100 thoughts on “Young Vs. Old Jacksepticeye (Area 51 Raid Conspiracy)”

  1. It is nusret that you've been calling sprinkle man you piece of shit and he is turkish and turkey is better than you piece of shits

  2. Don’t worry jack, the Russians won’t steal our things anymore, The entire country is going down in flames 👍

  3. #@SeanMcLoughlin

    Just learned this in Cyber Security class actually… over 85% of the internet is hidden within The Deep Web and The Dark Web Jack. So no… you're wrong. MOST of the internet is still hidden. 🙂

  4. Talking about Area 51, there is or was a game on PS2 called Area 51 and the point of the game was to reclaim the base by killing all the aliens. I remember it being horrifying. It gave me nightmares.

  5. UwU sigh plz can I order holy water
    Me:*whispers* young jack
    Cash:oh heck have all the holy water
    Jack:where is young me
    Me and cash:t-to the left

    Edit:my god I miss whole vid thx for the likes

  6. At 7:11 look to the left of the back ground and you can see an alien from Toy Story LOL

  7. Why not they add another group with the crackheads better the dabers that dab to block all the bullets and run into Area 51

  8. Jack: a meme a day keeps the depression away

    Depressed person: spends money on a laptop or a device instead of anti-depressants to look at memes

  9. the old man Jack reminds me of the old guy from Hunter x Hunter Haven't actually watched much of it so I don't remember his name

  10. Hey Jack it's don't sprinkle man !!!! Hi's name is NUSRET!!! PLEASE YOU LEARN TURKİSH LANGUAGE PLEASEEEEEEE !!!!!!! I KNOW ENGLİSH HEHEHEEEE


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  12. I don’t believe that faceApp is true cause u can rlly never tell cause u can look like so many different ways cause of changes

  13. So basically you're just copying Felix on everything. You have no original content anymore. Im disappointed in you.

  14. Does anyone else ever think that if there were aliens in Area 51 that the government knows about the raid plan and moved all the aliens to another government base so that no one will find the aliens

  15. Jack 2015: I don't react, I don't do this at channel But when I do it's either this or React channel

    Jack 2019: MEME TIME

  16. jack: let it die

    me:…let it die let it die, let it shrivel up and- * gets kicked out of the comment section *

  17. 11:04 phwaa who's the good looking lad in the picture and I'm not just on about the face cam 👈🏽😃👈🏽

  18. you shit you trik me you mader faker😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😾👺👹

  19. I just love how russia has become such a big meme that Jack just said the communist meme theme instead of the russian national anthem.

  20. Well if you threw jack up in the air and someone who doesn’t watch him saw him in the air technically he would be an unidentified flying object

  21. Am I the only one that is concerned about the fact that the more Jack grows older, the more he looks like Conor McGregor

  22. Im glad that you know what people do on alot of these apps are wrong & are against it when it comes down to compaines being ok with stealing people's shit.

    Its wrong and upseting.

  23. Dont get me wrong I like Jack I'm just not a fan of his content anymore.
    I feel that hes less about the games and more about the trends.
    Love you jack you have gave me many years of fun it's just my time to move on.

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