YouTubers React to The Last Breath – Music Video (ตราบลมหายใจสุดท้าย)

YouTubers React to The Last Breath – Music Video (ตราบลมหายใจสุดท้าย)

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(mouse clicks) ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (soft music) ♪ – She cute. – ♪ (singing in Thai) ♪ – I’m like at ease right now. – ♪ (singing in Thai) ♪ – She has a good voice. – ♪ (singing in Thai) ♪ – Oh, she took her makeup off.
– Aw, she looks cute. – Feels like it has a message. Ooh. Interesting. – ♪ (singing in Thai) ♪ – Whoa. – Whoa there. – ♪ (singing in Thai) ♪ – I’m not gonna lie. It’s a sad message, but the visual’s kind of, like, scarring. – ♪ (singing in Thai) ♪ – Don’t cry. Everybody ages. – ♪ (singing in Thai) ♪ – I didn’t see the next
transformation coming. I got– – Whoa! Whoa… – No, no.
– No, no, no. This is bothering me. This is bothering me.
– No! – This is bothering me!
– No, it was cute. What is going on? – ♪ (singing in Thai) ♪ – Where’s this going now? Oh my god. – ♪ (singing in Thai) ♪ – (disgusted) Oh. (in shock) Oh shit! Come on! – That was enough! (retches) It’s puking.
– No, I’m actually– – It’s puking.
– I’m actually scared. I’m actually scared. – No, there’s maggots.
– (shrieks loudly) – Bye, no.
– (shrilly) Aah! – I do not like this. – I just wish I was dead
so I can brush off the worms. – ♪ (singing in Thai) ♪ – I think this is how I know
the internet has ruined me. I feel like I should be like, “Oh no!” – ♪ (singing in Thai) ♪ – What’s happening?
It’s eating away the face. – (screams shrilly) – (laughing) Do I have to watch this? – Oh. I was hoping she was gonna
be underneath it young again. – ♪ (singing in Thai) ♪ – Yeah, back to the pretty lady singing. – I’m mad at this girl now.
– I’m mad at this video. – ♪ (singing in Thai) ♪ – ♪ It’s the circle of liiife ♪ – At least it’s got a happy
ending. She’s still alive. – Okay. – There’s a lot happening there. (chuckles) – No, the end. What was that? – (Finebros) That was
the process of decomposing. – (both) That’s what it looks like? – Why didn’t you guys tell me that?
– No! ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (Finebros) So what kind
of feelings do you have when you watch that video?
– Well, I was really touched. – I felt at peace. – I just felt very reflective. – I was shocked with the– decomposition is never
a good-looking thing. – The takeaway was, we’re all gonna go there,
and we’re all gonna die. And we’re all gonna be leaving this Earth. – (Finebros) So by the visuals, what do you think
the meaning was behind this? – Something about the circle of life. Life is short and fragile,
and you age and you die. – Maybe it’s something to do
with life and the pass of time. – Life is short. And then you’re worms. – You’re gonna die one day. So no matter what you look like, rock it, if you’re a guy, girl, Shrek. – We all start as something beautiful. And then we pull away our fake lashes, and then life pulls away the rest.
And then we all go away. – I like that it showed death. ‘Cause when we think about it,
“Oh, you’re dead. You’re gone.” It’s like, no, you’re not gone.
You’re still there. Like, there’s processes
still happening to your body. – (Finebros) So this comes from Thailand.
– Okay. – Yes, I recognized it being Thai. I think that’s so awesome,
especially because I am half Thai. So it’s really cool to know
that people in Thailand are watching YouTube. – (Finebros) And the song’s
title translates roughly to “The Last Breath.”
– That’s so sad and depressing. – (Finebros) And it was uploaded by a nonprofit Buddhist organization.
– The Buddhists? – Well, my mom is Buddhist,
but I am not practicing. I know that life and death
are both very symbolic in Buddhism. So I could see why this would
be something to represent that. – So very roughly translated,
the song’s lyrics talk about how the human body is just a vessel and the aging process
we will all go through. And then after we take our last breath,
we return to the Earth. – We’re, like, so scared
of dying and death and stuff. I never actually took
the time to think about… – What happens.
– …what a person looks like in a coffin. – (Finebros) How do you feel about that concept for a music video?
– It’s cool. – It feels very private. And to be able to witness
