warray Because I want to start gym but Parents don't want me at gym plz tell me about protien

  32. Before i was able to do 10-15 pull-ups at once but now after weight lifting for like 3-4 days I'm not able to even one pull up. I'm just able to pull my self up using only my right hand not the left one, I am not able to pull with the left hand. Can anyone help me with this?

  33. Hello Jeff,
    This is Vinoth from India. I had my AC joint separation a month ago. I'm in total rest since my injury. I can see a bump on my shoulder. I don't bothering about the deformation but I don't want to stop doing workouts because of this injury. How can I fix this injury to continue my pull up and dips…? Please let me know… My number is +91-9003168575

  34. Hi there so in the beginning of the video you talked about how you threw a baseball I was actually playing softball and the same thing happened . A day after Idid benchpress It got a lot worse. About how long did it take your injury to heal?

  35. I have some pain in my right shoulder after swimming with poor form. Should I wait another week for it to subside or keep training? I do weights and swimming currently. Sometimes running or jump rope to mix it up.

  36. I broke my clavical, coracoid process and scapula terribly a few years ago. I have thoracic outlet and they want to remove my top rib to restore circulation. Glenoid malunion and several other fractures were badly displaced and healed horribly. I have had 8 CT scans, 1 CTA scan 2 MRIs, an EMG, dry needling, a cervical spine steroid injection and an epidural injection to try to stop the pain. I am in week 4 of physical therapy and I have seen some improvements although the joints in my shoulder feel like guts and nasty when I move. If anyone here has had a similar experience with an injury, PLEASE for the love of all that is holy get your ass to a physical therapist as soon as possible! I'm completely broke from all the procedures and tests and imaging and PT but nothing has been more successful than the PT. The chronic pain I have been experiencing for these last few years put me in a dark place emotionally mentally and spiritually. The last two weeks have been the best for me since the accident and I owe it to the therapists I have been working with and a new found faith. Truly saved my life. I felt like the accident was going to kill me after all. So if you're in a dark place, please reach out to me. I would love to share some things with you.

  37. Sucks to not be able to throw anymore right?
    I know 2 people with labrum tears, one works at the gym, the other is jeff. Then there's me. Atleast I'm not alone. 🙂

  38. I would like to see some info on best exercises to prepare for rotator cuff surgery to possibly help surgery go better and speed recovery. Preventative and recovery programs seem to be readily available. However, programs or info to stretch and strengthen and/or maintain strength and range of motion with a tear leading up to surgery are nowhere. In my case "near" full thickness tear of the supraspinatus along with other lesser issues of shoulder joint, cuff and biceps tendon. Would like to hear suggestions on how to prep while avoiding further damage that could cause the few fibers hanging on to fail complicating surgery.

  39. Nice explanation Jeff ! I have had Spondylytis tendonitis injury in my shoulders. Though its been 2 years since i had this injury.. Now i feel i am recovered. I am worried if it might start paining again. How do i start workout and after how long i should be working out with weights?

  40. so i have a bursa inflammation in my shoulder joint and i tore my shouldertendon as well….
    i work as a mover so thats how i got the injury, been going to the gym for like 3 years now but if i for example want to squat it hurts to put the bar on that tendon. same as hanging etc even abs hurt my shoulder. do you think its best for me to stop training for a while or should i just do cardio or what?

  41. When you pack your shoulders down, should it be posteriorly like you are squeezing your shoulder blades together and down or anterior where they are more relaxed and forward?

  42. 2:23 literally just blew my shoulder out again. Reached across my body to grab something and it slipped out of my hand…just like he said…when the weight was suddenly released…my arm didn’t know what happened and popped out. I assumed the Jesus on the cross pose, unexpectedly….then it slipped back in. Aren’t these situations the worst? How long should I wait until I do face pulls again, JEFF. 😆

  43. My shoulder has been dislocated doung Facepulls yesterday
    It was old injury but it rebounded
    Unfortunately i have a bjj tournament after 1 month, what can i do?

  44. Has spmeone besten shoulder impingement? Right now i am doing the outies two times a day for 4 sets and some streching (hanging) and wall/floor angels and i hole it gets better.

  45. What if you are double jointed and can pop your shoulder in and out? It affects my weight lifting doing anything involving shoulders because it will pop out and in if I put pressure on my shoulders doing exercises

  46. Dam spotter took his eye off the ball during heavy Dumbell shoulder press, an now my left rear delt an tricep hurts 🤬.
    Sometimes working alone is best

  47. Probably one of the most common and frustrating things that can happen to athletes is shoulder injuries. Thanks Jeff for another excellent video. Very helpful indeed to someone with an impingement

  48. I injure ma back and shoulder blade before because of my stupid ass didn’t think properly before lifting a frozen pig which weight around 150 lbs. guys if you are weight lifter or person who working out alway get the right technique because once you get injure it’s reoccurring and will hamper your progress. I really regret I injure myself . Hope you all success in ur work out and ur goal

  49. Anyone else can move there arm up because bench press on 8 days now no exercise but rest still feels bad morning and night

  50. Threw out my shoulder while boxing a friend didn’t quit tho but when it stopped I felt it and so I tried t windmill my shoulder n it was just crackling so I stretched n day 3 in pain still right one is good now but left is sore still not as bad but still sore and like when try to throw a hook or do the motion of a lateral raise is cracks in n out of place in a way but still has some tightness so idk if it’s a complete tear or just a bad move

  51. I just dislocated my shoulder, did you, jeff, have to get a surgery? Because you seem to be able to workout just fine, and have full range of motion

  52. Jeff my issue is not shoulder pain but a shoulder dislocation. I need to know shoulder workouts that will make my left shoulder less likely to dislocate.

  53. I do hangs regularly since my labrum repair but doing a full pull up would just be impossible for me. Have done all of the rehab and it still feels like the day I left the surgery table. Nothing, I mean nothing has worked to improve my shoulder whatsoever. I watch these videos and practice all of this religiously too.

  54. I was in the gym picking up dunbells when out of no where my should pulled and it shocked the hell out of me wasn't really painful but was some pain. I quickly tested my shoulder out and was able to move it. The pain came from my rear delt. When I moved my arm back like I was doing a row it would be pain full. The pain only lasted a few days so by time I seen a surgeon they told me it was a high possibility that I popped my shoulder out and it popped back in. I really thought I tore. What do u think

  55. Can you offer any tips please? I’m at the beginning of the video now so will see if it addressed my issues (below). Anyone have similar pain, partial tear, etc.?

    Supraspinatus low-grade partial thickness articular surface tearing with central propagation along the intrasubstance. Findings superimposed on insertional tendinopathy which extends into the anterior infraspinatus.

    I finished the video. It’s helpful to know i don’t have to skip workouts because of pain. I want to workout and heal simultaneously. I wish you were my PT or could afford someone to help me train like an athlete and heal like one too. Thanks. This is so helpful. Do you think pull ups or natural grip chin ups would be better? I like the tip for engaging the shoulders. I’m definitely doing it the first way so it could’ve been a contributing factor. Please make more content like this! I’ll search your library also.

  56. My problem is when I'm coming down and going from an active hang to an inactive hang, I feel muscle movement in left shoulder, it feels like the front part of my delt. My right shoulder or arm doesn't do that, I can go from an active hang to an inactive hang smoothly and with no pain, with my left I have kind of do a compensatory roll with my shoulder so I don't feel the discomfort of what is moving in my joint letting go of an active hang.

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