Zelda Breath of the Wild: True Ending

Zelda Breath of the Wild: True Ending

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(Ganon Screaming) I’ve been keeping watch over you all this time I’ve witnessed your struggles to return to us as well as your trials in battle I always thought, no I always believed that you would find a way to defeat ganon I’ve never lost faith in you over those many years… Thank You, Link…. …the hero of Hyrule May I Ask… Do you really remember me (Black Screen) We’ll make our way to Zora’s domain

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  2. When the "Link of Heroes", "Goddesses of Light" and "Bringer of Darkness" traverse time and meet….. a clash will start and the Doors of the Kingdom open. sounds like another game lol

  3. Hold up, in the end you can see Link walking up to Zelda.. what are they doing? Did.. did they kiss!?–

  4. Zelda's english voice is literally the worst voice in a videogame EVER… ITS LITERALLY A MAN SINULATING A WOMANS VOICE

  5. I never got to see the ending because everytime i defeat the boss then it would go to credits and then SOMR HOW IT WOULD BRING ME BACK TO BEFORE I DEFEATED THE FINAL BOSS

  6. This was the end Ganon had been defeated Zelda and link were reunited the champions spirits were at rest and for the first time in over 100 years hyrule was at peace

    Ganondorf: yeah bout that

  7. Guys yall do know that ingame someone tells you that when two people have swore love then the silent princess pedals will fall right? I may be right or wrong but if so correct me on any information but just think about that and go look at the end where link runs up to princess Zelda and look what is falling in the wind as the theme plays 😁 What could that mean?

  8. I love that they gave Zelda a voice. But I think the cdi games and the cartoon have taught us that Link is probably better off not having a voice.

  9. Funny, they show a silent princess flower at the end, but Zelda was anything but silent. Poor girl has to talk to a brick wall that doesn't say anything back.

    This is my only qualm with the Zelda series. I get it, it's a running gag that Link doesn't talk in game. But it's getting old. We've all been playing this series for a long time. I really wish they would open up the character development more and do with Link what they did with Zelda in this game. Link is expressionless and emotionless. All he knows is to fight. It was at the point when I was watching the memory of Link and Zelda running through the trees, muddy, that I just couldn't understand why the developers have continued to make Link nothing more than a hero. He is still human, and if they can develop Zelda's character THIS much then they can do the same with him. For goodness sake, give him a voice, give him personality.

    The same old rehash, same old thing. BotW is beautiful. Of course it is. But the one person I should be connecting with doesn't even smile. The most expression he ever shows in this game is gasping after he's found a memory, as if he's truly affected by it.

  10. After all what Link been through to save Zelda ass, not a single kiss ever given

    Mah Poor boi Link deserve better ending!!

  11. Everyone is gonna be able to see this ending! Is part of the game… there's no secret item or thing to do to to be able to see this ending!

  12. Honestly a little disappointed with this ending. Such little payoff, and we don't even get to see all the different people affected by Ganon living a happy life after they were defeated. I can accept not being able to play the game post-Ganon but the only people we get to see afterwards are just Link and Zelda, and the ghosts of the champions don't even say anything before disappearing.

  13. I recovered all the memories and didn’t get this… was it cause I skipped the end credits? Or because I didn’t get champions ballad?

  14. The crazy thing is after you finish it says DESTROY GANON: Complete. [Quest] and then you look on the quests page and it is still open and 14/15 is the total quests completed. That is with getting every single thing in the game but 4 Korok seeds.

  15. Had to look this up bc I only got 11/12 memories bc of that sTUPID HYRULE CASTLE MEMORY that I could NOT find. Still a great ending.

  16. We better see a lot more of these two together in the sequel, Nintendo, or I will send an angrily-worded email!

  17. This reancarnation of zelda has the most beautiful smile. Makes me more than glad to watch this again. Made me so happy after all the work i put in just for the true ending.

  18. I got all the memories and all the Divine Beasts yet the scene where all the spirits are floating on Hyrule Castle, I didn't see that one… I might have missed something.
    (Btw, I beat Ganon yesterday but I took the time to do the other main quest I missed out on of the memories and found all locations, went to the Castle to beat Ganon again and I got the other scene with Link and Zelda and it zooms out to a Silent Princess)

    EDIT: Don't get angry at me, I had beat the game in a couple of days when I got my Switch back from Nintendo cause I needed to have it repaired and I lost ALL my data on the Switch so I had to start again but my previous saves honestly I wasn't TOO FAR into the game so I had some knowledge of the areas. Also I didn't mine that my old saves got deleted cause I was mostly glad to have my Switch back in one piece.

  19. Idk why but when I kill ganon it puts me back into the menu and when I click the save file I get put back into the ganon fight

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