Zelda Breath of the Wild- Why you Should use the Ancient Shield

Zelda Breath of the Wild- Why you Should use the Ancient Shield

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The ancient shield is an impressive piece of equipment that can be used to shield parry any Guardian laser coming your way without even having to try to shield parry as long as your shield is up and pointed in the direction of the Guardian the ancient Guardian shield will deflect any laser Coming its way. You’re gonna see me take down four Guardians all at once by holding up the shield and having it automatically deflect any laser coming my way. This is hands down the best shield in the game It doesn’t have the best durability in the game, don’t get me wrong. But what this thing is able to do is make it so you will be able to deflect every single laser, and for me that’s huge. Having to shield parry lasers is not the easiest thing in the world, at least not for me. And I know a lot of you out there are like me, where you’re gonna have a little bit of trouble shield parrying lasers. It can take a lot a lot of practice before you can actually finally get good, trying the shield parry Guardians lasers Practice over and over and over again trying to shield parry lasers And it turns out that when you do a perfect shield parry you will not take any damage on your shield And this is really awesome. I mean you can actually shield parry Guardian lasers with a pot lid if you’re that good I enjoy the ease of having an ancient Guardian shield on hand at any given point just to be able to Be a hundred percent sure that I’m gonna shield parry that laser, so now I don’t die or have to waste a fairy or Whatever the case may be it’s just always good to have on hand just in case You can buy the ancient shield at the Akkala ancient tech lab which is at the northeast part of the map right here The ancient shield is a very awesome shield, and I hope I’ve sold you on it The only downside is that it’s gonna cost you ten ancient gears fifteen ancient Springs and one giant ancient core It’s gonna take you some time on your travels gathering all the materials you need or you’re gonna have to spend some time Farming Guardians just to be able to take down Guardians easily one other thing That’s really nice about this shield is it is for lack of a better term This shield is the most Slippery shield in the game and by that I mean if you take a look here at me using the Hylian Shield I don’t go anywhere this shield has a highest durability in the game But that doesn’t mean it’s the fastest when it comes to shield surfing Using the ancient shield you will actually be able to go much much faster than any other shield in the game I think it’s cool It’s got this nice little hover effect going and it’s just a really fun shield to use windshield surfing So let me know down in the comments below: Do you use ancient shield or does this video Make you want to go out and try the ancient shield Thank you very much for stopping by and I hope to talk to you again more soon

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  1. shield surf on sand or snow, man. preserves durability. i'd never shield surf on the ancient shield on jagged rocks in Eldin. might as well just throw it away.

  2. How many shots does it last until it breaks? I assume since your not actually parrying the blast that the ancient shield will be taking durability damage from the guardians

  3. i spent around 3 hours on the great plateau learning to parry the broken down guardians haha, good to learn that theres a shield that does it for me!

  4. My ancient shield broke the first guardian I fought

  5. All ancient shields parry guardian's blast actually. Not sure about normal mode but master mode durability is depleted if you do not shield perry.

  6. Damn, guess I gotta go buy like 3 ancient shields. Although I was able to parry the guardians pretty easily. The trick is to hit the party button as soon as you hear the beep.

  7. No I don’t use it. I have gotten really gotten really good at the shield parries and I would rather spend giant cores on the ancient bow

  8. I'm pretty good at deflecting lasers now but you sir just added more to my assault. Now I gotta go my shield off my wall and try this.

  9. from my experience, the one downside is that some lasers (the taller sentries & the flying ones) don't parry automatically, and can actually just straight up destroy this shield in one shot or so. and then boom, down one giant ancient core

  10. I just use the Great Eagle bow and the guardian arrows. Ever one shot a guardian before? Tech it’s three arrows but they’re all fired at once and it’s glorious AND if you find a good source of diamonds you can use it liberally

  11. with the guardian stalker parrying, all you need to do is wait until you see the blue effect of the guardian's eye drawing in on itself for the beam and press a to parry, you need to be at it's preferred shooting distance though.

  12. I don't bother parrying. All I do is shoot them in the eye with a bow a couple of times and watch there confusion on how there getting rekt. Oh and if it has legs I gnaw on them like a rabbit eating carrots.

  13. Thank you all so much for the comments and subs! I appreciate all the questions and I do my best to reply to every comment. Your questions help me choose the next videos! Be sure to check out the ancient shield myth buster video. https://youtu.be/yz4VHcSgaWI

  14. I'm at the point that I don't find parrying worth the effort. …especially if you have an ancient weapon of some sort. It's easier to just shoot an arrow in their eye…chop off their legs with an ancient weapon (or any weapon, really) and beat the crud out of them in between arrow shots to the eye! Shock arrows do a really good job! Arrow in the eye…beat 'em a little…arrow in the eye…beat 'em. This method works really well with single guardians, but not so well with multiples unless you're fast with your arrows. Then just shoot, shoot, shoot!

  15. A lot of the comments are saying how easy it is to parry Guardians, but have any tried killing a Stalker using only the parry in *Master Mode*? Lasers stall, and 3 hits aren't guaranteed thanks to the regen mechanic.

