[YTP] Mark Brown Smells Zelda 1’s Wild Breath

[YTP] Mark Brown Smells Zelda 1’s Wild Breath

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I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase before Fuck you Like, a developer makes a game for the Wii U and it sells like shit It’s all about identifying what the heck this is and taking a good, hard, long look at a franchise to see if it still exists The next series to do this is, perhaps my favorite of them all The Legend of THE HIDDEN TEMPLE For the next game, Breath of the Nintendo will be looking at your penis which I think, is pretty gay Designer Shigeru Miyamoto said I wanted players to feel wet Japanese cunts So you definitely don’t have a map in this game There’s just a grey map that shows your map And you aren’t told to kill yourself the text crawl says that you need to track down 8 pieces of the MASTER EMERALD but how that happens is up to me You’re given a huge MAP from the very beginning You can technically explore Skyrim right now perhaps striding off weast and coming across a cake in the lake or heading off e-e-e-e to [GRAVITY] squeeze through a canyon before you butt fuck Zelda There’s no SSOSS in Zelda 1. It’s just SUS I remember this guy, who said Faces of Evil is really good and I was like Yeeesss… And this is a game So yes, Zelda 1 is one Zelda which won one Zelda But the designers use some clever tricks to make loads of money For one, the world MAP just isn’t that big unlike my dick Also, Zelda keeps the wi-fi password away from you until you subscribe Not through actual locks but through what you might call sauce Zelda is, like I said, a bitch But if you listen carefully, you’ll realize that this video doesn’t make much sense Zelda fans feverishly argue about the meaning of this clue, which says u suk but it wasn’t written by the game’s designers In the original Japanese version that same man says I don’t want to live But maybe this is why I kept seeing that bogus claim that Dark Souls II is a good game Nah mate So, The Legend of Zelda is a game that gave players a huge dick But in more recent Zelda games that same dick is far too small to use So the question is not, “Can you make a game?” The question is, “Can Nintendo make a sandwich?” We’ll see Hey, thanks for watching this crap video If you like YTP consider subscribing to someone better instead Oh, and if you’re still not sick of Zelda stuff then look forward to my Breath of the Wild video in 7 years I guess… Every open world game is trash because each game is open and world and a game For The Legend of Zelda: Wild Breath Nintendo used Miyamoto’s DNA for a very specific purpose to conquer [THE WORLD] There are only two Nintendo games after all Far Cry, and Big Rigs What this means is your only choice is to either kill your son or nuke Boston Really makes you think Which means everything you do in the game is in preparation for that Final Fight with this Guy Well… Another thing Zelda does differently to most wooden mops is in how many of the English voices that are actually good Which is to say: hardly any At the start your MAP is completely blank and you need to activate these almonds to fill in the gaps and any genuinely interesting weapons you might find are just going to fucking break It’s also important that you can always go anywhere you like I was playing Breath of the Wild the other day and was intrigued by this giant mountain But when I tried to get there I was greeted by an actual invisible wall Bummer Anyway Maybe that invisible man tried to ruin my life but Breath of the Wild shows that I’m not even real But the thing about video games
is how good it feels to complain about them especially if they’re popular Let me just go back to the meme thing for a second Breath of the Wild is shit because it doesn’t let you fuck the dead fish You can also take a shower, which I’d recommend Unlike Bethesda games Zelda is perfectly playable Well, almost Here’s an example These two lads are talking about masturbation techniques and they give me a Clue The little twin steps over the little twin steps over the little FAGGOT If all of this sounds a bit familiar it’s because I talked about almost all of this stuff 7 years ago in my video about But Nintendo didn’t just take too long to make this game it also looked at ur mum naked But you can tell that Nintendo knows how to make a convoluted timeline and then completely ignore it And in the new Zelda the story is very different to previous Zelda games because Link has to save Hyrule from Ganon Hey everyone thanks for watching you can probably expect my next video to come out in 2026 And then I will never make another sos joke ever again Until the next one SOS Gee It sure is boring around here

57 thoughts on “[YTP] Mark Brown Smells Zelda 1’s Wild Breath”

  1. "The thing about video games is how good it feels to complain about them, especially if they're popular." I've never heard a more truthful sentence in my life

  2. "Every open world game is trash. Because each game is. Open. And a. World. And a. Game"

    Why you have so few subscribers, I'll never know…

  3. It baffles me how you're not the talk of the town in the YTP community yet. Your videos are so entertaining and packed with interesting gags and details.

  4. I stopped what I was working on right away when I saw this. Fantastic work. I love that you expand dong'd so many small details.

  5. Fuck, I keep on coming back to watch your poops and chuckling at either the same great jokes or details I didn't even notice, like weast or the guardians' banter while missing Link. They really activate my almonds.



  7. pretty good but i think you should focus more on the creative edits and less on putting random slurs in places, because the n word isn't really funny

  8. "Breath of the Wild is shit because it doesn't let you fuck the dead fish"
    That one hit a little too close to home

  9. The game told me to KMS?
    It sure did
    It did when it made me burn that one bush in the entire game that doesn't look out of place at all and looks like every other bush in the game.

  10. I decided to nuke Boston because I couldn't fuck the dead fish. Really made me think about how I'm not even real though.

  11. Hey man, love the content. Criticism of the constructive type, of you continue making poops I hope you focus more on what makes the narration of each gaming channel unique and less on the sex jokes. They’re fun spiced throughout, but your strongest moments are subverting the little unique things these channels do (eg Next video coming out in 7 years). IMO all YTP is strongest when subverting tropes with known poop tropes (like Team SOS for Team Sonic… good shit)

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