Zelda Theory: True Origin in Breath of the Wild?

Zelda Theory: True Origin in Breath of the Wild?

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I was…. The last leader of Hyrule. The great calamity was merciless, it devastated everything in its path. But there was also a prophecy. Well an interesting thought came up. Something that might make Breath of the Wild’s story a bit more complex. When I uploaded the Yiga Clan’s Hidden Story video, I received a thought provoking comment from TGL Mudora. In which he stated “I believe that, not only were the Yiga involved… [That] the fortune teller was also a Yiga member, posing to set up the Hylians and Champions for failure.” At first I thought the idea was interesting but is there any evidence to back it up? Well for the sake of curiosity, I did some digging, and wow into the rabbit hole we go. When Link wakes up in Breath of the Wild he is greeted with allot of questions. What happened to Hyrule and how did he die? Meeting him to this end is the King of Hyrule, who explained the entire situation. That a prophecy came to him that Calamity Ganon would indeed return, to make preparations he enlisted the aid of the sheikah tribe to unearth ancient technology. This would be the guardians along with the divine beasts. However when the calamity came, the whole plan backfired. When Ganon managed to infect the guardians to burn down the entire Kingdom. Additionally this led to the corruption of the divine beasts, leading up to the deaths of the four champions. And of course the death of Link by the hands of Guardians. In other words, the plan put forth by King Rhoam ironically paved the way to the destruction of his own kingdom. So that brings into question, what started this whole plan in the first place? Well according to both the King’s journal and Zelda’s diary, a mysterious fortune teller first told them all the information leading up to the actual plan. Now who is this fortune teller? Well let’s break this down. Obviously this fortune teller would have to be rather close to the royal family for them to take it seriously. So what kind of social circle should we be looking for? Well the sheikah makes a compelling case. Think about it, in many instances where we see fortune tellers in other Zelda games they are sheikah affiliated. For example, Fanadi in Twilight Princess. But what else can support the notion that this fortune teller is indeed sheikah? Well let’s take a look at the character Kass. When he discusses his last song, he also talks about his teacher. Turns out he is not only a sheikah, but is a court poet for the royal family. Additionally, within the akalla region. There is a sheikah researcher known as Dr. Robbie. In his memoirs he states that top sheikah were rather close to the royal family. Adding on to this notion we go to Zelda’s journal, who states that Impa introduced her to high ranking members of the Sheikah. Such as Purah and Robbie. So from the evidence gathered, from the Court Poet that is Kass’s teacher, Dr. Robbie’s statement within his memoirs, and Zelda’s own words within her Journal. We can make an educated assertion that high ranking members of the sheikah tribe held influence to the Royal Family. A magnitude of which that we can theorize that a certain fortune teller can come into the fray. And wrapping up all this we go to the King’s Journal, who referenced the fortune teller’s prophecy in relation to unearthing sheikah technology, making a connection between the two. So now that we have some idea of who this fortune teller is let’s dig a bit deeper. Let’s discuss the history of the sheikah tribe in relation to these events. According to in game lore, 10,000 years before the game takes place. The Sheikah tribe was at their peak of technological development. It was around this time that Calamity Ganon came into the picture. However it was thanks to sheikah advancements along with the hero at the time, that Ganon was defeated. However the sudden display of military prowess bothered the Kingdom of Hyrule. Wary that sheikah influence might eclipse Hylians, the Kingdom exiled the sheikah. And as a result, the sheikah let go of a lot of their technological developments. Not surprisingly, a faction of sheikah did not like how they were treated, especially how they practically saved the kingdom. So they decided to fight against the Hylians, this particular sect of sheikah would be known as the Yiga Clan. Pledging an alliance with Ganon to eventually take down the Kingdom of Hyrule. So here we have a motive for such an attack to take place by the Yiga Clan. Now lets fast forward in history. To when the Kingdom of Hyrule was attacked by Ganon the second time. Notice that Calamity Ganon here as a new ability. Which is his infection of sheikah technology. Thus turning these robots against Hyrule. But here is the strange thing, this ability appears to be a new one. Back when Ganon attacked Hyrule the first time, he presumably did not infect sheikah tech. Additionally, King Rhoam himself states that Ganon came up with a plan beyond imagination. Meaning he had no idea that Ganon could infect sheikah tech. But notice when Ganon came back the second time, he immediately went ahead to infect sheikah tech. Almost as if he wanted to capitalize on his new found ability. And come to think of it, this whole chain of events seems to be too coincidental. That a fortune teller told King Rhoam to unearth sheikah technology, only for the same tech to destroy the entire kingdom. And considering the likelihood that this fortune teller is sheikah, and considering the past history between the sheikah and the hylians. Where the sheikah were exiled. Is there an ulterior motive that the fortune teller had. That this person, whoever it is instigated a plan to take down the entire kingdom by tricking the King to unearth sheikah tech. Only for the same technology to be infected by Ganon, thus burning down the entire kingdom. And again considering the past history of the sheikah within Breath of the Wild, the motive is there. The only thing missing is who the fortune teller is exactly? Which strangely is no where within Breath of the Wild, well at least as far as I have looked. I went through Zelda’s Journal, the King’s Journal, Purah’s notes, Robbie’s memoirs, even freaking obscure journal entries about making food. I think I’ve looked through most places. The closest I came across to figure this out is in Robbie’s memoirs. I figured if this fortune teller is indeed a sheikah, then she should be within the proximate social circle of Impa, Purah, and Robbie. And the only person that is talked about in name in relation to these 3 people, and accounting for the time period is the person known as Cherry. The only thing we know about Cherry however is that she was Robbie’s first crush. So yea not too much to work with. Maybe the DLC coming this winter which will deal with a brand new story apparently will talk about this situation. That the DLC will discuss events leading up to the calamity, and maybe bring to light on who exactly this fortune teller is. And considering how Breath of the Wild as a game has such an emphasis on the sheikah tribe, it would make sense if its DLC would somewhat follow suit. That perhaps the new story within it will reveal hidden details about the rest of the Calamity. So what do you guys think? Did the fortune teller concoct this plan to completely destroy Hyrule, or maybe just maybe that I am putting way too much time into this and Nintendo didn’t even think about the relevance behind the Fortune Teller, and just placed that character in just because. I don’t know So that’s that, so what’s next? Well since E3 is right around the corner, I do plan to make some more content leading up to the big event. So what will we see? A new Metroid? F-Zero? Mother 3? Or maybe none of these, and its place comes wii sports U remastered. Who knows? But in all seriousness I’m really looking forward to the event. In other words expect a E3 2017 video dropping this Thursday. Special thanks goes to our Patreon producers for helping putting this video together. Well guys have to be heading out now have a great and relaxing rest of the day and take care.

