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Your Last Breath.

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– (sighs) I want you
guys to start this video with just taking a simple breath. (inhales) (gentle music) Nothing special about it, you probably didn’t feel
any special emotion, it’s just another breath, another day. And to be honest, that’s
the way life typically is. We go about doing the daily things without really taking much notice of them. But what if I told you that that would be your very last breath? (gentle moving music) I can assure you you would feel a whole different range of emotions. You’d probably feel appreciative
for the air you breath, for the moment you were here. (gentle music) Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that every single moment
could be its last, it could be the last sunset you ever enjoy on a beach in Thailand, it could be the very final moment you get to say goodbye
to your best friend, and it could be your very last breath, your very last moment here on earth. Now why do I talk about all this? Well, unfortunately it’s
because I was so abruptly reminded this reality on July 4th and the story goes a little bit like this. (gentle moving music) (sighs) July 3rd, Katy and
I had been at a wedding for one of my best friends in
the interior of the province and we had about a five hour journey to get back to the Vancouver area. And so we were exhausted. We spent the night driving and later that night we got a message from the High on Life guys. They’d invited us to join
them on a awesome excursion. They sent me some photos of this commonly know waterfall, but in a very uncommonly known spot. There was kind of like this
little hidden wave pool and it just looked Instagram worthy. It was the exact kind of activity I would have done any other day, but that day we were so
exhausted after a long journey. (gentle moving music) Between Katy and I, we were actually debating
whether we just suck it up, go into exhaustion and just join them early first thing in the morning driving in to meet them for
their waterfall excursion. We decided not to, we let our tiredness get the best of us. And we decided that we would just meet them later that evening. (soft music) So later that day, July 4th, Katy and I went to meet up with the guys and we were gonna wait for them downtime until they got back from the waterfall. And it had been about an hour after the time we were supposed to meet and at this point we had
shot each of them a message. Yeah, well it’s gonna get cold. We’re going on the highway,
so now we’re ready. It was really strange because
I knew the guys pretty well, not super well, but I knew them well enough to know that they weren’t the type to just like go MIA and not answer. And so about an hour and
a half more had passed, it’d been like two and a half hours after the time we were supposed to meet. And naturally, at this
point my mind was like okay, could they be out of reception, could they have dead phones, what’s the possible outcomes here? I ended up getting a response
from Ryker’s Instagram and it wasn’t from Ryker, it was from a friend of Ryker’s
who was also there with him. (soft music) – Hello friends and family, on July 3rd, 2018, we lost
three very dear friends of ours, Ryker Gamble, Alexey
Lyakh, and Megan Scraper. – The coroner is investigating whether three social media stars killed at Shannon Falls near
Squamish on Tuesday– – We’re here at the
bottom of Shannon Falls, about three quarters of the way up is where the three hikers
fell to their deaths. – And so tragically that
was the end of their lives, three amazing incredible people. They meant so much to so many people. That is my side of the story. I cannot even imagine the
anguish that the family, the close friends must have felt and still be feeling
to this very same day. (gentle somber music) – They were three of the warmest, kindest, most driven and outgoing people
that you could ever meet. And the world has lost a great deal of light with their passing. – Just last month there was the memorial held for the three of them at Stanley Park and I have to say, for such a tragedy, they could not have
given those three people a more beautiful send off, a more beautiful remembrance of life. There were many tears, but there were many great memories shared. (light uplifting music) Now it may be the most
cliche question of all time, but I really challenge you to
ask yourself this question, what would you do if you
literally had one year starting right now to be
left here on this earth? Would you continue to
follow the same paths, would you continue on
with the same friendships, the same job? Or would you follow that
passion project of yours, would you pull those
friends that really meant something special to you closer, would you let go of certain relationships? – [Male] Hey, what’s up dude. – Dude. (light uplifting music) – Now, I’m sure with that question posed you probably have a
lot of different things that you would be changing in your life during that one year period, but my question to you
is why would you wait till that one year period
to make these changes? If I could be so bold, I believe the reason that so many of us push off our passions,
