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Here is your news for
February 7, 2020. We’re starting today with some
news from the WWE Network,
as on February 16th, a new docuseries will premiere,
all about the Ruthless
Aggression Era. Following up from the widely
praised Attitude Era, this period
of time saw the debut of many future top stars, such as
John Cena and Batista, as
well as a shift in the company’s storytelling. A
statement for the docuseries
reads: “WWE Ruthless Aggression
picks up where WWE Network’s
critically acclaimed Monday Night War docu-series
left off, detailing the prolific, if
turbulent, years that followed the Attitude Era, after
WWE won the battle for Monday
night supremacy and absorbed its top rival, WCW. Famous for giving rise to
legendary WWE Superstars
like John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton and Batista, the
Ruthless Aggression Era was
also a time of remarkable innovation for WWE. The company
introduced new concepts like the
Elimination Chamber Match and Money in
the Bank Ladder Match, and,
for the first time in its history, split the roster into two
unique brands: Raw and
SmackDown. WWE Ruthless Aggression will
feature brand-new interviews
with Cena, Batista, Orton, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Mark Henry,
Becky Lynch, Kevin Owens,
The Miz, Paul Heyman, Bruce Prichard and many more,
giving WWE fans firsthand
accounts of events that transpired in front of, and behind,
the camera. Each episode is
also packed with rare and never-before-seen footage,
providing unprecedented
access to the Ruthless Aggression Era.” Following the conclusion of the
Monday Night War which
ended in the WWF purchasing WCW, the trailer for
the news series teased the
‘Stone Cold’ situation in 2002, when the Rattlesnake
didn’t show up to RAW over
creative differences regarding a Brock Lesnar match. Whilst the Attitude Era gets a lot
of love for being a massive
financial success, for many fans, nothing beats the
Ruthless Aggression Era,
which saw the debut of stars including John Cena, Randy
Orton, Batista and Brock
Lesnar. It was a time when the popularity
of the product began to decline
after the peak from the Attitude Era and Vince
McMahon was trying different
things to heat the product back up, with arguably the most
stacked roster ever, thanks to
a wave of talent from the defunct WCW. With that said, there’s plenty to
criticize the era for, such as
Vince McMahon’s desire for shock value with the Katie
Vick storyline and HLA, but
the era also saw the return of Shawn Michaels following his
retirement in 2002, and it’ll be
interesting to see how the era is portrayed in the
documentary which premiers
on Sunday, February 16th, after NXT Takeover Portland. We’re looking at WWE’s
corporate side next, as the big
news coming out of WWE’s investors’ call earlier today
revolved around the potential
for moving some pay-per- views off the Network. Prior to their investors’ call
Thursday morning, WWE
released their 2019 Q4 numbers, showing 18% revenue growth to
$322.8 million, good for their
highest quarterly revenue in company history. The reason for the increase was
revenue from their new TV
deals, offsetting lower revenue from their live events.
Quarterly net revenue in
Media increased to $264.6 million, up from Q3’s $205.3 million.
Year over year, Media net revenue
increased to $743.1 million, up from 2018’s
$683.4 million. Of course, the elephant in the
room was All Elite Wrestling, as
Vince McMahon was asked about his new competition,
and replied saying: “AEW has not changed our
content at all, because it’s all
about characters, storylines, and resolutions. So, it really
hasn’t changed our point of
view in terms of what we present and we don’t need a
more edgy, as you call it,
content… [We are] one of the few programs out there that
really is PG.” The talk about AEW naturally
led to a discussion about NXT
and the Wednesday Night War, as the Boss said: “NXT is competing on Wednesday
night with AEW and doing
extremely well, and we’re confident that NXT will
continue on with its success.” That certainly is an interesting
take on things, given that AEW
Dynamite holds the vast majority of victories in the rating
war, and moving on from AEW
and NXT, McMahon said he’s pleased with how his
WrestleMania card is shaping
up. He said: “At one time we had a lot of talent
that was injured. We don’t have
that right now. It just takes a while to be able to
put everyone in the right place,
right storyline, right talent. And going into Wrestle
Mania, we think we have exactly
what we want, and going forward as well.” Whilst WrestleMania may still be
weeks away, this weekend will
see the return of the XFL, though McMahon stressed
that his new football league
won’t affect WWE, saying: “We have 400 employees over
there, it’s run by itself, and
there’s no investment whatsoever…by WWE.” In fact, the XFL was brought up
several times on the call, and
each time, McMahon said that his football league and
his wrestling company were
totally separate entities and has nothing to do with
WWE’s business. The Boss said that his pretty
broad shoulders could carry
the weight of both WWE and the XFL, but then the Chairman
was asked to elaborate on talks
with quote “prior team members”, a not-so-subtle
reference to former co-presidents
George Barrios and Michelle Wilson, who left the
company last week. McMahon
said: “A lot of it is execution related,
and a lot of it is focus as well,
as well as the reallocation of resources. Again,
looking at the way we do
business, it’s going to be different, and more successful.” Investors also noticed the rise
of talent costs, and asked
Vince if that is due to talent being paid a higher percentage
of revenue or is it because
revenues are up. He replied: “It’s mostly revenue increasing.
