Yoga Meditation Exercises : Yoga Ocean Breath for Meditation

Yoga Meditation Exercises : Yoga Ocean Breath for Meditation

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Another technique for breathing and centering
yourself for practice is the Ujjayi Pranayama or Ocean’s sound of breath. It’s also called
powerful breath, warrior breath. There’s many names for it. A lot of people refer to it
as the ocean’s breath. What you want to do and the easiest way to begin learning to do
this breath is think of yourself when you inhale, take a nice breath in, and as you
exhale, think of fogging a mirror. And you can leave your hand in front of your face,
and as you exhale, And feel that air come out. In all yoga practice, we breath through
the nose, in and out. So what you need to do is actually close the mouth, so you take
a nice inhale in. And as you start this breath, you, it will feel slightly tense, it will
feel kind of forced. And the more you get used to this breath, it will become easier.
As you learn the exhale part of this breath, then you can incorporate that on the inhale
as well. Think of say the word, home to yourself as you inhale. And the more you practice, the easier it’ll
become to make the inhales as the same length as the exhales. And that’s how you do Ujjayi

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  1. Thanks a bunch. Im doing a guided kundalini meditation. It went on to ask us to do the ocean breath, i was like huh? Thanks for posting your video!

  2. Thank you immensely for posting this clip 🙂 As far as darkpoisonivy is concerned the name says it all!!!

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