our ideas, our dreams, into the land of tomorrow
is because we don’t have a ticking timer right above our head. But here’s the shocking
reality is that you really do. Some people might have a year, some people might have a decade, and some people might only have
a few fleeting moments left. But just because you can’t see your timer, doesn’t mean it’s not there. (uplifting music) Yes, it’s an incredibly grim reality, but it could not have been reminded to me in a more powerful way that
our time here is limited and it’s up to us to make the
most of what we are given. While you can walk, while you can see, while you can talk, you should wholeheartedly
be chasing these passions, these ambitions and dreams. Today’s video is not just for people who aren’t currently working
their aspirational careers, who aren’t currently
working their dream jobs, today’s video is really for you. For some of you it might
be getting in shape. It’s something you’ve been
thinking about for ages but have never committed to doing. Others it cold be reconciling
damaged relationships, maybe there’s a friend or a family member that you’ve been dying to
have back in your life, but you haven’t taken the actions necessary to repair that relationship. For others it could be asking
that girl or a guy on a date. In some shape or form, this video applies to every
single one of our lives. And instead of just identifying the issue, I’d rather give you some solutions, some small steps to get
the big picture going. Whether it means landing
your dream career, getting the date or getting in shape, these are some things that
you can start doing right here right now today to
accomplish your passions, your dreams, and your ambitions. The first thing you need to do is identify your priorities and your ambitions. The best way to ask yourself this question is literally to envision something a grim as you being on your
deathbed five years from now, what would be the things that you regretted not having acted on, the things that you wished you
had dedicated your life to? The first things that come to your mind are probably the things
that matter to you most. What I highly recommend,
and even implore you to do, is get a whiteboard,
write those things down, and put it in an area where you’re gonna pass by every single day, could be your bedroom,
could be your kitchen. Have those priorities written out, that way every single time
you wake up and you go to bed, you’re likely passing by this whiteboard and you’re reminded what
you’re supposed to be doing every single day to work
towards that dream and ambition. I’ve actually met some people that have taken it even a step further and they’ve actually taken their phone, gone into their Notes application, written down those goals, screenshotted them, and then made them their phone background. Now not only are you
seeing it when you go home, but you’re actually seeing it every single time you open your phone. And I’m not sure if
you know how many times you open the phone in a
given day, but it’s a lot. Now that we’ve identified
our goals, that’s great, but the thing is they don’t
actually do themselves. So we need to create an action plan. Most meaningful goals will
not be accomplished overnight, some of them will take months, and others will even taken years. Now I totally understand that not all of us have equal playing grounds, some of us have dependents, we have family members we support, others of us, we may have what feels like insurmountable amounts of student debt. Whatever your circumstances are, it doesn’t stop you from
creating a game plan, a strategy. Get out a whiteboard and you write down what are gonna be the things you do on a daily basis, on a
weekly basis, a yearly basis, to ensure that you’re working
yourself towards that goal. I wanted to give you a walk through of what a game plan would look like for somebody that wants to be a filmmaker, has absolutely no experience
and no skill in the field, and doesn’t even have a camera. For me, it would look a
little something like this. I would want my daily game plan to be to spend at least 15 minutes to 20 minutes watching a tutorial on YouTube, maybe spending another
30 minutes to 45 minutes every single day shooting with
my iPhone, with my Android, whatever device I have in my pocket, if it has a camera, it’s
a great starting point. From there you can use free softwares to begin to learn the basics of editing and if you allocated an
hour every single day, seven days a week, you would become pretty good pretty quick. Now my weekly game plan would
be to take my two days off, my weekend, and try and shoot a video, a film, every single week. I’m sure your first video would
be just absolutely horrible, but that would be the cool thing about it was that every single week
you had a brand new video. Whether it’s a cinematic video, whether it’s a story about
your commute to work, you can create mini
films just for yourself or put them on YouTube,
which I highly recommend. And the awesome thing is you can track your progress as you
become a better filmmaker. My three month plan would
be to have set aside enough money throughout those three months to go out there and buy
your first real camera. Whether it’s a DSL or a mirrorless camera, get yourself a camera ideally
