WWE Lars Sullivan News! Randy Orton Injury! WWE 247 Title Cancelled! Wrestling News!

WWE Lars Sullivan News! Randy Orton Injury! WWE 247 Title Cancelled! Wrestling News!

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Here is news for December 30 2019 We’re starting off today’s news video
with some unfortunate news, as former WWE World Champion
Randy Orton has reportedly been
injured at an untelevised event. During last night’s House show in
Hershey, Pennsylvania, the Apex
Predator was facing AJ Styles, but mere minutes into the match,
went down with a knee injury. This injury forced the match to be
cancelled, and Orton was
helped to the back by officials, and fans quickly took to social
media to share footage and
pictures of what happened. As a 13-time World Champion, one
of the biggest stars on Monday
Night RAW, and with WrestleMania drawing
near, Orton’s injury could not
come at a worse time, though there has been no news
on how long the Viper will be out
of commission. If Orton is lucky, then he might
not have to miss any time
at all from the ring, but if this knee injury does require
time away, it looks like there will be a
spot vacant for someone else from the red brand,
in next month’s men’s Royal Rumble. More news from WWE Live events
now, as last week in Madison
Square Garden, Andrade captured the United States
Championship in shocking fashion,
defeating Rey Mysterio. Having captured the star-spangled
strap twice this year, Mysterio’s loss
came as quite a shock to fans, with many questioning why the WWE
would take the title off of one of it’s
most popular Superstars of all time. On the latest edition of Wrestling
Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer
addressed the surprising title
change, saying: “This is like a plan, to do title
changes at the house shows to help
build up the house shows again.” It’s no secret that the live attendance
of WWE events has fallen over the
past year or so, so having more house show title
changes may indeed be the best decision for the company to get
more butts in seats. Meltzer also said that there are big
plans for both Andrade and Mysterio, as the new United States Champion
is expected to feud with Humberto
Carillo over the title, whilst Mysterio is rumored to be
moved into the main event storyline,
which would see Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe and Mysterio, face
against Seth Rollins and AOP. With the master of the 619 no
longer the United States Champion, Mysterio could always go after
the 24/7 Championship, but may have to be quick in
order to capture the green gold. Recently, if fans went to the WWE
Website and looked at the
history of the 24/7 Title, they will have seen that the gold
has been retired, with a black and
white image of R-Truth also on display. This came as a shock to many fans,
and after questioning what WWE
was doing on social media, the website was edited, and the
title un-retired. Since being launched in May, the 24/7
Championship has been one of the
most popular parts of WWE programming, thanks to the impromptu matches
and comedic timing of everyone
involved. Currently held by 27-time Champion
R-Truth, the title has changed hands
10 times over the past week, with Akira Tozawa, Santa Claus, both
Singh brothers and announcer Mike
Rome all holding the title, before it was won back by Truth at a
live event in Pittsburgh, and the
title remains active. One Superstar who knows all about
winning championships is Jerry Lawler, as The King has won well over
100 titles throughout his
decades in the ring. And though the Hall of Famer has
spent much of his wrestling carer
between the ropes it seems like that won’t be the
case anymore, according to
the man himself. On his podcast, Lawler spoke about
the current storyline with his
fellow RAW commentator Samoa Joe and the AOP, and after
discussing Akam and Rezar’s
attack on Joe, revealed that he is on what the
King described as a quote
“no-touch list.” This is likely a rule to mean that he
isn’t allowed to get too physical
with Superstars, and the last time he did, Lawler was
ambushed by Bray Wyatt’s Mandible
Claw on the August 19th episode of RAW, which allowed the Hall of Famer
to safely slump to the ground. The last time Lawler had an actual
match on WWE TV, came
during the September 10th, 2012 edition of RAW, where he teamed with
Randy Orton to face Dolph Ziggler
and then-WWE Champion CM Punk. Later that same night, the King would
suffer a heart attack that would keep
him away from TV for months, and whilst WWE isn’t wanting Lawler
back in the ring ever again, that hasn’t stopped Jerry from
competing outside the company
over the years. From one icon of the industry to a
relatively new face on WWE programming, as Peyton Royce has done a lot
since joining the main roster last year. Moving to SmackDown Live in April 2018,
the Australian Superstar has been connected to her real-life best
friend Billie Kay, and the pair captured the WWE Women’s
Tag Team titles together this year at
WrestleMania 35. On Twitter this week, the IIconic
Superstar was asked by a fan about
how her ring name came about and revealed that she was nearly
called Ruby Ryan, but didn’t like the
surname at the time. After requesting to change the
name to Royce, the Aussie also asked for the Ruby
part to be changed to Peyton and
was thrilled that both requests
were allowed. At age 27, Royce and Billie Kay still
have plenty of years ahead of
them in the WWE, so fans shouldn’t be too surprised
if the pair regain the Women’s
Tag Team titles, or even go after singles gold, in
the coming years. From one W omen’s tag team to
another now, as though Fire and Desire have been together since their main
roster call up in 2017, the pair
haven’t had too much success. After being defeated in consecutive
weeks on SmackDown by Carmella, it looks like the team of Mandy Rose
and Sonya Deville may be finished
for good, though according to Dave Meltzer,
this has been a long time coming. Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio,
