WWE Raw In CRISIS! Brie Bella Backstage Heat For Liv Morgan Injury?! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2018

WWE Raw In CRISIS! Brie Bella Backstage Heat For Liv Morgan Injury?! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2018

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on this channel for everyone. WWE’s ‘developmental’ promotion which,
at this rate, might soon outdraw their flagship Monday Night Raw. As this week’s instalment is set to be the
show’s lowest rated episode in WWE history [RAW IMAGE]. I can’t wait for that ‘Did
You Know’ graphic next week. The show drew an average of 2.35 million viewers,
which is down over 300,000 from last week’s 2.67 million viewers.
While F4WOnline points to a number of reasons for the low number – with “a combination
of network season premieres and a strong NFL game” of the Pittsburgh Steelers vs Tampa
Bay Buccaneers – it doesn’t explain the 19% drop of over half a million viewers since
the same time last year, effectively cutting Raw’s year-on-year audience by a fifth.
And while Monday’s TV competition was strong, it was nothing compared to what Raw faced
in its previous historic low – the ratings juggernaut of the Clinton-Trump debate back
in 2016 on September 26th, where Raw managed 2.46 million viewers – still over 100,000
more than this week’s episode. The Scott Steiner Institute of Statistics
is now projecting Monday Night Raw has just an 8 ⅓ chance of winning at Sacrifice.
But what did you think of the show? 60% agreed with my rating of AvRAWge, while 24% thought
it even better at Cor. Why do you think Raw’s viewership has dropped
off so dramatically? Let me know in the comments down below, and in our latest Question on
a Poll match by clicking the ‘i’ above my head.
Shayna Baszler won yesterday’s Question on a Poll match, with 72% of you wanting to
see her called up to the main roster before Dakota Kai.
Sadly Raw wasn’t just newsworthy for its historically low rating, though. As WWE have confirmed to PWInsider that Liv
Morgan suffered a potentially serious injury on this week’s episode.
“Liv Morgan has a concussion and is going through the proper protocol under WWE’s comprehensive
wellness program.” The injury came near the start of the Bellas
and Natalya vs the Riott Squad’s six woman tag, when Brie Bella accidentally kicked Morgan
in the face while doing her husband Daniel Bryan’s Yes Kicks. Twice.
Fightful is reporting that when the incident occured, the referee was told by backstage
officials to keep Morgan out of the match. Her Riott Squad teammate Sarah Logan helped
her to the side of the ring to be seen by WWE Dr. Chris Amann, while Ruby Riott called
the match on the fly, drawing from her long experience on the indies.
Morgan, however, was determined to continue – said to “have been on ‘auto pilot’”,
and actually got back in the ring to hit the triple suplex spot just before the adbreak.
“The rest of the Riott Squad had to physically restrain her at ringside after the move and
talk to her, to ensure that she’d remain out of the ring until the end of the match or
help arrived.” Shortly after this, Brie made another mistake,
“cracking Riott in the mouth” with her forearm rather than taking a move from Ruby.
While Morgan “is having issues with remembering what happened”, Fightful add there isn’t
any heat between Brie and Liv backstage, as Brie “apologised to Liv repeatedly”. Morgan’s
Riott Squad teammates Logan and Ruby, however, reportedly “‘looked’ to be unhappy,
as they’re legitimately close friends of Liv Morgan’s.”
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100 thoughts on “WWE Raw In CRISIS! Brie Bella Backstage Heat For Liv Morgan Injury?! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2018”

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  2. Smackdown can be seen on Hulu, Raw isn't on any streaming service… With more people dropping Cable and switching to Streaming for TV.

  3. She needs to retire every match she can't hit the ropes ses going to.hurt herself or someone serious. She's done. Her And Daniel have lost there pop. And arwhurting raw the miz/Brian fued is stale

  4. Brie Bella is a danger to herself and others in the Ring. Liv's injury and those botched dives the previous week should be a sure fire red flag to get her back to training, or hang up the boots.

  5. Bella twins are better at reality television. I just re watched the match and felt bad for ruby. She handled it well. I wouldn't put it past those bellas to take out there competition. Or they're just that bad at wrestling. Especially brie. Michael Cole said they took liv back stage to get checked on but she was still laying by the side of the ring. Who the fuck was in charge of that shit? Botch after botch with Brie. She needs to go back to nxt. Or she's drunk or hungover. We all know she loves her wine.

  6. Raws live viewership has dropped because people can stream it back on hulu whenever they want, any day of the week. Not to mention some decent YouTube highlights that cut out the fluff

  7. Its definitely because of Roman cause I know tons of people who watch wwe illegally when Roman is the top champion just to screw the ratings into trying to get wwe to listen to the fans!

  8. "Comment why you think the ratings were low."

    Everyone who answers the question

    "It's Roman."
    "Probably Roman."
    "I wouldn't want to venture a guess but if I did I would say…. Roman."

