Your Brain Can Access Different Dimensions of the Universe through Intense Breath


nithyānandeśvara sadāshiva samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari adishakti madhyamām asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām I welcome all of you with My love and respects. I welcome everyone sitting with us all over the world, through Nithyananda TV, Facebook Live on 100s of Aadheenavasis’ channels, YouTube Live, 2-way Video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome every one of you with My love and respects. I’ll expand on few fundamental truths on
your ability to cognize higher powerful cognitions. Just before the Satsang, I was having a very intimate discussion with some of the Mahants of the Sangha. Discussion was about – The
multi-dimensions of the Universe. Please understand. Your brain is actually constructed, capable… of grasping, cognizing and functioning…. understand the word ‘functioning’, in
the multi-dimensions of the Universe. Listen carefully. The Form I am using is not same. The language I am using is not same. The cognitions I am manifesting is not same. For example, the eyes with which I am seeing all of you, these same eyes are not used in Kailasa or
in Satya Loka or in Tapo Loka. But one thing is same that is this ‘breathing’; understand.
Understand…. the air I inhale, goes to Kailasa and comes back, comes out. Listen carefully. The eyes with which I am
seeing you, is not the same eyes, I am using in Kailasa. The Form I am using, is not the
same in Kailasa. The words I am using, is not the same in Kailasa. The cognitions I
am using, are not the same in Kailasa or Tapo Loka or Satya Loka or….. in all these 11
planes. I should use the word, 11 Dimension, not planes; 11 Dimensions… because 14 planes. In this plane….sorry in this dimension, you have access to 3 plane. In Kailash dimension, you have access to 2 planes I think it’s too confusing so…….just listen to this word, 11 dimensions. Let’s stop with it. So, the body I am using in this dimension,
is not the same body I am using in that dimension. The words I am using in this dimension is
not the same words I am using in that dimension. The eyes I am using here is not the same,
in that dimension. The cognitions I manifest, is not the same in that dimensions. But, the
breathing I am doing, is the same in all 11 dimensions. That is the common thread which connects the Consciousness with this body. Listen. Listen. That is the common factor,
connects Consciousness with this body – Spanda – connection. Common connection of Consciousness
with the bodies……See, I have 11 various bodies in 11 various dimensions. Actually,
little more than 11, the bodies I am using. All those bodies are connected through this breathing. That is why, being in the breathing space only makes you manifest powers. Understand. You can see this form, sitting
anywhere in 2-way Video Conferencing. In a larger screen, LED screen, you get a better experience. Anywhere you can hear, in HD quality audio, a better clear voice. But, none of
them can transmit the experience because Only through the breathing, all these 11 dimensions are connected. The vision I am capturing, the words I am uttering, are not same in the
Kailasa and here. They are all different. This file does not even go to Kailasa. Only
if it is a very important person, it is taken separately and archived into Kailasa. Not
otherwise. Make sure, your file reaches Kailasa, before
you reach Kailasa. So, they are ready with your reception and accommodation. The programs team in Kailasa is ready, to host you. The cognitions I am manifesting here and in Kailasa, is different. But the breathing I am doing is same, in all 11 dimensions and 14 planes.