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  1. I think the Yiga clan will be the spotlight of the winter story dlc, they seemed so breezed over and not really well explained in the game.

  2. this is just a theory a GAME THEORY thank me for watching…well don't but it is an interesting theory.

  3. What if it IS impa and the yiga are actually the good not realisng that link has been told different since he doesnt remember due to his memory loss who actually are hos friends and calamity ganon is the living form of hyrule, with it destroyed hyrule will slowly crumble due to link and zelda put him in there to wipe his memory

  4. Just discovered your videos, nice work!
    If u want more views you should change the names of your videos and be more explicit "true origin" doesn't really mean anything, same goes for "breath of the wild hidden meaning"
    continue the good work! Looking forward!

  5. Your right but not, the tellers is not Sheika but yiga In the game you will run into a "traveler" who says do you want to know your FUTURE you say yes and they say "I see Crimson the color of your blood" I WILL TAKE YOUR LIFE" hmm Crimson the color of the infected guardians

  6. Maybe Breath of the wild is the aftermath of all Zelda games and is where the timelines come together, because every single Zelda game has it's reference on the map, so it explains the Rito, and Zora existing in the same game and is the most illogical one, which means, it most likely to be true, because the Zelda developers are tricky in that way.

  7. I'm surprised you didn't mention the yiga clan member who asked if you wanted your fortune taken outside of the flight range. This may support this theory.

  8. I still believe that the Yoga Clan doesn't serve Calamity Ganon, they control it. They found a way to manipulate and control the evil force and manipulated the sealing chamber to give the Calamity the ability to infect Shikah tech and allow it to reemerge.