that is very interesting. – I got the full effect of,
we will all be going through this, and we will all go there. I really wanted to see
the second part of that. Maybe that’s in the sequel.
But coming from the Earth too. – I think it’s really beautiful. And it’s also something
that I’ve thought about with just living my life. Like, our bodies really are these vessels in which we just experience
the world around us. I think the message
behind it is really beautiful. – (Finebros) By adding
the shocking imagery in the video, do you think that it did itself a service in promoting its message, or a disservice ’cause people might now
overlook the message and just see the gore?
– I thought– Well, at first, it was
a little bit shocking for me. I thought it was turning
into a joke or something in some capacity. – If I wasn’t here and I was just at home,
I would’ve probably like, “Whoa,” and X’d out. – I’m always distracted
by the grotesque imagery. – I think it’s kind of necessary for the story they’re trying to tell. – I can respect it.
Never would have been like, “That’s what I want in this music video.” – I’m glad that they put that in there, because not all of life
is beautiful and amazing. But you can learn to understand
the meaning behind it. – (Finebros) So the fact that this video is from another country,
yet it has millions of views, with almost all the comments
left in another language, really highlights the global
reach that YouTube has. What do you think about
the worldwide span of YouTube, as someone who is part
of the platform in such a large way? – Yeah, I’m constantly amazed
at the niche, global fanbases that I will see on videos that just have massive amounts of views. But everything is in a different language. – The last time I was in Thailand,
maybe several years ago, it wasn’t a huge, huge thing. So it’s cool to see the growth over there and people really grasping onto it. – I love that. That’s why
I love YouTube. It’s global. You’re all over the world,
so people can enjoy from all over. And communities can come together. – I love the fact
that anything can kind of find its own audience on YouTube, and it’s not just the same white kid
in their bedroom in America. – I love it when I go places
and people know who I am. I’m like, “I don’t even speak
what you speak. But you know me? All right, that’s cool with me.
Let’s go get some tacos.” – I am an example of that.
I am a Spanish-speaking YouTuber. And there was a time where
I would only consume USA content and UK content, and now
there’s so much more to it. It opens more the content
and to things that cultures have that it’s not global. Conversations that, you know, globally no one knows about,
and they’re huge. – (Finebros) So finally, now that
you’ve watched this video, is this a video you would
recommend other people to watch? – No. -No. – If you just want to get
a reaction out of someone and see how they respond to it, sure. – I’d only show it to a person that takes life too seriously about looks. – Yeah, I’d probably send it to,
like, my mom and my dad just to freak them out. – I think it’s really artistic. And I think the message
is really simple and beautiful and something that everybody
can kind of grasp onto in their own way. – (skeptically) I don’t know
if I would send this to my friends on Facebook. If I knew somebody who
this was their exact interest, then I will forward it accordingly. – Thank you so much for watching this episode of YouTubers React. – I highly encourage you to subscribe
to the people down below. They’re awesome. – Have a good life, everyone. Um, you too will decompose soon.
So live it up while you can. (cracks up) ♪ (end music) ♪

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  1. This is why I don't want to be cremated nor buried in a concrete coffin. I just want to be buried in the dirt, so that I can rot and be able to feed the soil, to create new life. That's all I want, but of course, they don't allow you to do that. Well, where I live anyways.

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  3. I want to be cremated and have some of of my ashes put into a jar for my mom, but then I want the rest put into fireworks at Myrtle Beach (really close to where I grew up)

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