We’ve always done
percentages with our talent. Generally speaking, the more
revenue the more money they
make, and conversely. So, talent cost has gone up,
and we’re sort of proud of it.” Finally, McMahon responded to
a question about WWE’s
leadership and the idea that highly talented individuals might
not want to work for him. He said: “In terms of changing of re-
imagining our culture, the way
we do business, it’s going to be far more inclusive…attracting
world-class individuals to our
company. Who wouldn’t want to work for WWE?
I mean come on…It won’t take
us long either to implement all that.” Earlier in the call, McMahon
thanked both Barrios and
Wilson for their tenure, saying they made “more than significant”
contributions to the company,
but also stated that WWE wouldn’t miss a beat
without them. The biggest news that has fans
talking from the conference
call is the possible major changes to the WWE Network,
as one possible change could
see streaming services buying the rights to network
content. During the call, McMahon
revealed that the company is
considering going that route as another method of increasing
revenue, and the Wrap would
later confirm this after reaching out to WWE. Interim Chief Financial Officer
Frank Riddick said that
nothing could stop the WWE from completing any transaction
over Network content, and
McMahon later mentioned how there is perhaps
no better time to sell the rights
to content, given how many major companies are
going into the OTT platform
business. As far as when a deal could be
completed, McMahon noted
that it could be as soon as the first quarter of 2020, and
whilst further details or
specifics were not mentioned but did say that it is also possible
for ads to be incorporated into
the WWE Network. As of right now, the Network
offers every WWE Pay Per
View, including WrestleMania, TakeOver specials as well as
in-ring programming such as
NXT UK and 205 Live, in addition to both original
programming’s out of the ring,
and archived footage. Although the WWE did a soft-
launch of a free-tier version
of the Network, WWE didn’t go into detail about how much
that has impacted the Network
itself. As of last quarter, the WWE
Network had 1.43 million
subscribers, a 10% drop from the previous quarter, and
generated $184.6 million in
yearly revenue, down $15 million from 2018, and the company
predicted a modest increase for
Q1 2020 for 1.47 million. Of course, money isn’t exactly
scarce at the moment, as WWE
signed deals with both FOX and NBCUniversal to keep
RAW and SmackDown on the
air, giving the company $2.35 billion from 2019-2024,
and this was just one of the
major takeaways from the call. Meanwhile, the company has
also finalized new and renewed
content distribution deals worldwide, such as with
BT Sport and Channel 5 in the
UK, Fox Sports for Latin America, PP Sports in China,
and Super sport in Africa. Online, video views increased
by 10% to 34.5 billion, with
hours consumed increasing to 1.3 billion across digital and
social media platforms, an
increase of 7% from the previous report. There was an interesting note
regarding their ‘Cash flows
generated by operating activities’ decreasing to $121.7
million, down from the previous
number of $186.7 million, and this was mostly put
down to the Crown Jewel 2019
event, and the payment issues for the show. The quarterly live event revenue
increased from Q3 to Q4 to
$27.4 million, but this was still down from the 2018
Q4 figure of $34.4 million. This loss was put down to a
lack of a Supershow in Australia,
as well as less live events. Quarterly consumer product
revenue increased to $30.8
million but was down from last year’s $32.8 million. And in
comparing the entirety of 2019
to 2018, it was down to $91.7 million from 2018’s
$102.6 million. Lower video
game royalties were to blame, thanks to the poor
reception of WWE 2K20. The loss of the Mixed Match
Challenge on Facebook Watch
also contributed to a decrease of $7 million in the
other category for revenue. Unfortunately for McMahon, the
financial report did see a drop
in WWE stock right before the conference call, as
the company closed Wall Street
yesterday at $49, then dropped as low as $41.50, a near
16% decrease this morning, once
the 2019 fourth- quarter earnings report and
2020 were released. With the departure of Barrios and
Wilson and the rise of AEW, it’ll
be interesting to see where WWE goes from here,
especially with both WrestleMania
and the XFL on the horizon. After all this business talk it’s
good to get back in the ring, as
tonight’s SmackDown will see the return of Bill Goldberg
leading fans to question who’s
next. According to Brad Shepard, a
source in WWE has told him
that the former Universal Champion will face the current
titleholder Bray Wyatt, at Super
Showdown in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Dave Meltzer also stated that a
Goldberg-Wyatt match quote
“feels like the most obvious match,” though it is