Now, the air I inhaled, crossed all the 11-14 and comes out. I want you to know, the strength of the life in you, is strength of your breathing. When the breathing becomes intense, your brain’s capacity to cognize all the other planes opens up. It is like, cracking the code, cracking
the passcode. Listen, I’ll repeat. If your breathing is
intensified, if your breathing is intensified, by attentively listening to a truth, it will
crack a component in your brain, which will give you access to Satya-Loka. Understand. If your breathing is intensified, through dancing, Kirtan, it will crack a component of your brain, which will give you access to Kailasa, because our Kirtan is directly
from Sadāshiva. Understand. This Thirukailaya Vaadyam, there are 27 items. Unfortunately
only 20 items are available now; the 7 we don’t even know how to make them and in that 20 also, our laziness, we have not procured all the 20. These Vaadyams and this 108 Karana are directly from Sadāshiva. Listen carefully. Totally,
there are 1008 Asanas, Sadāshiva has described in Agama. We are able to lay our hands on
only 600 to 700, not all 1000; because we Hindus as usual, losing scriptures is our
lifestyle – not maintaining, not teaching, not protecting, not preserving. So we lost,
I should say at least 400. 300 to 400, we lost, so around 600 to 700, we have. We were able to lay our hands. Totally 1008 Asanas, Sadāshiva has described. Time lapse version of 1008 Asanas, is 108
Karana. Listen. Time lapse version – means how you fix a camera and capture 24 hours
and condense it, into 2 hours or 2 minute. The time lapse version of 1008 Asanas, is
108 Karanas. So, if your breathing is intensified, through this 108 Karana based Kirtan ….our
Kirtan is completely 108 Karana based. Karana means Gana in movement… intensity in movement. Length, breadth, depth, is Gana. Gana in movement is Karana. Our Kirtan is
completely based on this 108 Karanas. So with the Karana, because of these Karanas, if your breathing is intensified, a component in your brain is electrocuted by that Prana, which
gives you access to Kailasa, which gives you the perception and cognition of Kailasa. The day you have the vision of Kailasa, you are born in Kailasa, so then you start existing
in both planes, you start experiencing 2 dimensional life. The more dimension life you manifest,
more fulfilling you are, more complete you are , more Sadāshivatva manifest through you. Understand. Understand. Through Puja, if your
breathing becomes very ……listen….. ‘intense’ does not mean – [chaotic breathing demonstrated
by Swamiji]. Through dance, getting intense, will have a different physical expression.
That will naturally be like a big hyperventilation kind of act…..action. But through Puja,
when your breathing becomes intense, it will not be hyper-ventilation type, it will be deeper ventilation type. Like ….sahasradala pankaje sakala sita rasmiprabham varābhaya karāmbhujam | vimala gandha pushpāmbharam prasanna vadanekshanam | sakala devatā rūpinam smaretshirasi hamsakam | tadapimana purvam gurum
. It is actually Dhyana Sloka for Guru. I can
see very clearly – Arunagiri Yogeshwara sahasradala pankaje sakala sita rasmiprabham
| varābhaya karāmbhujam | vimala gandha pushpāmbharam
|| prasanna vadanekshanam | sakala devatā rūpinam
| On the 1000 petal lotus varābhaya karāmbhujam ­– vara abhaya kara, prasanna vadanekshanam – with a beautiful, alive, prasanna vadana,
smiling, welcoming. Prasanna cannot be translated just as a ‘smiling or welcoming’.
Prasanna should be smiling, welcoming, alive, illumined, graceful, all that words should
be added. Prasanna is something which brings you to the present.
prasanna vadanekshanam sakala devata rūpinam – embodiment or in form of sakala Devatas,
all the Gods and Goddesses. smaret shirasi hamsakam tadapimana purvam gurum – means with my breathing flow, Hamsakam. See, Ham-Sam is the integrity syllable of
your breathing. Listen carefully. Integrity means – being what you are known for. If a
lion is known for something and it does that same, it is integrated to being a lion. An
elephant is known for something and it is doing the same thing, it is integrated to
being an elephant. If suddenly elephant starts eating the flesh, what will happen? He is
not known for it. If he does for what he is known, he is integrated to it.
So, the integrity syllable of your breathing is Ham-Sam, Ham-Sam. This Ham-Sam is the Ajapa-Japa mantra, un-chanted mantra which gets chanted continuously, by the integrity of your breathing. When your breathing gets into your system and comes out, the natural sound it makes
is called Hamsa, Ham-Sam. Understand. where this Ham-Sam…..Ham sound takes a turn of Sam sound is Sahasrara that is where Guru is sitting. That is why it is called Ham……Please listen carefully. That is why He is addressed as Hamsakam. Where the ‘Ham’ turns into
‘Sam’, his Agam (aham – the i’) resides there; that is his house. If
the Ham does not turn into ‘Sam’, you are ‘Savam’ (dead body)! Understand. If the Ham….. Listen carefully.
If the ‘Ham’ is 100 unit and ‘Sam’ is less than 100, 99 – you are just Aham.
