ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD (Honest Game Trailers)

ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD (Honest Game Trailers)

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As a new era of Nintendo consoles begins, prepare yourself to rediscover one of gaming’s best loved series all over again Because this time they really knocked it out of the park. Which is good, because at least you’ll get some value out of your Switch before it breaks in 2 days. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Discover a Zelda game unlike any you played before, as Nintendo takes one of its most formulaic franchises, and throws out half of the formula. Tossing out linear gameplay, most of the dungeons, and the traditional 7 hour tutorial in favor of a massive open world that treats you like you might have played a video game before in your life and this time Link can jump like a half inch. Baby steps, guys. Emerge from your 100 years spa treatment, grab your magical Android phone, and step into a brave new world featuring the same old Zelda story you know and are indifferent to where Link travels around Hyrule collecting new powers to defeat Ganon and save the princess. But the last time he tried he got his ass kicked so hard he had to sleep it off for a century. A fact everyone has no problem reminding you of. Don’t worry Hyrule this time, I got this! Aww f*** me! Well, third time’s the charm I guess. Uncover the legitimately massive landmass that is Breath of the Wild: a traditional Zelda overworld blown up a 100 times into an enormous continent where you’ll get lost for hours on your way from one objective to the next as you explore ancient ruins, solve devious shrine puzzles, Skyrim your way up towering mountains, then handglide off them like you’re playing Just Cause. Complete innumerable side quests, climb the map revealing towers required by open world law. Set things on fire for fun. Collect everything you can get your grubby little paws on. And pick up every single rock in Hyrule just in case there’s a Korok seed underneath it. until you finally wander into a story thingie and remember there’s a kingdom that you’re supposed to be saving or something. Calamity what now? Shh, be quiet! I’m tryin’ to ride this deer! Get ready for Zelda to hand you your butt like it hasn’t since the NES era. as Breath of the Wild finally takes off the training wheels and provides an actual challenge. with tons of punishing systems, and brutal foes that will one-shot you without a second thought, forcing you to use your cooking skills to prepare for fights like you’re playing the Witcher and hoard weapons like you work for the knife channel as Nintendo realizes now that Zelda is 30 years old that some of its fans might have grown up just a little bit and finally gives a Zelda for adults. So suck up the price tag and go in on the Switch because you definitely don’t want a Wii U at this point and experience of the best Zelda games ever created, which very well might be a masterpiece unless it gets real bad at the end or something? Cause to be honest, we haven’t beaten it yet either. Hey, anyone else try to cook a fairy? Oh come on, you know you did it Brought to you by America’s navy in defense of all we hold dear back home Learn more at navy.com

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  2. i really dont get the people saying "make zelda playable in botw 2" lmao dude what he been playable in every zelda game smh

  3. No matter how good the gameplay, I could never enjoy this game because of its story. There is no better way to cause an otherwise viable story to veer off into absolute nonsense than to mingle sci-fi with fantasy. This "post-apocalyptic" setting (consisting of divine robots, laser-equipped sentinels, and a magical knight carrying an iPad) merely pollutes a supposedly mythic narrative with elements from a fundamentally opposing genre, so as to create an almost parodic story ridiculously confused as to its identity and as baffling in motion as a surreal comedy.

    And speaking for myself, this kind of thing comes off as an insult to my intelligence as a storyteller, so that no matter how good the gameplay, I'd only spend the entire time feeling put off while playing.

  4. I went from BotW to Wind Waker, and continually attempted to jump and climb walls to no avail. It was quite irritating

  5. What about the weather? Where you can slide down a cliff, even get electrocuted while riding your horse or even in combat looking for a weapon and a shield that doesn't conduct electricity! Enjoy breakable weapons where you find yourself searching for any junk to hit your enemies with.

    Get jacked by skeleton, lizards, Bokoblins being chucked around by Moblins! Don't forget the flying rats I mean bats flying around and the Chucha Jellies trying to give you some 💘!

    As much as I love this game! The controls could use some real improvements. Having to come to a complete stop just so you can turn around can be a pain. Biggest frustrations with this game are excessive weather making game play difficult at times where sometimes you have to wait or leave a miniboss fight for lack of weapons. Breakable weapons are just a bit much! They break way too fast! The durability on the Royal guard weapons is a joke. 14 point of durability on a weapon with a damage rating of over 70 is a crying shame! Last link grabbing every damn wall or rock to climb while in combat can be a downer! That's my main complaints!

    Love BOTW! I hope BOTW 2 will address some of these issues. Can't wait for Links awakening coming out in September!

  6. Guess I'm the only one that doesn't like Breath as much. Not calling it bad, but the best I've played are still Ocarina and Twilight Princess.

  7. thank you so much for the praise to breath of the wild, as it's my favorite video game.
    if you'd dissed it, i would've been mad.

  8. so, if my logic is correct, legend of link is exactly the same as legend of zelda
    my brain has been knocked out of the park

  9. I enjoyed this game a lot but it was way to big for the amount of stuff in it, I would've preferred a world maybe 3/4 or even 1/2 the size so that the really good shrines and Korok puzzles weren't overshadowed by the huge amount of super basic shrines and lift up random rock seeds

  10. You know you are in for a challenge when you are being no-scoped by a Lynel as it showers you with a rain of elemental arrows.

  11. I'm glad you answered my question iv only just got the game a week ago and absolutely loving it. Got a few fairy and was wondering what would happen if I cooked it with food hopi g for a cool buff but sadly cant do that oh well hahah

  12. 0:52 “link can jump … like a half inch”

    Well actually, he’s jumping a normal, non-exaggerated amount. So even that minor roast doesn’t count

  13. BTOW is one of those games you play for a while but when you see someone else play it your like "I didn't know you could do that!"

  14. Yes, I would definitely cook a fairy for revenge. Still get pissed by Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask's fairy companion. Although, finally Nintendo, you stopped with the handholding you retards.

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