interesting that Goldberg is
appearing on SmackDown, as he usually appears on RAW,
thanks to his working relationship
with the Red brand’s executive director, Paul Heyman. From WWE to AEW now, as
World Champion Chris Jericho
has done plenty of big things in the new company. Despite being the top star of
the company, Jericho still has
time for his podcast, and on a recent show, spoke about a
conversation with Vince
McMahon, after he signed the deal with AEW. According to Jericho, Vince wanted
to know if Le Champion could
get out of the deal, saying: “I’m not in AEW because I was a
rebel, I’m
with AEW because Vince went, ‘go.’ And then, when
I went, he went, ‘did you sign
the contract?’ I said, ‘well, yeah.’ He said, ‘can you
get out of it?’ ‘No! You told
me to sign it!’” Y2J also brought up how
McMahon could have prevented
him from signing with AEW, just like he could have stopped
stars like Kevin Nash and Scott
Hall leaving for WCW in 1996, and found it interesting
that the Boss had made the same
mistakes nearly 25 years later. More news from AEW now, as
this week’s Dynamite once
again dominated WWE NXT in the ratings, despite the return
to the gold brand of Charlotte
Flair. Despite the Queen, AEW drew
928,000 viewers against NXT’s
770,000, with AEW closing out with the 10 lashes
to the back of Cody Rhodes. In comparison, NXT closed out
with the return of the Velveteen
Dream, and like most weeks, AEW won all the
demographics, except for
viewers over 50 years old. We’re looking ahead to
WrestleMania now, and as the
show of shows comes together, next week could see anew
challenger emerge for the RAW
Women’s Championship. According to reports, NXT’s
Shayna Baszler is slated for a
role at WrestleMania, and the fact that she hasn’t been
featured on WWE TV could
point to the company prepping her for the move
to the red brand. According to Brad Shepard, the
Queen of Spades is scheduled
to be in Ontario for RAW next week, where The Man
will defend her RAW Women’s
Championship against Asuka. Baszler might not be Becky
Lynch’s only opponent at
WrestleMania though, as the company is reportedly playing
with the idea of possibly adding
another woman to the mix. One clear thing right now,
however, is that The Queen Of
Spades appears to be booked for the showcase of
the immortals. More news from WWE’s women’s
division, as Sasha Banks has
been out-of-action for the past few weeks, and even
missed the Royal Rumble
Pay Per View. The Boss hasn’t been seen
since her angle with Lacey Evans
last month, and appearing on Corey Graves’ ‘After the Bell
podcast’, Banks confirmed the
injury in character, saying: “If you guys watched Friday
Night SmackDown a couple of
weeks ago, the evil, un-role model, terrible mother, Lacey
Evans tripped me backstage,
and she hurt my ankle.” Speaking of injuries, the WWE
has put out the latest NXT
injury report, and Tommaso Ciampa has also suffered an
ankle injury, which he got
during this week’s main event, and he’ll be re-evaluated later
today. Ciampa’s TakeOver Portland
opponent Adam Cole didn’t
leave unscathed this week either, as he received three
staples to close a laceration
suffered at the hands of Velveteen Dream. NXT Cruiserweight Champion
Jordan Devlin had a back-and
-forth bout with Tyler Breeze that left the Fashion
Squad member dealing with
lower back pain and stiffness, and according to the report,
Breeze’s status will be
monitored. We’ve got some news from Jim
Cornette, as the controversial
wrestling figure is not a fan of Kenny Omega, a fact
that recently ruined a longtime
friendship between Cornette and Dave Meltzer. Replying to an animated gif of
Omega kicking an 11-year-old
girl in their infamous match, Cornette sarcastically
commented “the best wrestler
in the world, folks,” which got the attention of the
Cleaner. Responding, Omega sarcastically
thanked Cornette for the
compliment and said that he could put a good word in for
him, and get him into the green
room at C2E2, the upcoming Chicago Comic and
Entertainment Expo. As of right now, Cornette hasn’t
replied, but we can only imagine
that the legendary commentator would jump at the
chance to share a green room
with the Cleaner right now. And finally, today we’re looking
at Hulk Hogan, who is slated
to appear at Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia on
February 27th, despite some
speculation and concern that he wouldn’t make it. Whilst recovering from recent
back surgery, the former WWF
Champion has been growing out a pretty impressive
beard, but after commenting
that people have been calling him Santa, the Hulkster
has been prompted to shave
the beard off. Whilst there’s always a chance
that Hogan could keep the
beard, as he does seem to pull it off, odds are that the next
time fans see him, he’ll be
rocking only his iconic moustache on his face, and fans
can prepare to see the tache,
and the man behind it, on February 27th at Super

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