Yogic Breathing Techniques : Yogic Insomnia Breath

Yogic Breathing Techniques : Yogic Insomnia Breath

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So this is Brahmari, or the “insomnia breath”,
as we call it. This breath is a lot like Ujjayi in a way, but is used to calm yourself; at
night primarily is when the Yogis used it, to put yourself to sleep if you have insomnia,
and I know a lot of people with anxiety and stress issues that are not such good sleepers.
So, you can use Brahmari, the insomnia breath to help you out. It sort of sounds like a
hum or a buzz. This is how you do it. You’re going to inhale and exhale through your nose,
and when you inhale you’re going to let the belly expand; make sure the shoulders are
relaxed. If you’re doing this lying down, the same feeling. Make sure there’s no tension
in the face, the throat, or the shoulders; inhaling, and then when you exhale, you’re
going to make a little hum is the way I do it. I’ve seen it done a few different ways.
Sometimes it’s a hum; sometimes it’s a buzz. So, you’re going to inhale, mmmmmm. Exhale
until all your breath is gone. I like to feel the mask of my face, the “mask” of my face,
like my sinuses, sort of vibrating with the sound on the inside. It’s extremely calming.
Lie down and try it for one to three minutes, and see how you feel.

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  1. Sweet! Quite the informative video. I'm very interested in yoga now and would like to learn more. Question: Would you care to make, and this is really neat by the way, a video for sleep hypnosis because I know some who are doing that now and really help people to fall asleep, you would be excellent and I would be excited to see that video. Are you interested in hypnosis?

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