Meltzer noted that the original plan
was to split Rose and Deville up before WrestleMania 35 this year,
though that obviously didn’t happen. Over the last few weeks though, the
company has been dropping hints
of the pair drifting apart, as well as starting a storyline between
the Golden Goddess and Otis of
Heavy Machinery. On the latest edition of the Blue brand,
Rose didn’t accompany Deville to the
ring for her match with Carmella, and as she received a home-made
fruitcake from the Heavy Machinery star, it looks like Rose and Deville will
be splitting very soon. We’re heading outside of WWE now,
and though it’s not even been a
month since Sin Cara was released by WWE, the masked
luchador has already found a
unique new job. Yesterday, the former NXT Tag Team
Champion revealed that he will be
working for the British soccer team the
Wolverhampton Wanderers, as
part of their backroom staff. In a statement on the club’s official
Spanish website, the Wolves
confirmed that Cara, who is now going by the name Cinta
de Oro, will start his new job on
January 1st next year. As part of his duties, the former Lucha
Dragon will be responsible for
searching for new talent, forming alliances with football schools,
and scouting for new international
figures for the future of the team. Though this new job may be an odd
decision for the former Superstar, it should be noted that Oro is good
friends with Wolves striker Raul
Jimenez, and has been a known supporter
of the team for many years. Currently in seventh place in the
Premier League after defeating
champions Machester City 3-2 over the festive period, it seems
that the Wolverhampton Wanderers
are doing everything right, and with the former WWE Superstar
working for them backstage, there’s no telling just how high the
Wolves will go. More news from the United Kingdom
now, as though tonight’s episode
of Monday Night RAW will be the final show of the year
and the decade, it will also mark
the end of an era, as WWE long relationship with
Sky Sports will come to a close. After a deal was signed to host
WWE programming on Sky in
the early 1980s, tonight’s show will mark the end of
a near 30-year deal, as all WWE
programming in the UK will be
moved to BT Sport, starting with this week’s edition
of SmackDown. With the WWE expanding their
NXT branch to the UK over
the past few years, as well as working closely with
British promotions, it seems like
BT Sport are getting a good deal, though time will tell whether the two
parties will be together for as long
as the WWE was with Sky Sports. Back to WWE now, and though 2019
has been an interesting year for
many Superstars, perhaps no-one has had more of
a messy year than Lars Sullivan. After his scheduled January 14th debut
on RAW was delayed due to an
anxiety attack, Sullivan made his debut on the April
8th edition of the red brand,
attacking Kurt Angle, but quickly found himself in hot water,
over comments he made years ago online. On bodybuilding.com forums both before
and after signing with WWE, Sullivan
made a series of racist, *****t and homophobic comments, and
this week, more came to light about
the Freak’s past. Recently, fans discovered that Sullivan
previously worked in adult films, and some of these films included
h*******l scenes with other
male performers. Allegedly working under the stage
name Mitch Bennett, Sullivan’s
past has obviously clashed with some of the comments he made
online, as once again, the Freak
has made headlines, but not because of his matches.
Currently on the shelf after
suffering a knee injury in June, Sullivan’s recovery is reportedly
taking slower than expected, and we can’t help but wonder what
kind of response he will get from
the crowd, his fellow Superstars and those backstage after what
has been a controversial year
for the former NXT Superstar. Though 2019 clearly hasn’t gone
the way that Lars Sullivan will
have intender, the same can’t be said for Bayley,
who has had an incredible year in WWE. Not only did the former Hugger turn
heel, but she also became the first-
ever Women’s Triple Crown and Grand Slam winner, as she has
captured the NXT, RAW and
SmackDown Women’s titles, as well as the Women’s Tag
Team Championships. Also being this year’s Women’s Money
in the Bank winner, 2019 has definitely
been Bayley’s year, and recently, the SmackDown Women’s Champion
became the longest reigning Superstar
to hold the blue and white title. Commenting about this on Instagram,
Bayley pointed out that out of the
365 days of 2019, she has been a champion for all but
99 of them, holding both the
SmackDown Women’s title and Women’s Tag team titles with
Sasha Banks over the past 12 months. Describing herself as the best role
model to the fans she calls
quote “idiots”, Bayley may have to work on getting
fans to see her as a role model, but we can’t argue with the success
of the California native, who is also looking at making
2020 her year as well. And finally today we’re ending with a
preview of tonight’s edition of
Monday Night RAW, as the WWE intends to end their
three hour show with a bang. On the show, Lana and Bobby
Lashley will finally tie the knot, after the Ravishing Russian made her
man propose, though given WWE
weddings in the past, we don’t expect this to be an easy
walk down the aisle. Also on tonight’s show, Aleister Black
and Buddy Murphy will face off in a
rematch from their encounter at TLC, whilst local advertising for the XL
Center in Hartford is also promising Kevin Owens Vs. Seth Rollins,
and Randy Orton Vs. AJ Styles. Of course, this last match will depend
on the condition of the Apex Predator
after his live event match against the Phenomenal One
was cancelled, but with or without
the Viper, WWE is looking to end 2019 in a
big way, tonight on Monday Night RAW. Well that’s all the news we have for
you today. If you liked this video, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up
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always, thanks for watching.

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