WVU’s dental hygiene program helping West Virginians have healthier teeth

WVU’s dental hygiene program helping West Virginians have healthier teeth

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I’m here with the chair of the
department of dental hygiene at West Virginia University
Amy Funk. Amy thanks for being with us it’s no secret that West Virginia is
often at or near the bottom of virtually every list when it comes to dental oral
health. Why is that? Value is not placed on teeth in our state due to access to care, education and cost What is the School of Dentistry here at WVU doing to address those big challenges and very real challenges for so many people? A lot of educational programs, our students go to elementary schools we go to nursing homes we go to Special Olympics just to provide educational programs across the state we also have a clinic that provides care – pediatric patients elderly
patients all in-between at reduced cost we also place students and clinics
across the state to provide care in those rural communities that may not have
enough dentist or hygienist in the area at a reduced fee. What are some things
that are easy to do and that they can start right now to have better oral health Okay so the first one is easy. We all brush your teeth you should brush at
least twice a day and you brush more if you would like to that make sure you use
a soft bristled toothbrush, floss once a day to get in between your teeth, you can
use a rinse for various reasons if you can’t know if toothbrush near
chew a piece of sugar-free gum immediately after you eat. It decreases
your rate of getting any type of decay. And it’s also a good idea to go see the
dentist and visit your dental hygienist how many times a year? At least twice a year they may say more but at least twice a year get a good dental exam. There’s a lot of information available about the WVU School of Dentistry if you’d like to learn more you can follow them on Facebook you can also go to the
school of dentistry’s website
– dentistry.hsc.wvu.edu and you can also learn more information about what’s happening on our Health Sciences Campus anytime at our wvutoday.wvu.edu.

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