  9. Ratings all time low means Roman title reign is doing wonders. Too bad so sad Lucha Underground and NJPW just so much better

  10. The Bellas need to go back to Keeping with the WWE Kardashians and leave in ring work to the real wrestlers, the woman's division has left them behind

  11. I believe Liv should be given a push after this as compensation. At the very least be able to bury brie in a match or backstage brawl so brie can go back an train so this doesn't happen again. #Getwellsoonlivthenafteryourrecoveryputababyinme

  12. Oh no ratings are down!!! Its all about the ratings!!!

    "Wwe is making more money now then ever before….maybe ratings dont equal money as much as you think?"

    ……noooooo!!! Its all about ratings!!!

  13. Vince McMan said it himself. The WWE has lost its impact. It has become same old same old. People get tired of knowing what is going to happen. Then officials running down the wrestlers and portraying them as want to be athletes. Like letting Brock Lesner walk in and take over everything. That one action set back wrestling more than a hundred years. Wrestlers had worked hard to be viewed as legit athletes. Like Jerry Lawler did where Andy Kaufman was concerned. The other thing that is killing the WWE is the old timers stilling the spotlight of the younger wrestlers. I remember during the Monday NIGHT Wars DX did a bit on WCW using washed up wrestlers like Hogan and Piper. HHH said that Hogan and Piper sucked the air so bad the fans in the first four rolls passed out. Not HHH is doing the sucking and pulling down the other legends images. Case in point is HBK, Undertaker and now Kane. Yes it is good to see these legends but there is a time to step a side and let the younger ones shine. They could take on supportive rolls if they must have the spotlight. JBL did it with grace. Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby the Brain made way to help the new lions. But HHH is hogging the faded glory of days gone by. The writers are burned out and new blood needs to be added to the mix. There has to be impact and that something special factor. The WWE needs that ruthless aggression again like Vince challenged the wrestlers before . That produced superstar of today and yesterday. The next thing is the WWE is not following threw on its story lines. They are burying great talent. Just like nobody wants to eat the same thing every meal. That is what the WWE has done is serve the same stale meal over and over. It really needs to spice things up.

  14. Omg this guy has good energy … I actually really like his channel hes interesting 👏 & very positive speaker. . . 👍

  15. Why has this becomes an issue was Nikki Bella Carrie not ended on the ring Danial Bryan equally ended at the ring Paige Carrie ended at the ring was it not supposed to end at the give me break.

  16. Brie really needs to train some more at the PC and get in better shape so she does not have these dramatical errors and can hang with the w-division. They honestly should have stopped the match, and attended to the injuried Liv Morgan but they did not which shows they just cared about the outcome of the match with the Bella's, which is completely shitty on WWE part!! This also showed that in times of improvising- who would step up. It was Ruby Riott who really took Liv Morgan's responsibilities in the match. Ruby took control of the match on the spot and improvessed so well. Ruby was also trying not to be furious with the whole incident, even though she seemed calm, we all know Ruby was mad as hell lol and I love it.

    As for why the low RAW ratings this week- it was for a lot of reasons..
    There was nothing interesting that happened on RAW last week that made you want to view the show live.
    Most fans also can't stand Roman Reigns, especially that he is the champion.
    The one and only big men's story line involves all the champions, a heel Braun Strowman, and the booed Roman Reigns.
    The PG era and WWE not listening to their fans has really pushed fans away from the show to watch other wrestling companies.
    RAW wrestlers that should be getting pushed with title opportunities have become reasonless mid carders.

    But it al has to do with the timing of this week..
    Brock Lesnar is off doing UFC
    Ronda Rousey the raw Wchampion was not on RAW
    Alexa Bliss was on the show but can't wrestle
    there are no other interesting story lines

    But maybe it's because Sasha Banks is injured and will not compete for the time being. Perhaps that is the reason, Sasha has hella fans that probably did not watch the show lol

  17. Ratings down cause they've tried to shove shit down fans throats. No one wants Roman as champ & we sure don't want Brock to get the title back. It would be better if we have 3 or more different universal champs a year as opposed to 1 man all year long. Now there are so many women's matches, but the problem there is they claim an evolution, while having so many divas on the roster, I mean Ruby Roit is one of the best & she has to job to the Bella's who are terrible. Now you put the title on Rousey too fast & that has turned people off the women's division. I mean how are we to believe their not still divas if someone like Ronda can dominate.

  18. Very simply put: repetitive storyline, lackluster matches, no legitimate rivalry of business to draw that creative spark to the brand, the 50/50 booking, the fact they ignore that people cheer the villians and boo the heroes and still book the story nobody wants to see, the fact they book great matches and "extend the life of the cash cow" by throttling wrestlers and booking the worst endings, oh and the sore misuse of the undercard and call ups.

    All of this is what I feel is causing the drops, and. Making the brand feel stale. Let's not even go into the damn near unplayable wwe2k games…

  19. The Bella Cringe were never good workers. They should just stick to what they do best. REALITY TV! leave the wrestling to the real wrestlers.