  9. I have a theory maybe all the time Zelda spent trying to get the power to banish ganon was in vain because she would get it when ganon returns anyway

  10. Where I thought you were going with this was that either Dorian or his late wife was the fortune teller. (Spoilers ahead) In the Stolen Heirloom shrine quest you discover that Dorian is an ex-Yiga member. Maybe he regretted starting the Calamity and left the clan.

  11. By Selmie's cabin there is a "traveler" by the campfire outside that says do you want to have your fortune told? He turns out to be a Yiga member but he isn't a blade master. So I think if it is the royal fortune teller then he was probably a coward and couldn't use a sword or bow so he was demoted even though he created the whole plan! Hope this helps you out have a nice day!

  12. Here's something I noticed about the Yiga clan, they have a lot of the same abilities as Ghirahim. They can have an attack where they dash foreword and strike with their melee weapons, they can teleport to avoid attacks, they teleport into the air and try to drop on to of Link, heck, some of them can even shoot beams from their swords.

  13. Makes perfect sense of how Calamity Gannon was able to take control of the Sheika technology. With this new Yiga clan a new group of defectors is now on the rise. similar to the twilight group. This is getting interesting. I love the serious tone and mystery that the Legend of Zelda provides to their fans.

  14. I bet Nintendo love the fans pretty much writing their own story based on little subtleties that they drop in their games. It's clear that the story is fairly weak in this game but it has so much potential!

  15. I think the fortune teller is Kass's teacher. He knew songs that told about how to bring Shrines up from the ground, even though the Shrines wouldn't be activated for 100 years, and he taught these songs to Kass. He loved Zelda, but Zelda loved Link. He became jealous of Link, and joined the Yiga clan. He told Ganon how to possess the Guardians, or Ganon already knew how to, and Kass's teacher knew this. He then told the royal family the prophecy.

    We also know that Kass is involved in DLC pack 2, and we might learn more about his teacher once it comes out. (Side note: In the E3 trailer for DLC pack 2, the music playing was Kass's teacher's song)

  16. I just ran into a disguised traveller at a camp site who told me they were a fortune teller before turning into a yiga member earlier today

  17. Nice video. Just one question… What about Dorian? The Sheikah member you have to stealthily follow to find out what happened to the Shrine Orb that Impa and Paya were keeping an eye on when it went missing. That person was revealed to be a member of the Yiga clan, and he left them quite recently. I know it MIGHT be a stretch, but perhaps he was the fortune teller back then. Just thought I'd should let you know you are forgetting about the ONE member of the Shiekah that actually did admit to being an ex-member of the Yiga clan.

    After playing the game for more than 1,200 hours on my Wii U I can't help but think of Dorian after watching your video.

  18. In the Hyrule Castle Library there is a hidden tunnel that leads to what looks like a small excavation site. Within it there is an exposed piece of wall that looks just like the five pillars surrounding the castle. Indeed, I thought it was the base of one of these pillars until I realized the pillars are nowhere near this location and it is instead more likely to be the outside of the underground chamber in which the battle with Calamity Ganon takes place and where he may have been sealed before his awakening 100 years prior. If so, the tunnel may be evidence pointing towards an insider within Hyrule Castle tampering with Ganon's seal (perhaps this fortune teller or an accomplice). Of course, this is merely circumstantial evidence and the tunnel could've just as easily been innocently dug to discover what lay under the castle. Either way, the tunnel is mysterious and seems too random to not be deliberately placed in by the developers.

    Edit: Actually, it seems Zelda mentioned searching for the pillars beneath Hyrule Castle in her Research Journal, so this tunnel may have been dug under her orders.

  19. A friend of mine said he'd like to see a spin-off game from Breath of the Wild that takes place during the First Calamity, 10,000 years before the main game. It's be interesting to see

  20. There is a yiga member posing as a traveler that will ‘predict your future’. I think it is outside a cabin near rito village

  21. Disclaimer, because you’re not allowed to offend anyone anymore: I appreciate the effort you’ve gone through to produce this. Having said that, the voice is monotone and the writing/wording is verbose and immature which further disrupts the flow. It makes it painful to listen to your video and boring to sit through. Can’t comment on the idea as I couldn’t listen to it.