with a detachable lens and get yourself that first setup. My six month goal would be to volunteer on a commercial shoot, be able to surround
yourself with professionals and see how they do things. My one year game plan
would be to have a website and to be doing freelance work actually making a little bit of money and even calling this a part-time job. Year number two, I want
this to be my full-time, freelance work. Maybe I’m not exactly balling out, maybe I’m just eating canned
yams seven days a week, but if you can make your passion your job, I can assure you you’ll be a lot happier than when you’re eating great food doing a job you hate. And from there, I can’t tell
you what the outcome should be, but set something lofty, something worth working towards. And that’s where I’ll leave it up to you. Now let’s say your goal was to get a date. If you’re setting yourself a five year game plan just to ask a girl out, I feel really bad for you. Maybe cut this down to one month tops. Make your daily game plan
to talk to a stranger, whether it be somebody that
opened the door for you or someone who’s awkwardly
on the same elevator as you. Find a way to break up the
awkwardness with a conversation, learn to accept rejection. Maybe every week ask one
of your acquittances, somebody you actually kind of know, to go and hang out, go for
a movie, go for dinner. Doesn’t have to be a romantic thing, but just ask somebody who is not in your comfort zone to hang out. After doing this for one month, take the plunge, ask a
girl out, ask a guy out, see how it goes. Yes, rejection is scary, but by doing things bite-size, by doing it one step at a time, we get ourselves closer
to our final destination where we ultimately want to be. Now we’ve identified, we’ve
created an action plan, but this is the real hard part. The planning is easy, now it’s time to commit to your vision. There’s gonna be days where
you’ll have zero motivation, when you feel like quitting after posting 100 YouTube videos and it feels like you
haven’t built an audience, after asking the 15th girl out on a date and you’ve still been rejected, these are the moments
that can knock you down and make you feel like
it’s not gonna happen. I can assure you’ve I’ve had plenty of these moments in my life, but that is where the people that commit to their vision separate
themselves from the crowd. There’s a saying that you’re the average of the people that you hang around and I 100% believe in it. Surround yourself with people
that want the same dreams, want the same passions, and will help you get closer
to them every single day. If you have the privilege to be here for another five years, would future you be proud
of how you used your time? That’s a question I often ask myself and it’s kept me driven, it’s kept me motivated through
things when things were hard. For many of us, it’s the fear of failure, the fear of rejection that
stops us right in our tracks and prevents us from moving forward. But the truth is, it’s not the failures who failed, it’s actually the people that never tried. By failing, you learn so
much every single time, you gain knowledge that no textbook will ever be able to teach you, it prepares you so much
for your next venture. And the truth is, sometimes failures bring you to where you’re actually meant to be. Failure is not the enemy, it’s not living up to your greatest potential that you should fear. (gentle moving music) Coming back full circle to the three amazing people that I was
so fortunate to get to know, Ryker, Megan, Alexey, they are three people
that took their dreams and they crushed them, they absolutely grinded
to make them happen. They were e-biz gurus, they were leaders in the community, and they inspired so many people with everything that they did. (light uplifting music) The three of them have
inspired me like crazy, they’ve left a powerful imprint
that I will never forget, a reminder that tomorrow is
not to be taken for granted and that today is the day to
make your dreams come true. I wanna ask you one last time
at the end of this video here to really ask yourself what would you do if you had one year left to live? Some people it might be spending more time with their family, others it might be
really just buckling down and making that dream startup happen. (uplifting music) I challenge you to live like there’s a ticking timer above your head and that every single moment
here could be your last. (uplifting music) I wanted to end today’s video by quoting one of my favorite High on Life videos and it’s gonna be linked down below, I highly recommend you go
and check it our right after. It’s so inspiring and it goes
a little something like this. (uplifting moving music) (cheering) What do you want to do in your life? What makes you tick? What makes you feel awe? Don’t be mislead into thinking that you’re supposed to do anything, you are supposed to do
only what you choose to do. The world is vast and
full of possibilities, follow your bliss, get
out of your comfort zone, stop looking for reasons why you can’t, and look for reasons why you can. And if you can, you should. (uplifting moving music) (uplifting moving music)

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