If the Ham is 100 and Sam is 100, You are Hamsa – Jeeva, Individual Soul, who had a Pratyagatma Chaitanya Jagrata. If the Ham is 100 and Sam is 101 – you are
Paramahamsa! Listen carefully.This Ham-Sam proportion decides, the level of integrity you have in your system. This Ham-Sam… that decides
how many dimensions in your brain are open and available and access, accessible to you.
Listen very carefully. If this Ham is 100, Sam is less than 100,
you are in the plane of Aham – Human – Bhu. If the Ham is 100, Sam is also 100, you are
Hamsa – Jeeva who is awakened. If the Ham is 100, Sam is even 101, you started
entering into the Paramahamsa dimension; means the Guru component has started manifesting
in your Jeeva, means he started mixing in your taste of life, your….
What is your desire? Your Guru’s desires. What is your taste of life? Your Guru’s
taste. What is your joy? Your Guru’s joy. What is your opinions about Death? Your Guru’s opinions. What is your opinion about life? Your Guru’s opinions. His taste, if it has started mixing in your brain, the Ham-Sam proportion drastically
increases. understand. Actually, I am explaining the
whole science of opening different doors… of multi-dimensions of the Universe to you.
And now if you are opening your sleep dimension, your Sushupti dimension, Patala Loka will
only open for you!!! So please…… do not plan for Patala, let’s plan for Kailasa.
Your breathing becoming intense, especially through certain activities, opens up those
dimensions, those planes … and your brain awakens the ability to have access to those dimensions. Listen. Now you are intensely listening to these truth and even if it is
going above your head, you are trying to let me, let me, let me….. then your breathing actually gets into certain subtle flow, which is intense, subtle …..don’t think means shallow. No! In subtle breathing also, it gets intense. During the Puja that subtle
intensity happens. During the Kirtan raw intensity, during the yoga a programmed intensity. Understand. Regulated intensity is yoga, raw intensity is Karana, Kirtan, a subtle intensity is while doing Puja or during the Satsang. Now, your breathing is getting subtle, it
will go and hit a component in your brain, which will open your ability to access Satya
Loka. Listen. Each of the activity and the prana intensified through that activity, opens
up a component or a part of your brain construct, which gives you access to the different dimensions
of life. Today, I told Mahayoga, “I have decided,
I am going to initiate people into experiencing different dimensions, from today.” So, that
is the reason, I am introducing….I am introducing. Listen In yoga, certain regulated intensification of pranic flow happens, which opens certain
dimensions in your brain, which gives you access to Tapo Loka. In Kirtan, certain kind of an intensity happens, The raw intensity…. in your breathing process; because our Kirtan is as per Sadāshiva’s design, the brain component gets awakened in your system, gives you access to Kailasa. Listen. Visions and Puranas, written by our Masters are not fantasies and myths. They had access to those Lokas, through their brains capabilities awakened. That is why they saw what was going on between the Devatas and Demons and the Ksheera Sagara Manthana, the Milky Ocean churning and they described it so beautifully. Various intense breathing currents, breathing patterns, getting awakened
in your system and opening different construct…. constructs of your brain and having access
to those dimensions, is what I call Manifesting Powerful Cognitions and having access to multi-dimensional Universe. That’s really fun. Understand. It is fun to have this life. Poor
are those, who try to be ruler of this plane. Your brain and its construction and ability
to access multi-dimension, are all theory few years before. Now the scientists have
started smelling, the broken facts and informations about this truth and it is My responsibility
to reveal it, to them. If at all, they access this video and they are interested, I welcome,
come and be here, I will provide everything and give you this knowledge; but don’t come
with some big grants. No, I am not interested. I am not a researcher for your grant. I am
a Guru, if you want to come and sit, in the style of Gurukul style, I am ready to share.Whether
you are a Physicist interested in having a breakthrough, whether you are Chemist interested
in Alchemies, whether you are working on this Cosmology interested in various dimensions,
or you are studying Neurology…… Neurology is a set top box for the Universe. Your brain
is the set top box for the Universe. So Whether you are working on the set of box or the channels relayed, satellites relaying the channels, whether you are working on your brain or the multi-dimensions available for your brain, you are welcome to Gurukul. I’ll share – everything Exists. I am not using the word, ‘Everything I can’, I am saying, “Everything exist,
I will share with you.” Understand. Working for grants is not My integrity to Me. But, sharing everything Exists, is the way I am, that is My integrity to Me.