  20. Natalya, Brie, and Nikki should NEVER team up again, something bad always happens whenever those three team up… remember when Nikki lost a tooth… love them but the three of them should never be a tag team

  21. Graduate NXT just to be absolutely ruined in WWE…
    Seems legit
    The Bella's need to stay tf out of wrestling and stick to that dog 💩 show of theirs

  22. I think more and more people are cord cutting and getting rid of cable. I watch Raw on Daily motion after it airs. Or i watch it on sling it might get ratings from sling but not daiky motion. Cable is a rip off u can get pretty much everything with the net.

  23. I think the Bella twins are overhyped overrated horrible mic skills worthless to say the very least. The best thing they're good at is to act like the trash they are in total Bella's/ Total Divas or whatever that mindless decay of society trash show is. They're not athletes. They are not wrestlers. They are active models at best. Ring rust my ass. Pathetic excuse for garbage talent.

  24. Brie Bella is an absolute trainwreck in a wrestling ring. 5 botches in 2 weeks isn't ring rust. It's lack of talent. Top it off with the fact the Bellas are only there to glom visibility off the Evolution ppv hype and it means that you're injuring your workers just to promote 2 glory hogs who don't even need it.

  25. Most of the WWE females performers are divas and not wrestlers. Divas shouldn't be wrestling. Asuka is a wrestler, Becky Lynch is a wrestler, hell even at some points in her career Stephanie McMahon could be called a wrestler when she wrestled her father. The Bellas are divas (always have been), Naomi is a diva and Lana is a diva sadly even Natalia became a diva. Women's wrestling in WWE almost doesn't exist. If you want that, watch literally ANY OTHER PROMOTION
    The Bellas suck. Always have since their first day in WWE. People always give Triple H shit for marrying Stephanie but give Nikki and Brie a pass…AJ Lee was right about them.

  26. the PG era is number one bullshit. I'm looking at what impact is doing, almost everything is better. Everything Scott Steiner said was spot on. Stop opening raw with promo's, open with a match, stop promoting people who can't wrestle, who can't talk, and let the fans promote the talent the way it use to be done. And keep Brie out of the ring before she hurts herself or another wrestler outside of Liv.

  27. Keep the Bellas off of WWE TV. They're horrible. WWE needs to end this bullsht PG era & "women's evolution" SJW fuckery. It's killing the ratings. Nobody cares about the all-women's PPV. Stop having pointless PPVs in other countries (Greatest Royal Rumble/Super-Showdown/Crown Jewel). They're trying to do too much & its ruining the weekly shows. No interesting feuds right now outside of Joe/Styles. Honestly don't get excited for RAW anymore & lately just watch highlights on here.

  28. Get rid of her. Poor wrestler if that's what it is. Cannot do her own things and fks that up as well. Get her out now. You cannot damage the health of others, it's not wrestling. Get out brie, your a liability.

  29. Accidents happen. I’m sure they still get along and all is well. It’s a contact entertainment show. Accidents happen.

  30. You could definitely see the worry on Ruby and Sarah’s faces when Liv was hurt. It was something they couldn’t hide on TV.

  31. The answer is simple… Roman is the champ, and NO ONE wants that. Sure, he's there every week, but what's the good in that, if the majority can't stand him? Give the title to Seth, Dean, or Drew. Even Braun would be a breath of fresh air for once.

  32. You keep asking why we think we is losing ratings but very clear when you watch a episode of it .you have weak non imaginative writers ,half the wrestling’ crew is trash look no farther then there top superstars and there rules that preventing real talent from doing amazing things btw them rules that limit wwe wrestling are in place because of non talented trash like the Bella twins

  33. I noticed there was some comments about Bocthy Brie drinking! She was probably feeling the effects of the wine! If you watch Total Divas or The Bella's,that's all they do! Drink wine,Nikki walks around carrying a bottle in her hand! They have made it this far because of their men in their lives.Daniel Bryan and John Cena!! Brie should be released from WWE and Nikki too!! Their boring to watch!! JMO!!!!!

  34. If botch mode is not reprimanded or made to do retraining or developmental because of Daniel Bryan and he actively supports keeping botch Bella in the ring ya know what?

  35. The Bellas should just stick to their luxury-style life as the wife of Daniel and the future bride of Cena.
    Their are pathetic in the ring, and Brie is so damn bad that she is literally a danger.

  36. Ratings are going down because they tell everything before it happens on the show. Secondly they took away pyrotechnics. Which added style to an entrance now 80 percent of entrances are boring and lack excitement.

  37. Raise your toddler, Brie. Isn't that why you retired? You were NEVER a good wrestler. The ONLY thing you've been good at is being the flattest waitress at Hooters.

  38. Hearing that Liv was trying to get back in the match makes me respect her even more than I did before. I thought she just got back for the suplex spot, I didn't know she was trying to continue in the match as well. That girl is tough

  39. No wonder Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan are pissed. They saved Brie from 2 botched suicide dives only for her to knock out their friend and then hit Ruby in the face.

  40. I heard the Dr gave Liv the “OK” to continue with the suplex but her friends thought she was to out of it so they had to physically restrain her.


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