  22. I always thought that the power was already there but ganondorf was completely caught off guard the first time but wasn't gonna fall for the same truck twice and capitalized on hyrules cockiness

  23. I remember a villager complaining about the Sheika tribe being resposible for the Calamity by unearthing all that old technology. I think is too much of a coincidence and that TGL Mudora is right, someone else orchestrated all this to facilitate Hyryle's anihilation. If there's going to be a sequel (I really hope there is) the DLC is going to set it up.

  24. I personally think that fortune teller was just put there, however I do like the idea of this fortune teller being a spy for the newly formed yiga clan.

  25. It's kinda sad that the 2nd DLC could not answer any of those questions. I would had LOVED to hear more about the Yiga clan, this secret fortune teller or Kass' teacher. The DLC was really great gameplay wise, but missed opporunities on story and lore.

  26. Somewhere in the hebra there is a yiga spy fortune teller . He says he sees a beautiful red and that red is links blood

  27. *SPOILERS*

    In DLC 2 im thinking it was the fortune teller (spy) after completing the EX champions ballad. You have to fight a monk who fights like a yiga and also has a weakness, bananas.. sounds about right, anyone agree?

  28. I don't think it is just the fortune teller, but a part of the Yiga Clan had essentially infiltrated into Hyrule royal family hierarchy.

    How did Ganon appears from within the castle? Who made the 4 bosses? Why are there 4 Sheikah designed pillar appearing from around Hyrule Castle during the calamity?

    We know that Yiga are expert in disguise and stealth. I think the upside-down symbol is symbolic of them being underground society, where they disguise themselves as Hyrulian or Sheikah and infiltrated Hyrule. I further think that Yiga actually produces Ganon from within the Hyrule itself. One of the place that is pretty interesting is the Ganon boss fight room that exists under Hyrule Castle. It's a room with seemingly no entrance and has red Shelkah design all over the room. I don't think that room would suddenly appears right during the Calamity, so it must be made by Yiga. On the other hand, the 4 pillar that appears right as Ganon appears seem to indicate that there are actually a lot of Yiga stuff under the Hyrule Castle.

    Hence, I think Yiga had deeply infiltrated into Hyrule higher-ups for the longest time.

    In the memory (including DLC2), Zelda was never assassinated by Yiga when she was with escort(s). Only during one instance of memory, where we see Zelda running off by herself, in which she was surrounded by group of Yiga. My wild guess is Yiga, at least, knew that Zelda was by herself. It may be possible that they had this information from Hyrule or from secretly spying Zelda movement. In contrast to this event, the Yiga clan just walk pass by Zelda when she was with Urbosa in DLC2.

    The Calamity Ganon started on Zelda's birthday. This is actually the most suitable time to start the Ganon comeback plan, because 1) All 4 champions are away from their respective Guardian (or hometown), 2) Link is not at the Hyrule Castle, 3) A lot of Guardians have been dig out and situated inside Hyrule Castle. It might even be possible that Yiga thought Zelda is going to retrieve her power during her birthday, so they immediately begins the plan as soon as 4 champions (who came to see Zelda on her birthday BUT not the day before)

  29. I think that DORIAN was maybe involved..Here is my theory : Kass’s teacher was one of the champions that controled the divine beasts and LINK is maybe Zelda’s brother that collapsed while trying to protect her NOT FROM THE GUARDIANS from the Yiga that also tried to kill her so she couldn’t seal Ganon away. Link was chosen by the master sword beacuse he was ment to seal Ganon away whit the help of Zelda.Zelda knew that if Link dies or she dose there is no way one of them could seal Ganong away.After 100 years when Link wakes up Zeldaand keeps calling Link for help and trying to help him by warning him when the blood moon happens.Sometimes (it happend to me a couple times) the blood moon happens while you sleep whic kinda scares you but…what if the Yiga are sending you these “dreams” so they could make you hurry on Destroying Ganon and killing you on the way,after running from them a couple times they appear rarely beacuse they are probally watching you .Thats my theory that i just made up. P.S: If you readed it all I thank you alot.

  30. Can you do a theory on this please. In Highland stable I noticed (at 11:50pm which I don't know when he starts exactly but…) I noticed him writing in a book, but it was in I don't know what.

  31. I say it was the monks Becuse, after the shrines that grant you with orbs and a fourtine teller uses orbs.Now the shrines are made by Sheikah tecnolgy, and the monks are Sheikah.The monks hid in the shrines Becuase, they did not won't the Remaning Hylains to know that the Monks did it.The monks did NOT want to get Caught.