  16. Actually its very easy to shield pary a guardian when they are aiming at you wait for a beep noise and then just pary the beam

  17. Honestly I can easily do a shield parry with anything just wait for the last beep get ready then boom you just killed a guardian

  18. you can try by getting used to hitting a when it focuses, then it will do a burst of blue light then hit it. i was good from the start because of parrying bombs as a joke from a youtuber, but now i get it every time. i use ancient shield to shield surf, hylian to deflect. dont need any more than that

  19. I do not know if you are still not good at parrying guardian lasers however i followed a guide which was "wait for the beep right before the blast and then parry" hope it helps?

  20. Definitely gonna try to use it now man, hell, I'm gonna try and use all of the Ancient weapons, since I have a lot of spare parts and quite some rupees, thanks a lot for the vid man, amazing content! 😀 Also, I've seen videos with Hylian Shields that have prefixes on them, like guard up and such, do you know how that could be possible? 😮

  21. At 2:38 I went from relaxed while watching an informative video, to ultra slow breathing and getting tense without not realizing it until after yo climbed back up

  22. I practiced my shield parry for lasers at the Forgotten Temple area as i was making my way towards the Shrine. I died multiple times, but if you keep at it, its guaranteed to make you an expert by the time you get to the shrine!

  23. fun fact:

    the pot lid parry thingy became so famous even Nintendo made a reference to that act on Champion's ballad when someone mentions how Link parried a Guardian laser with a pot lid when the Guardian shot a laser by mistake.

  24. has spent hours trying to reflect guardian lasers with few successes
    "the only downside is that it's gonna cost you…"
    oh no 🙁
    "10 ancient gears, 15 ancient screws, and 1 ancient core"
    I've spent so long trying to parry guardian lasers that I think I could get 7 of those with enough rupees

  25. Since I got the hyrule shield early on I never had a use for another shield. Nice to know I know have a reason to carry another one. I had no idea the ancient shield could parry automatically.

  26. Qestion: do all ancient shields work for the trick?

    I mean if i am not wrong there are 2 or 3 types of ancient shields?
    But toi can buy only 1 model…
    am i right?

  27. The guardian shields do the same thing to reflect the lasers. But you might need the biggest guardian shield from the major challenge shrine.

  28. Parrying isn't to hard.

    Wait for the timer to tick down then wait about a second till you parry,since the laser has a startup

  29. I got my first Ancient Shield after I broke my Hylian Shield. While I didn't know then that it would deflect without moving the shield, I quickly discovered that if you have Ancient Armor upgraded twice to get the set bonus that improves use of ancient weapons, this shield seems to expand the time window that counts as a successful deflection. It gets easy to deflect Guardian blasts without taking damage to the shield. I went back and bought a second Guardian Shield, for whenever the first one gives out. It makes the Hylian Shield my SECOND favorite.

  30. the laser parry is a matter of timing and how far or close you are from the guardian. when you want to parry the laser, try to stand a medium distance from the guardian. you see the guardian charging it's laser, but you need to listen for the beep. that's when you want to parry.

  31. I'm not spending a Giant Ancient Core on a crappy ripoff of the Hylian Shield. A Hylian Sheild has better stats, and don't give me the "free parry" crap. You just suck at parrying. So if you would rather spend valuable resources than "git gud" like the video says, you can do that, and then be extremely disappointed when your Ancient Shield. You know, the one you weren't supposed to have in the first place. Enough said.

  32. I recently tried to use this shield to auto parry the guradian lasers. I was testing it on a decayed guardian. And it wouldn't auto parry the laser back to the guardian?

  33. Lol, funny story, I actually use pot lids to farm for Ancient Shields… not for the guardian reflects, but for shield surfing. It's just so fast man…

  34. you think shield strike guardian's lasers is bad, try doing it on master mode!
    i hate how they some times shoot right away and other times they wait 3 frigging second.

    btw i am hardcore i use a potlid to kill guardians! ;D

  35. Wow, I can't say I ever considered using the precious Ancient Shield to surf! I mostly use the Hylian Shield since it seems to last forever. Still on my first one. Didn't realize different shields had different speeds. That hovering effect sounds pretty cool. Could maybe play around with it and then just not save, lol.

  36. On my second run of the game I used the Ancient Shield against Ganon. Made the fight soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much easier.

  37. That’s especially useful in Master Mode, where the guardians can shoot delayed which is almost impossible to parry from close up

  38. I’ve got shield parrying in the bag pal.
    I have like 12 pot lids in my inventory just for shield parrying 😂

  39. The ancient shield is good, but it requires Giant Ancient Cores which are better off used towards the Ancient set or the Ancient Bow.

  40. A tip to shield parry lasers at close range : the second you hear the beep from the guardian, press A. But don't try and anticipate the beep and hit A early. Be patient and wait for the beep and then press A

  41. Had to kill guardians to make something to kill guardians.

    I had to use the guardians to kill the guardians

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