If I work for grants, it will look like lion eating the grass or the elephant eating the
meat, (Aaagh!) That’s not Me. That’s not Mysore road. I will tell you everything exists. I’ll give you precise landscape of Sadāshiva’s quarters in Kailasa. Not only give you precise
landscape, awaken the ability to access, see that in multiple brains and multiple brains
will perceive, precisely the same and paint it … to establish the authenticity, nothing
else. Your brain is constructed for this multi-dimensional access. Understand. Ability to access multi-dimensions of the Universe, is your nature; it is there
with you. Just the breathing need to be intensified, through different methodology, to open up
those dimensions so you can have access. when there is a heavy truth is told…. still you have not completely cognized, but that does not mean you are not able to cognize. It is like a, digestion is going on. It is like digestion is going on. It is there on your
head like a funnel, it is going inside and …. [Chewing action by Swamiji]. During that time, certain intense subtle breathing gets developed, that gives you access to Satya
Loka. And when you take certain kind of alcohols, your breathing goes through again intense
pattern, gives access either to Swarga or Naraka, based on your pattern structure, deep pain or high joy. [Swamiji sneezes] No, actually it is nothing
to do with here, I am trying to release intense prana, so all of you will digest, what I am
revealing. The intensity of the prana is getting increased, so body is just balancing, that’s
all. So your brain, cognizes what I am talking, because I am sending….. compacted files
into your system. All the words I am using are only password, not information. Information is going through the intense files, the compacted files. The words I am using is only the password
to open your brain. The words I am using are not informations, I am conveying to you. It’s
only the password. The information I am sending it…. through the compressed files. The words
are used only for opening up; means like as password. The prana only is used to send the
compressed files into you. So the file goes and sits directly inside you and the cognitions
happens. That is why many time after the Satsang, you
go and start talking many things which I never uttered verbally, but matches very logically
with the subject I am talking. It means the compressed document has been inserted inside.
I am not conveying what I want to convey through the words. I am only opening you through My
words. What I need to convey, I am inserting into you through the breathing, through the
prana. That is why for higher level initiation, the Shaktipata becomes very important; being
in the breathing space becomes very important. When you are away….of course you will understand
what I am saying, you will not cognize what I am saying. You may not cognize what I am saying. When you sit physically, you will cognize what I am saying. After the Satsang, when you are doing your job, causing or your……. when you are talking to other people, Aadheenavasis, suddenly you’ll see so many ideas will open up and you’ll be talking. Then understand
the file has gone inside and the file is opening up. Suddenly, you will start talking in causing
many things you never heard in the Satsang or never expressed by Me verbally; means that file is opening up. If you are in the Aadheenam, do not miss this morning two hours chance you get, to sit with Me. Morning only two hours you get chance
to sit with Me – morning Pada Puja and Satsang; don’t miss that two hours. That is actually
the reason, why you are here. That 2 hours…. is the essence, why you are here for remaining
22 hours. That is why I make sure the other 22 hours… is not that easy. So your first
reason to remain here is only this two hours, not any other hours. All that can be only
secondary, but the primary reason should be this first two hours. I’ll continue to expand, I think….try
to understand and have Jeevartha Sadas. Essence of today’s Satsang … three lines:
One – Integrity is being what for you are known, that’s all. Second – Various methods of making your breathing intense, opens up different components
and parts of your constructs of your brain, gives access to different dimensions of Universe. Third – Very carefully, listen. Listen, very carefully. Neither My Form nor My words
can be equivalent to My breathing space…. because all these are different in other dimensions, but My….only My breathing is same in all dimensions. The air inhaled, goes to Kailasa
and gets exhaled. So the essence of today’s Satsang – “The
air goes to Kailasa and comes back.” Do Jeevartha Sadas on it. I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Sadāshivoham, the Eternal Bliss – Nithyananda. Thank you . Be Blissful.

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