  32. I think the people who exiled the sheikah are doing the Wrong thing because you see in King Rhoam's story when those flying Malice balls possessed the divine beasts that made Hyrule to its end with the guardians, If the Hylians didn't dig the divine beasts Ganon's Plan would backfire and then once he came let the divine beast free and stop him.techicnally it was the People who dig up the divine beasts fault(People involved includes The royal family, Some sheiks helping they hylians).That's why the royal family sent them to Exile so basically Master Kohga, Maz Koshia, and more Yiga Clan relatives Were doing the right thing. Were Bad, There good.

  33. There is a yiga clan member near a stable that says he's a fortune teller. He says "I see red, crimson colour, oh yes the colour of your blood". The fortune teller could have been that yiga clan member

  34. Dude either talk normally or work on your voice acting.
    You sound like you're straining your voice talking like that, I get you wanna sound mysterious to go along with your channel, but either use more of your diaphragm or just talk normally lol

  35. Reads Almost Every Book Well, time to read the books about cooking to learn More about, how Breath of the wild came to be.

  36. To be honest, I think it had to do with the with heroine. In another theory I saw , it explained how Cherry could have actually been Zelda and she likely wouldn't have been the fortune teller. So, considering this information, I think it was the eight heroine.

    In the game, it states that she's worshiped to this day (likely by the Yiga Clan), and if it really wad the Yiga Clan that worshiped her then she must have been of great importance. I thought it could be Urbosa, but it's a little unlikely although there is some backup behind it. She was close to the royal family, is still worshiped to this day, and was an honorable being who died. Maybe the Gerudo hid the eighth heroine statue not because of rejection, but importance? It's just a thought.

  37. Well maybe the Yiga Clan just liked Calamity Ganons beard so they wanted him back. Link doesn't have a beard so they kill him.

  38. Sorry for the lack of uploads, Uni has been a killer. But I have WAY more time now. If you want to keep up with us more, join our discord! https://discord.gg/kHmcae4

  39. i would love to see a new zelda game that takes place 10000 years before botw kinda like a prequel where the guardians and shiekah tech supports you

  40. exiling the sheikah after they sacrificed so much to save the kingdom is such a dick move, i don't blame them for seeking vengeance

  41. This game has a world rich with stories enough for the Zelda team to make countless DLC for this game. I do hope we get more light shed on the history of BotW's Hyrule.

  42. I hope this theory is put to rest or into action:

    According to Crow Magnon, Master Kogha must have been roped in the past due to the yiga clan’s obsession with mighty bananas. In game encounters with the yiga, you will find that they are either skinny or extremely muscular. The two types are obviously still strong as they can either jump extremely high or carry heavy weapons into battle. My theory is that Master Kogha was King Roahm’s right hand man and fortune teller. So much so that he would trust him enough to have him plan the backlash against Calamity Ganon. I believe this case is like the one of Zant. Ganon must’ve appeared before his attack to Kogha to get an advantage : specifically sheikah modifications and back door-type entries into guardian software. Kogha was secretly collecting yiga members while Ganon was scheming. He must’ve convinced his first members to join by using his fortune teller abilities to predict that the sheikah would be shunned. The members only came forward once this actually happened as to make sense of the situation. I’m also suggesting that the other potential sheikah members mentioned in the video like Kass’s mentor were yoga as well. This concludes my theory and I hope this will benefit the search

  43. Wait, if the fortune teller wanted ganon to succeed, then he would NOT have told of the guardians and the divine beasts. Because those were how ganon was driven back last time

  44. I saw a vid talking abt master kohga’s identity. He thought that master kohga was a descendant of Zant in TP and the way they act and move and stuff like that

  45. For me I think theyre forced,beacuse there was a guard that protected impa,but he didnt want to stay,he was a yiga member but then he didnt want to be anymore in the yiga.

    And if you see,no member has left,so that means somehow they want to be yiga,and they trapped a gerudo,and I know why,beacuse that wasnt theyre base it was the gerudos beacuse if you look under the mask of the 8 statues you will see the.same.exact.thing.like.the.7.sages,the sages are at a like big battle ground with statues.

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